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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Best Bloggers of 2018 | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

I really need your help this week lovely people!

I'm on the lookout for some of the best blogs of 2018.
Blogs that you love.
Blogs that you know are going to go from strength to strength in 2018!
Those blogs that you really enjoy following.
The ones where missing a post is not an option!

This all started when I was trying to find new and interesting blogs to read and possibly follow.
New names for my blogroll and new inspiration.
Much as I love the bloggers that are already on my blogroll, I am always looking for something new to add to the list!
Unfortunately, there are millions and millions of blogs and I find it hard to know where to start.
It's too confusing not to mention time-consuming.

This is where you come in...

I'm not particularly interested in generic 'perfect' blogs, where everything is immaculate and wonderful and usually shot in an all-white-designer bubble!
I am, however, VERY interested in interesting people.

Men and women.
Over 40 and under 40.
People with spunk and passion.

I'm open to any blog genre too.
As long as it is written with love!

I'm hoping that, with your help, I'll be able to share with you some fabulous 'new' blogs and bloggers.

How you can Help

Please leave me a comment, or (if you can't/don't want to comment) send me an email... samantha44blair(at) or even tweet me!

I would love to hear about blogs YOU love.

If you could send the name of the blog, a URL or send me a link that would be grand!

{Remember, you can share more than one.}

Please also include the genre of the blog AND the reason you love it.

{Don't forget to leave me YOUR URL (if you have one)}

Maybe we can discover something and/or someone new together?

I will (of course) be complaining a post containing these 'new' blogs and sharing what you love about them.
Stay tuned...

Last week at the #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP the stunning Vale took my breath away in her velvet Pj's and KILLER heels outfit... fabulous!
Read the full post HERE.



  1. Hi Sam.Happy New Year to you.I love the blog youlookfab.Its run by a lady called Angie Cox whose based in America but from Holland.I really enjoy it because it’s very interactive if you join the forum So you get lots of good advice not just from Angie but from a whole community of style loving ladies from around the world

    1. I follow her on Instagram Kathy! I'll check out her blog too... thank you.

  2. Thanks Samantha, I'm Jacqui from a blog featuring my style and a little bit of my lifestyle. I post twice a week and love doing it. I aim at all blogger age groups, but especially ladies over 50! You share some interesting styles and messages - thanks for that Hun. x Jacqui

  3. What a fun request, Sam! I think probably most of my favorite blogs are already on your blog roll. But you can find a list of my faves at the end of my Fabulous Link Ups page (

    And a friend of mine from high school just started a blog two weeks ago that is looking to be pretty fabulous...Hers is Miles of Glam (

    Thanks for the link up and I look forward to seeing what kind of list you come up with!


    1. Another one that you may really enjoy which is written by a friend of mine from college is Not Your Average Mom. It's all about life with 7 kids! Yes, 7!

    2. Thank you Shelbee... I'll pop over for a good nosey :o)
      Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Samantha, I think it may be my first time on here?
    Thank you for hosting and I too would love to find some more blogs! I will be watching your sugestions...
    Mine is more of a lifestyle blog with a bit of midlife fashion thrown in as I am 54 and still love clothes and lipstick...
    best wishes
    Ashley xx

  5. I love a blog called The Simply Luxurious Life! I've been reading it for years and it's consistently great!
    My blog is called Crazy Blonde Life!
    So glad I found your blog and I'll be checking back often! Have a great day!

  6. Hello Samantha, one blogger that I got to know last year and that I really like is by Bettye. She writes in such a lovely way, and she is very supportive towards other bloggers. When you read her blog and get to meet Bettye and her dog Caleb, you Will love them Both. And she reserves to have a good year now!

    1. Oh Nancy... I love Bettye too!
      Thank you for reminding me to check it out more often!!

  7. I'm not sure if we like the same kind of blogs! I actually like a lot of bloggers with incredible photography, although I do admit that there are some whose photography outshines their writing. But there are also some blogs that may look "perfect" but in my opinion are far from generic. I'll share with you some that I like:

    - Adriana is a Mexican living in Barcelona who has a penchant for Korean beauty and I love her photos as well as the way she writes!
    - You might just love Paola's SUPER colourful ensembles!
    - Tolly is only 17 but has incredible insights on the world of ethical and sustainable fashion.
    - Aside from pretty photos, Masha muses a lot about her daily life and current events.
    - I love Alicia's lifestyle posts, and her baby is sooo cute.
    - Shanaz is a fellow Malaysian and she's a thoughtful blogger who blogs about style once in a while.

    Hope you enjoy skimming through them! I'm on the lookout for new blogs to read too, you should share your new faves too Samantha (other than the ones on your list in the sidebar), if you have any!

    1. Thank you so much for this list Liyana.... I knew you'd come up trumps!
      This list is fab and I really enjoyed checking out some of those "new" blogs.

  8. Hi Samantha,

    I haven't yet got my blog up & running, but I'm loving some of the ones on your blog roll.

    Thanks for all your posts,

    1. Thank you Amanda!
      Thanks for popping by and leaving your comment.

  9. It's hard to say which blog is my favorite. They are all so unique. Recently, I detected some cool East European blogs, for instance,
    My URL is

  10. Hi! New reader from Los Angeles, CA. I would nominate My style is very minimalist, and she is the absolute opposite-delightfully so. She's like a magical unicorn bursting rainbows of color into my feed and I really dig it. You might too.

    1. Thank you for this Gayle... I love this lady's colourful style!

  11. And Lyn at of course! She's brilliant and has absolutely impeccable style.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hi Samantha. Oops, trying again!

    I've been having fun reading around the blogosphere of late. Some that I like that you may not know yet are: - Beautifully presented blog for ethical consumers: Travel, fashion, food. Lovely posts. And she interviewed my dad! - Minimalism, travel and wonderful photography.

    I love these two blogs because I aspire to living in a completely white house with sparkling white walls, a bit like John and Yoko's place in the Imagine video. The reality is a bit different, of course.

    Meanwhile, my blog is : which I describe as my art and a little bit of everything.

    1. Hahahaha... dreaming of minimalism... me too! :oP
      Although I'm much more a your style of blog kind of girl.
      Colourful and full of life!
      Thank you for inspiring some beautiful minimalism though. I do love it!

  14. Hi Sam, check out for the most fabulous colourful outfits and amazing pink hair! I'm sure I've got more suggestions...I'll have a think. I frequently update my "Blogs I Love" page

    Emma xxx


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