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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Does Loving Shoes Make Me Shallow? #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP

It may come as no surprise to you when I say that I LOVE shoes!
I'm not going to try and deny it.
I'm certainly not ashamed of it.

I could look at shoes all day long.
I could talk about them for hours.

BUT... does the fact I love to talk about shoes (and clothes) make me stupid?

Many people (usually those who don't really 'get' fashion) think clothes, shoes and fashion fripperies are utterly pointless.

Bloggers are narcissistic oddballs.
Fashion lovers are as deep as a puddle.
Women (and men) who like to wear makeup are fake, airheads and bimbos.

The misogynists of the world (not all of whom are men!!) assume these fashion-loving people to be idiots, shallow and stupid.

However, we all know that us lovers of fashion are anything but "shallow and stupid".
Look ...we can read and write for a start... not just apply the perfect cut-crease eyeshadow! 😝

{Disclaimer: I can't apply the perfect cut-crease shadow!}

We may like to feel fashionable.
We may want to express our individuality.
We may even strive to be seen as attractive.

BUT, just because I love clothes, shoes and makeup does not make me an idiot.

I very rarely blow my 'educated woman' trumpet (there's nothing as boring as someone banging on about their work/education) but I am educated.
I'm a scientist.
I find maths interesting.
I love reading about astronomy.

But more than that...
I run a home and have raised 4 children.
That takes a whole host of skills.
Much more complicated than any paid job!

As well as loving science and being a mum... I like pretty things too!
I like reading about them.
I like looking at pictures of them.
I like writing about them!

And, if one of these pretty things can fit on my foot then you won't be able to hold me back!
Gorgeous shoes make me go a little crazy.

Whatever people may think of us, we all have other interests.
Some of us have amazing skills.
Some of us are seriously talented.

So the moral of this story is...

Never assume anything about anyone.
People are smart.
People are surprising.
People are amazing!!

And just because we love fashion, makeup and SHOES does not mean we aren't able to form an opinion on other subjects, does it?

Please share something surprising about you.

I'd love to hear about misconceptions people have had (or have) about you too!

Please leave a comment or send me an email... samantha44blair(at)



  1. I love this post! I hate seeing people constantly ell others, why wear so much makeup. Did they ever think it is because they like it? it is another form of art i think.

    1. I absolutely agree Stephanie!!
      Makeup is art.
      And some makeup artists are amazingly talented.
      Self expression is so important... and very beautiful.
      Thank you for this lovely comment!

  2. Shoes are the best because you can gain 5 pounds and they still fit---whether you're brainy or not!! LOL!!

  3. All my girlfriends aren't interested at all in my blogging adventures or fashion, for that fact. However I always ask how their week wad at work, why not ask me how my blogging week was? They are just not interested in clothing and shoes and all, well it's their loss isn't it!

    1. This sounds familiar Nancy!
      Most of my friends couldn't care less about blogging or fashion, but they do ask how things are going from time to time :oP
      Mainly just to be nice though!!
      That's why the web is so great, we can connect with each other and save our IRL friends from the "boring" blog talk :o)

  4. Shoes are wonderful because they can change the dynamics of an outfit, plus feet never get "fat." I'm previewing a spectacular pair in my latest post.

  5. Good topic, Samantha. I think that there are many facets to intelligence, one of which is creative. For me, fashion know how falls under creative intelligence much like any artist endeavor and the more developed each facet is, the greater the intelligence of the person. Bottom line, you’re a genius! I too have an adoration for footwear and a couple of years ago, I set a month long challenge for myself to wear a different pair each day which I blogged about weekly. I posted the last one in the link up. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking discussion and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


    1. Thank you Rena!
      I love your thinking there.... brilliant.
      Creativity is SO important isn't it?
      I think people who are free to express their creative side are much happier and content.
      Being stifled isn't healthy.
      I LOVE the thought of wearing a different pair each day.... a fun idea.
      Although some of mine would cripple me after a few hours.... more taxi shoes than 'real life' :oP
      Thank you for this fab comment!

  6. Samantha, once again you have hit the nail on the head! I am just like you...I love all the pretty things especially shoes and I could seriously be content sitting in a room filled with all the pretty things and just admiring them! I want all the pretty things even if I could never possibly wear them all...I would just take pride in my acquisition of them. I, too, could talk all day about shoes and accessories and feeling great when you look great and mixing patterns and adding colors and all of these so-called frivolities. But, I also, am indeed quite smart. But, like you, I don't like to toot my own education trumpet either! But when challenged by someone...they kind of need to watch out...because my pile of degrees could put many people to shame! (There...I just tooted my own horn and I really did not like how arrogant it sounded, but for the sake of your message, I'm just going to roll with it!) Most people are actually quite surprised to learn that not only do I have a Bachelor's Degree in English and Philosophy (which I graduated with honors) but I also picked up a minor in Religious Studies as well. Then I proceeded onto Law School. Obtained my Juris Doctorate and worked as a Wall Street lawyer for many years before realizing it was killing my soul in more ways than one. I then entered the field of education and earned half of a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling (which came to halt due to my husband's military assignments and our growing family at the time). So, yes, educated I am. Sometimes I am frivolous, too. I could talk all day about Jane Austen, Wittgenstein and Derrida, the differences between the all the major religions of the world, the USA PATRIOT ACT and the ins and outs of money laundering, mental health diagnoses and the best methods of treatment for each diagnosis. I can talk and talk and talk about all of these topics...but you better believe I will be wearing the cutest shoes ever during the entire conversation! I write a fashion blog which offers much more than pretty clothes and I am darn proud of what I do and what I have achieved in life. And I adore all of the different and unique interests that the people in the blogging community bring to me and introduce me to as well. Thank you for this very inspiring post!


    1. And oh my goodness, I had no idea how long my comment was until I hit publish and a book popped up on the screen! Oops. Sorry!

    2. Hahahaha.... not at all Shelbee!
      It's a fabulous comment and you are right to have a little toot every now and again.
      There are many strings to your bow.
      Some of them sharp and strong, some of them made of lurex or lace!!
      Each one a valuable part of YOU.
      Thank you for leaving this fab comment.

    3. That is the best response ever to my rambling! Thank you so much!

  7. What a great post, Samantha! And one to real think about too. I love that you've delved into this lol. I happen to LOVE shoes too, and handbags, and scarves, and makeup, etc, etc, etc. I also love to watch murder mysteries on TV, as well as Harry Potter! I'm trying to think of something to say to prove I'm also quite a smart lassie myself but I'm struggling LOL! Does the fact that I've written and published 12 novels count? ;)
    Suzy xx

    1. Hahahahaha... I love Harry Potter films too :o)
      And YES writing 12 novels says something amazing to me.
      Some people struggle to write a sentence :oP
      Thank you for sharing.

  8. I like you. People sometimes assume that I’m shallow for the same reason, but they are mistaken. I also like that you don’t follow fashion rules. I’m 56 and not going the way of frumpy or quietly fading into the background.

    1. And why should you JoAnn? 56 IS young in the modern world.
      We can do what we like and wear what we love as long as our bodies allow it.
      Make (fashion) hay while the sun shines :o)
      Thank you for your lovely comment.

  9. I love this post, Sam! It's so true that people should never assume anything about anyone else! People are complex and have diverse interests, skills and talents. It's unbelievable the assumptions people make about others, isn't it? Some people have questioned my interest in fashion, style and blogging because I am not skinny! Since when does being skinny instantly make you stylish and vice versa?! So many misconceptions! It's lucky that all of us bloggers can find support and inspiration from each other. XXX

    1. This makes me laugh Sasha...being slim has nothing to do with style or a flair for fashion.
      There are so many different ways to wear different clothes... many of which look much better with a curve or two to fill them! :oP

  10. I love this post (particularly) as a huge fan of shoes who have been criticized because of being frivolous!. I don't know why I'm more frivolous than comics collectors who spend lots of money in their hobby, and I think that it's Their Own Business. I don't spend lots of money, but I do spend lots of time staring at shoes!
    There's some kind of misogyny working here, because, you know, any activity labelled as 'feminine' is always taken as a less important activity. And fashion is considered 'feminine' even if many designers are men. Fashion is a meaningful matter!
    I don't care if my aspect makes me look frivolous or even brainless, as I know who I am and don't need to justify myself all the time. People are going to keep on judging!

    1. This is such a great comment Monica! Thank you (It always amazes me that you can be so eloquent in different languages! I can barely order a beer :oP)
      I completely agree about the use of the word "feminine" being brandished as a little silly and frivolous whereas masculine is seen as powerful and strong.
      It's SO ironic as women are hard as nails when the chips are down!!
      Thank you so much for leaving this fantastic comment.
      P.S. I love the thought of you staring at beautiful shoes!! too!!

  11. Shoes are a brilliant addition to any outfit and they can wither make it work or not! I've not got a big shoes collection and struggle to find the right ones at times, but I do love a shoe, boot, sandal or slipper! Jacqui

    1. My feet are torture to fit shoes Jacqui... but I persevere by using insoles and chiropody felt!
      I'm always on the lookout for more :oP

  12. Well said, Sam, but then you always do talk a lot of sense! I love clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories, bags, and enjoy putting together outfits that express something about myself. But that's just one side of my personality: like you, I'm also a scientist, and in addition I'm a singer, guitarist, student of karate, history buff, Jane Austen fan, amateur genealogist, wildlife enthusiast, sci-fi nerd, and so much more! We're all the sum of so many diverse parts, and having a passion for shoes or any other supposedly 'frivolous' interest doesn't detract one bit from who we are as a whole - it's just one element that makes up the interesting individuals that we all are. Life can be a very serious thing, so why not lighten it with something that brings us joy, whatever that might be? :)

    1. Hahahaha....I'm not sure my husband would agree with you there Fran, but thank you very much!
      You are so lucky to be musically talented.
      I love to sing (badly) and have played a few instruments... also badly.
      I'm envious of your skills.
      You have many interesting strings to your bow!!
      P.S I love sci-fi too :o)

  13. I do agree with you, dear Sam! I just rocked a second University degree and I am also a shopaholic and a shoelover...I own many shoes and love to talk about fashion but that doesn't make me an idiot! It's just another interest and passion in my life. Thanks for the link-up and best wishes on an amazing 2018! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

    1. Thank you so much Vale.
      That's so cool!
      I always applaud anyone who can go through all of that study and work for a second (or more!) time.
      It feels great to keep our brains engaged and challenged... and we can also look good doing it!! :oP

  14. haha! so funny! LOVE this post. I totally agree. I once had someone attack me on Twitter because they read my blog and it showed how selfish I am because it's all about me. I replied, "Of course it's about me. That's what I blog about! My life, my family, my interests...that's why I call it AMY'S Creative Pursuits!" People are so silly. If anything their comments show how ignorant and judgmental they are.

    1. Hahahahaha... That is hilarious Amy!
      What on earth???

      YOUR blog is about YOU! ...Really?? I was expecting a political discussion group... silly me!! :oP

  15. I had to laugh, as when i was at my in-laws for Christmas, I saw more than one glazed eye look! Bring up fashion to any non-fashion person,and you know the look.... No, I like to think that there are many facets to a person, and the last thing i do is judge. I may be more of a creative type ( Masters in Music Ed and BA in Guitar performance) but i can have another side as well. I think that is what makes us interesting as people:-)
    Yes, I too have a fondness for shoes... and bags...
    Have a great week Sam and Happy 2018!
    jess xx

    1. Hahahaha....I know that look Jess :oP
      Although, to be fair, I also glaze over when someone starts talking about how much money they earn or how expensive their new car is....ZZZzzzzzzzz... money chat bores me to tears.

      I could however have chatted with you for ages about blogging and pretty things, over a nice bottle of wine maybe?! :o)

  16. I love that just by you doing this blog your are breaking harmful sterotypes of both fashion lovers and scientists at the same time. No, it doesn't make you shallow if you love clothes. Clothes, and fashion is an art all you have to do is look at street style photos and the Runways at fashion week.

    1. I love the idea of being a self-expressing artist Gigi!
      It's good to work both sides of our brains isn't it?
      Not all scientist have dowdy clothes, glasses on the ends of their noses and frizzy hair... :oP
      Thank you for this lovely comment.

  17. I mean, I may be obsessed with shoes but that's really just one of the pieces of puzzle that makes me up - and YOU up, and all the other fashion lovers too.

    It's not easier on me as aside from being a style blogger, I'm also a full-time homemaker, so somehow people think that's their ticket to judge me. Usually these people are a lot older than me though. I've gotten comments like "Oh my, that's your education gone down the drain! What a complete waste!" Um, no, it has not and it is not, sir/ma'am.

    But I usually find that it wastes my energy to make people like that understand my life decisions, so I'd just nod and smile. I may be a homemaker but I'm also an educated person, just like any working AND non-working individuals!

    This topic actually reminds me of another typical judgmental mindset I constantly read about: when actors/actresses and singers comment on politics or current events, they get people telling them "Stick to acting/singing!" and that frustrates me. I wish they could wrap their minds around the idea that anyone in the fashion and entertainment industries can also still be intelligent and thoughtful and "woke"!

    1. By the way, your collection of shoes has ALWAYS been enviable, Samantha, ugh I want them all!

    2. Gosh Liyana, this is another one of my bugbears!
      Why to some people expect us (as women) to conform to how THEY want us to behave?
      You make your choices in life, just the same as the next person.
      It is possible to educated and intelligent AND be a homemaker... Many people will simply be envious that your circumstances allow you to make that choice.
      Nodding and smiling is probably the best option.
      Why should you have to explain yourself anyway??
      This is a whole other ENORMOUS topic that we could talk about for ages no doubt!! :oP
      Thank you for leaving another fabulous comment!!

    3. I'll be honest, the thought that these people are possibly, possibly envious of my choice has crossed my mind before but then I brushed it off and thought "Perhaps I'm just trying to make myself feel better", so honestly Samantha, it's a relief that you - someone whose thoughts I value - said the same thing. Thank you for that, and for your understanding xxoo

  18. Samantha I find it so bizarre that people think someone's vacuous just because they like shoes and clothes... Why is it any different to people who collect art? Or go to the theatre? It's all forms of expression and art and culture - the stuff that makes life worth living rather than getting up, going to work and going home to bed again!

    Your shoes collection is envious - have you counted them? At my last count I think I had about 150 shoes, but my collection has probably increased by half again since then, eep 😬

    Two examples of surprising things about people: My cousin is a self-made millionaire, but he still often shops in charity shops and loves showing off his bargains to us (he always gives them double the money they ask for). And secondly, my brother worked on a building site while he was at uni (studying aeronautical engineering) to earn extra money: Apparently when one of the workers found out he was at uni he was so surprised and said he thought that guy "was a bit of a thickie" 🙄

    Both examples prove that you should NEVER judge people by their appearance, or by what they do for a living, or their beliefs, etc. etc...!!

    Thank you for hosting lovely lady, fantastic post as always!!

    Catherine @notlamb x

    1. Oh Catherine.... you are BAD! 150+?? :o)
      {I wish I could have a rummage around them..... }
      I keep mine below 100 by passing them on to friends or donating to charity.
      Maybe it's time for a purge??? You could make some same-sized people very happy :oP

      I love your examples of judging books by covers... and failing!
      Thank you for leaving a comment.

    2. It's 150 AFTER a major purge, LOL!!!!!!!!!! #facepalm

    3. Ohhhh.... {Mind boggles as to how they all fit in your house}....I'm sure I have the number for shoeaholics anonymous here somewhere.... #stepawayfromtheshoeshop ;oP
      I use the excuse "I'm a blogger...I NEEEEEEED them" more often than is feasible.

  19. Yikes! I almost missed this post!! There is something wonderful about women expressing their heartfelt and justified angst.
    To assume that loving whales, asteroids, opera, puppetry, culinary arts, or SHOES (!) is an attitude, passion, or characteristic of a multidimensional human being. Our intellect is not defined by our interests. Intellect and creativity often enhance,broaden and expand the world view of others bringing growth. Without growth life is dismal indeed.

    1. Oh Judy... I adore Opera too... and ballet.
      Floods of tears every time.
      Something about the music hits me hard every time.
      Thank you for reminding me of another passion.
      Puppetry?? How interesting. Tell me more!?


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