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Thursday, 16 July 2020

Simple Summer Style • Grey Tank & Green Paper Bag Joggers

Grey tank, green joggers, black mules • Fake Fabulous

90s style tank tops are back and, despite wearing them the first time around, I'm straight back on the bare shoulder trend with gusto!
I just love the shape and the look.

The cold shoulder styles from a couple of years ago left me a little can I put it? ... COLD? 

{Especially those bizarre incarnations of random items with holes cut in the tops of the arms, like jumpers? Erm... what?}

Cut away shoulders, on the other hand, feel much cooler... more chic, and they make me very happy!

I love the look of these little tops, especially with baggy jeans, full skirts or denim shorts.
The high-cut style appeals to me.

I know this look is not for everyone.
Big boobs become scary in high necked tops and many people don't like the tops of their arms.
I never used to like mine.

However, I'm now happy to show my arms as I work pretty hard to keep them from dangling down like curtains TOO much. 😂

{Yes, I know that my 46 year old arms don't look as good as a 26 year old's BUT I'm happy enough, and that's all that matters!}

Grey tank, green joggers, black mules • Fake Fabulous

Today, I'm wearing a simple grey vest top with a pair of green joggers and black mules.
For me, it's a classic (but modern) casual look.
Not to mention EASY peasy to put together.

So easy that it feels like PJs.
I'm all about COMFORT these days.

If you're wondering about the bra situation here, I simply pulled the straps together at the top back with one of those bra-clips. 
I don't usually wear underwired bras so my underwear is soft enough to move easily.
I'm not sure if a more structured bra would work as well?
Please let me know if you've tried it.
I do know that many bra straps can cross over at the back to change the look (and for more support).
You could also use a safety pin or even tie a ribbon around the straps to achieve the same shape.

How do you feel about these high-cut vest tops (and their bodysuit sisters)?
I'd love to know!

Grey tank, green joggers, black mules • Fake Fabulous

VEST TOP: Old, not sure where from!
TROUSERS: Zara (old)
LEATHER SHOES and BAG: Topshop (eBay and old!)
NECKLACE: A gift from a friend.



  1. I'm small breasted so those tops don't really suit me, but you definitely do look nice in one. More importantly: what is it that you specifically do for your arm tone? (thanks) xx

    1. I'm only small boobed too! I think you should give them a go... Definately for us small breasted girls. Arm tone.... I work my biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back with medium weights. It's easy and MAKES A HUGE difference. X

    2. Hi Samantha - being nosy here - do you do those exercises daily or? and what would you say is a medium weight? (thanks)

    3. Not nosey at all Swami!
      I do them every 2-3days. Enough repetitions to feel like you can't do another one. Weight is your choice. Anything you can manage safely and keep good form. I prefer lots of repetitions with a medium sized weight but you could choose to do less with a heavier weight. I choose medium weights because my wrists are prone to injury. Its hard to say what is medium or heavy as it depends on the individual. My idea of a medium weight is about 3kg in each hand. BUT 2kg might be enough... Or even 1. A good friend of mine uses 5kg as a medium weight but to me that's pretty heavy. It's all about your strength and your ability. You can find great workouts on YouTube for arms or just do them standing in front of your favourite TV programme or a film!
      Oh. Don't forget press ups (push ups)... If you get the correct position they work amazingly well and very quickly. X

  2. I love the outfit, Samantha. I really like those tops, they're super handy for layering, fitting snugly under a blazer or cardi. You look chic and pulled together, ready for anything! The colours are lovely too,especially the green trousers. Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you! I'm pleased to hear that you like these tops too. If I focus away from my face I feel like my 19 year old self.... Ready to go out dancing all night! 😇😁


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