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Saturday, 13 June 2020

Why I'll NEVER be CHIC • Cream Jeans, White T-Shirt & Khaki Jacket

Cream Jeans, White Tee and a Khaki Coat | Fake Fabulous

I'm currently in the middle of a styling course (hosted online by a London University) and during the work I was doing for my weekly assessment I realised something quite interesting about myself.
Something I'd never really considered before.

I realised that I'll never be CHIC.

It wouldn't matter what I wore.
Expensive clothes, or the cheapest of cheap rubbish.
A smart outfit, a formal look or a casual one.
It doesn't matter a jot!

I always give off the same VIBE and it can't be hidden or "dressed Up".
Even If I spent all day trying to get ready and wore the highest end clothing I'd still look like me.

In fact, I don't think anyone can look like anyone else, no matter how hard they try.

{Unless, of course, you're playing dress-up for a photograph... like my Halloween Harlequin or Creepy Corpse Bride}

We are all unique with our own personal and powerful style.
How we look in clothes depends on the way that we carry ourselves more than the clothes we wear.

I'll never look like Emmanuelle Alt... even if I wore EXACTLY the same pieces.
(I wish)

I'm okay with it too.
I don't mind at all.

Much as I would like to look...
  • CHIC
  • Polished
  • Elegant
I never will.

No matter what I wear I always give off an air of "undone".
My style is definitely CASUAL even when I'm trying my hardest to smarten up!

I'd like to think that there was an effortless vibe about my style BUT you can be the judge of that!

{Be sure to leave me a comment if you agree or disagree!}

If you don't believe me when I say I'm always on the messy side, check out some "smart" looks...
Even in a gown I give off that casual, just fell out of bed, feeling!
It's funny really... I'm just NOT CHIC!

Today, I'm being true to my true happy-to-not-be-chic self and wearing a distinctly UN-CHIC outfit.

This is an easy to wear, casual over-sized look.
Comfortable and wearable.

Cream Jeans, White Tee and a Khaki Coat | Fake Fabulous

I feel like there is no point in worrying about how you look or trying to be something you're not.

You have to find out who you are (and what your personal style is) and run with it.

I'm embracing my casual, slightly scruffy... a bit messy (??effortless) self and you should too!

What is your core style?
The real you?

Student throwback?

I'd love to know!
If you're not sure, drop me an email and a couple of photos and I'll help you find out.

Cream Jeans, White Tee and a Khaki Coat | Fake Fabulous

An outfit like the one I'm wearing here makes me feel comfortable, confident and like I'm being true to the real me.

We've all been in that situation where we might be wearing an item (or an entire outfit) that isn't REALLY us.
Maybe we were trying a new look?
Or attempting to impress a date, land a job or look "on trend"?

Even though my style IS CHANGING quite significantly at the moment, and the pieces I want to wear are different from what they were a year ago, I still can't stop my over-all style vibe shining through everything I put on my body.

We are what we are and if we're trussed up in something that isn't US we stick out like a SORE THUMB.

I remember wearing a skirt suit and heels for an interview when I was in my 20s and my goodness I felt awful.
Awkward and a bit silly (I didn't get the job BTW).
However, when I wore some wide trousers, brogues and a blouse for the next interview and I was hired!
My credentials hadn't changed, just my attitude and confidence.
Being yourself is always the best idea.

We make our clothes look unique and all of us are stylish is our own way!

Find out how to find YOUR SYLE here

JEANS: Borrowed
T-SHIRT: Weekday
JACKET: Zara (very old and bought secondhand)
BAG: Radley (old... Charity shopped)
SCARF: old (probably charity shopped, knowing me!)

Cream Jeans, White Tee and a Khaki Coat | Fake Fabulous



  1. so this is the irony--i think you look chic...i think we are always harder on i develop my blog and my photos, i can't stand looking at myself, but i better get used to it because i model my own clothes i make...i always thought you looked chic! look at that picture of you in the 80's denim jacket! oh my! so cool!
    xo Eva

    1. Thank you so much Eva.... You are very kind. I'm flattered that you think I'm chic, despite my unchicness 😉. I loved that denim jacket too.... Recently sold it on eBay. X

  2. I think your casual look, and your embrace of it, makes you look chic, Samantha! I think we are far better off just rolling with who we are, and wearing what makes us feel great, than trying to live up to some ephemeral definition of what someone thinks we SHOULD look like.

    1. I agree! Roll with the punches Sheila. We are what we are and should go with the flow and enjoy it! X

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. When you have your own "Thing" going on who needs chic! You always look confidant and put together. With my RATE (rough around the edges) style I never look chic - don't really aspire to, classic with a bit of edgy is much more me. Lise

    1. RATE style?!
      That's brilliant.
      I love it.
      Classic and edgy sounds perfect Lise!

  5. My style is Classic Bohemian, and I never look chic. I have managed periodically to inadvertently pull off a chic look, but I never realized it till I saw pics afterwards. You have great style, Sam, and you look chic more than you realize.

    1. Thank you Susan.
      Oh how I wish I could make a bohemian look work.... I've tried but it's just not me. Sigh.... You're lucky to have such great natural style! Xxx

  6. woww, I love your fab attitude and wise words, 'We make our clothes look unique and all of us are stylish is our own way!'. Such a lovely post!
    However I think that you look elegant even when dressing casual. You've got a fabulous casual&cool style and I love it. But you also rock your glamourous outfits!.
    I think that the famous Chic style is difficult to create and so few people have it naturally. Effortless takes a lot of effort and time, actually!.
    I like to define my own style as 'flamboyant' because I like this Word too!. I'll never be Chic, dear Sam, neither elegant!, but I'm ok with that too!

    1. Yes!!!
      I love this ethos Monica.
      Neither elegant or chic but fabulous anyway.
      I love your flamboyant style.... That's why you're at the top of my blogger favourites page. Xxx


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