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Sunday, 21 June 2020

R.A.T.E style • Rough around the Edges IS CHIC after all!

Navy Blazer, cropped jeans & a breton tee

I'm stealing the term "RATE Style" from Lise...
  • Rough.
  • Around.
  • The.
  • Edges!
How Brilliant!
That sums up how I feel on most days.

Some might call the 'RATE' look scruffy and messy.
However, I like to think of it as a very Parisien-chic way to dress.

('Effortless looking outfits with messy hair, minimal makeup and a thrown-together-in-5-minutes-becasue-I-had-a-wild-night-last-night vibe.)

I'm putting a seriously positive spin on this casual style BUT I'd much rather look RATE than over-primped.
Over-dressing is overrated in my opinion!
(see what I did there?😛)

For me, a hard-as-nails helmet blow-dry (or too-perfect tonged curls) and an overly styled outfit is very stuffy, frumpy and ultimately ageing.

Navy Blazer, cropped jeans & a breton tee

Today I'm wearing another casual and comfortable look.
I realise that trainers and socks with cropped jeans is not the most flattering.
I know that a heel (or a more 'feminine' grown-up shoe) would make this outfit much more chic and elegant... BUT, I have to be comfortable these days!

I can't stand sore feet or feeling any discomfort.
I'm just not doing it!

(I also realise that I could have popped on a heel for the sake of these photos, and to make this outfit look prettier for you, but why lie?... Maybe I'll try a heel next week??.... Hmmmm....)

This is what I wore at work... warts (read:old gutties) and all!

{BTW Gutties are trainers/sneakers}

I'm wearing a classic Breton tee, some wide cropped jeans and a blazer.
Easy and breezy dressing!

Thank you again to Lise for her great term that made me realise that not being CHIC is CHIC in itself!
Who knew?

Navy Blazer, cropped jeans & a breton tee

JEANS: Topshop (a few seasons old)
LEATHER BAG: ASOS Gent's department (past seasons)
TRAINERS: Adidas (very very old... they were my daughter's)
T-SHIRT: J-crew (old)
WOOL BLAZER: Topman ( a hand-me-down)

Navy Blazer, cropped jeans & a breton tee


  1. love the R.A.T.E. style and the witty acronym ;DD, and I think that you nailed it: not being Chic is actually Chic. I do love a breton stripes t-shirt with jeans and a blazer, it's a rocking classic ensemble, it works, it's effortless and Cool!
    And I prefer a pair of old sneakers, so much better and more comfortable, and chic too. I don't like heels actually, flattering as they're supposed to be. There's nothing more flattering than feeling comfident and walking comfortably. I believe it!
    Looking fabulous!

    1. Very true Monica! Walking badly in heels is even less chic than wearing slippers as shoes!! 😂

  2. Ha-ha, 'over dressed is over rated' - you could not have said it better! I am thrilled you see the chicness of RATE styling but I cannot take the credit for coining this term. I learned it on the YLF (You Look Fabulous) Forum with Angie Cox. I love your RATE outfit today and YES to only comfortable (but cute) shoes - like your gutties :) Lise

    1. Well, whoever is came from... Thank you for sharing! I love it. 😊
      BTW.... I would always rather be underdressed than overdressed. What about you?

    2. Yes, alot of women prefer to be overdressed but not me. Less is More is my new mantra.

  3. Yes, I really like this RATE style, I suppose because its more or less my own style!! I love bretón stripes and own several, they are both comfortable and stylish.
    Bretón stripes and denim always look great together, and can be teamed with almost any shoe/boot/sandal, whatever is most comfortable and suitable for the moment.
    You look cool, confident, comfortable and chic!!!

    1. Thank you Pauline! I love a Breton too.... They seem to work with everything, don't they? I wonder if you have any different coloured bretons? I've never had much success with them but I'd love some suggestions. X


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