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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Low Buy Update • I've Been AVOIDING YOU

Low BUY • Fake fabulousAnother week into my Low-buy and much as I'd like to be the font of knowledge and wisdom I have to admit that it's not getting any easier!
It was a rocky start last week... Read about it HERE.
This low-buy business is TOUGH.

I'm sharing my update LATE because....
The truth is....

I've been avoiding you!

I've said it.

It's confession time....

This week was supposed to be easier.
I was expecting to start feeling good about saving.
Saving money, time AND the environment.

However, it's tougher than it sounds.

Being on this mission of change I (naively) thought I could be this beacon of positivity and strive forward making a difference all whilst sharing my tips and tricks with you.

Did this happen?

Find out more in my (full-disclosure) spending diary below....

Dear Diary....
After last week's weaknesses (eBay... and others!) I'm determined to do better.
I'm pretty pleased with how many UNSUBSCRIBES I did last week.... not to mention the (more tricky) UNFOLLOWS. 
To be honest, I've missed some my favourite Youtubers (and a few email updates) BUT I'm getting over it! 
Not being sucked in to recommendations is doing my wallet some good. 
So this week I'm continuing my mission to be a better shopper and a better consumer.
Here goes... 

Check me out! 
I bought NOTHING that wasn't an essential today.
Feeling pleased with myself, especially after last week's slip ups. 

Positive Actions:
  • Unsubscribed from any emails as they arrived in my inbox. 
  • None! 
  • Not shopping 
  • Not shopping!
TOTAL Non-Essential SPEND:
  • £0 (insert SMUG face!)


I've had another positive day. No non-essential shopping.
Have I cracked it?
Positive Actions:
  • I took my own food into work instead of buying lunch and snacks.
  • None today!
  • Deleting  and unsubscribing as emails come in.
  • Putting marketing letters straight in the recycling... NO I don't want 20% off your stuff thank you!
TOTAL Non-essential SPEND:
  • £0 

FRIDAY 19th:

Oh dear... things went seriously TITS UP today.

Once again I ate all of my lunch at tea break and then bought another lunch at lunchtime... (NOTE TO SELF: Take more food on a Friday!)
Things then went from bad to worse...

I bought 2 fashion magazines on the way home. I wasn't buying magazines remember?! 
PLUS chewing gum... I don't even like chewing gum....sigh. Why?
glass of wine after work and I'm online buying a pair of wedge espadrilles on eBay.
I could argue that they've been on my WISH LIST for a long time but the truth is that I admired them on someone at work and immediately searched eBay to find them in my size.
Yes, they were a massive bargain BUT I didn't need them. 
I have other perfectly decent shoes.
It gets worse... 
I decided I needed to buy more suncream for myself and the family.
I then found myself buying more than I needed (Suncreams and tanners) PLUS I added a random blouse to my basket too.
A blouse I definitely don't need! 
Another FRIDAY Fail.
Postive Actions:
  • (I'm struggling to find a positive here!) Maybe identifying MAJOR shopping triggers...Post work stress + Alcohol.
  • Not doing anything about my triggers... Alcohol and browsing online! (just stupid) 
  • Buying a pair of shoes I didn't need. 
  • Buying magazines I didn't need... and gum I didn't even want!  
  • Deciding to shop for things I needed while holding a glass of wine in my hand. (Duh!) 
  • Buying much more than I should when shopping for things we needed. 
  • Adding a completely unnecessary purchase (the blouse) to my basket
  • None today.... just pathetic really.

TOTAL Non-essential SPEND:
  • £94 (£5 in M&S (lunch) £9 in WH Smith (magazines) and £17 on shoes, £63 on creams and a blouse).... Shameful behaviour.
  • I also bought things for my daughter and a bodysuit (underwear) I genuinely needed... I'm calling these an essential even though they weren't really!... This would push the total over £120 so I'm not including them.


I'm suffering from a post-shop guilt.
Something needs to be done!
I'm not shopping AT ALL today.
Not a thing, not even things the family needs! 

Positive Actions:
  • Avoiding online browsing.
  • Feeling generally rubbish TBH!
  • I didn't shop today BUT I still don't feel great about it.
  • £0 (big wow... not!)

SUNDAY 21st:

A good day today!
I did shop online BUT out was for essentials (from the pharmacy, toiletries and medicines etc) I also did something BIG.
I deleted the eBay App from my phone. 
This might sound trivial to you but it's big news for me.
I now have NO SHOPPING APPS on my phone and the only social media I have on there is Instagram.  
Postitive Actions:
  • Not shopping, apart from things we needed.
  • Deleting the eBay app... phew!
  • None today!
  • Getting rid of eBay.
TOTAL Non-essential SPEND:
  • £0
  • I did spend £80 in Boots on things for the family and myself... but these were things we genuinely needed. 

MONDAY 22nd:

After my essential shopping yesterday I'm wondering if shopping for essentials acted like a buffer for my compulsive browsing?
Were my feelings of success premature? I think probably yes.
Essential shopping is still shopping after all AND, if I'm completely honest, were all of the items REALLY ESSENTIALS?
Hmmmm.... probably not! 
I need to be more careful. 

Positive Actions:
  • Not browsing.
  • Reflecting on my behaviour. 
  • None today!
  • Being aware of my weaknesses.
TOTALNon-essential SPEND:
  • £0

Today went well.

I DID find myself online (on eBay again!!)  looking at stay gold sandals but I didn't make offers or buy anything.
I just looked and admired and checked myself by remembering that I have a REAL LIFE of trainers and sandals, not a FANTASY LIFE of gold scrappy heels.
Reality check!

A good day.

Positive Actions:
  • Checking myself but still enjoying looking at the pretty shoes!
  • None... I felt strong today.
  • Realising what I was doing and checking myself.

  • £0 

So there it is.
A real mixed bag!

I realised something this week.
Something I need to face up too....

Post-work is a trigger for me.
As is a glass of vino.
Add the two together and I'm in trouble!

This week I'm determined to avoid the Friday trap of spending.... I'll let you know how it goes next time!

I'd love to know how you're getting on.
What is your main TRIGGER?

Leave a comment or drop me an email at the usual address.


  1. for me, food and shoopping ameliorate my stress...and wine too...what are my triggers? when i can't figure out how to do an upcycle--yes, i'll admit it here--i don't know how to sew everything just yet...i will get stumped by a certain part of the process, and somehow a piece of chocolate or worse a glass of wine has become our habit and my new rule is no more food, drink in the studio...also no more drinking wine monday-friday...CV19 shutdown has been the only thing to curb my shopping...i went out once a couple of weeks ago and bought way too much...i still haven't stopped or learned how to lessen my thifting.... so you are NOT alone...we all struggle with these demons....i would love to have it all under control, practice what i preach to my 18 & 16 year old daughters! xo eva

    1. Oh yes Eva!
      I agree.... It would be wonderful if we could show great role model worthy shopping behaviours to our children. I don't know about you but sometimes I think they're more 'adult' in their thoughts than I am!! πŸ˜‚. Maybe they haven't had enough time to collect hangups, demons and bad habits? Good luck with your no food and drink in the studio rule. Please let me know how it's goes.... I know its tough. I use chocolate as as a stress soother too. X

  2. I rarely shop online anymore because I like to try things and see how they feel and look on me. But I've reached a point where I feel I need to replace half my wardrobe. Although I could actually survive with the half that would be left without actually buying any replacements?

    1. I know what you mean Loree! 🀣 Maybe you could pack away some pieces you're tired of and use others? When you unpack them in a few months it will be like having new clothes as well as seeing an old friend. 😊 Xxx

  3. That last sentence was supposed to be a statement not a question :)

  4. Confession - I bought 2 tops this week, one pre-loved olive shell top, on deep discount at 1,50 euro and one new taupe-ish colour fleecy long sleeved sweatshirt for winter, on deep discount at 2,50 euro. Remember it is not about the actual money spent it is that my wardrobe is full. Both were in street bargain baskets that come out in the summer in my seaside town. No regrets though - the olive top will be a workhorse for my patterned bottoms, and I love the taupe colour fleece it will be worn to death for 8 months of the year. They are both in my colour families of which I have been trying to develop in order to be able to mix and match more items more often. Also I did a handbag clean out this morning and ditched 3 bags to free up some space (even if only in my head :) ). Oh, I didn't buy them immediately, thought about if for a half a day or so before going back. So I am okay with these considered purchases - I think this is how I will roll in the future. Lise

    1. That's positive Lise!
      I have to ask you though.... Did you use the one in one out rule for your new tops? If the wardrobe is bursting it could be a good idea?!
      Even though it's really hard!!

    2. No, I do not follow that rule - not for me. I like to wear things until they die or I really don't like them anymore - hence the full wardrobe.

  5. I totally understand that this situation of post-work stress makes you more easily tempted by old shopping habits, as I have to deal with my own anxiety and stress (and then I do all kind of stupid things). I think that managing stress is something we probably need, but it's so damn difficult!.
    I quitted shopping new clothes last year but shoes are still my weakness. Anyway, I've been creating new routines which have helped me. Now my old habits look really distant and even strange!

    1. Shoes!!!
      Ah yes.... My weakness too.
      (and jumpers)
      I admire your routine changing behaviour.
      I'm working on it....
      Must do better this week!!
      I hope I can report back with positivity and I won't feel the need to avoid you!
      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Xxx

  6. I think you’re stressing yourself even more by tracking yourself every day. You love pretty things and you look lovely in them. And other people get to enjoy seeing you in them. You can never have too many beautiful things. More is more. Life is short. I’d love to see some new purchases on you in next post. (Marie Kondo is NOT for me.). I’ve been spending like a drunken sailor this past month and do not feel a whit of guilt!! Carpe Diem and enjoy your young life!!

    1. Thank you for this comment Kathleen.... I agree with you in many ways and I need to find a balance between loving pretty things and being less wasteful. I'm sure having a more mindful approach will benefit my wardrobe, my conscience and my bank balance! πŸ˜‚
      There is nothing as sad as a beautiful item laying unworn or unused.
      I never save anything for "best".... Every day could be the last. Xxx


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