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Saturday, 6 June 2020

Classic Spring Outfit • Blazer, Shirt, Loafers & Jeans

Checked Blazer, white shirt, jeans and loafers | Classic outfit | Fake Fabulous

I seem to be all about the basics these days.
Minimal dressing (or Minimal-Plus as I like to call it) is my current go-to style.

I'm embracing this new ethos and enjoying how quick and easy it is!

Today I'm wearing a classic combination:

  • White linen Shirt (albeit a bit crushed from work!)
  • Blue jeans (cropped 'mom' fit)
  • Loafers
  • Checked blazer

Easy to wear.
Perfect for (almost) any occasion.

Checked Blazer, white shirt, jeans and loafers | Classic outfit | Fake Fabulous

My 'any occasion' was a day at work.
Not very exciting I'm afraid but it needs to be done.

An outfit like this one is comfortable and practical.

Perfect for travelling to and from work.
When I was there my blazer came off, my hair went up and my labcoat went on.

I agree that these pieces don't create the most 'flattering' silhouette.
A long-line shirt and cropped jeans is certainly not a lengthening look!

However, Im finding myself less and less concerned with "flattering" looks these days and more and more interested in dressing myself happy.

This combination made me happy...
And I, for one, need all the help I can get with that at the moment.

Checked Blazer, white shirt, jeans and loafers | Classic outfit | Fake Fabulous

DENIM JEANS: Topshop (old)
CHECKED BLAZER: Topman (a hand-me-down)
LINEN BLOUSE: Very old (and a bit crumpled after a day at work!)
LEATHER LOAFERS: Secondhand from eBay
LEATHER BAG: Radley (old)



  1. I'm so glad you're writing about your evolving style. I'm feeling that way, too, and actually confused and not sure what the new direction should be. I've always been attracted to the bohemian style, even though I don't dress completely in that style. It's the patterns, floaty fabrics, and natural fabrics and colors that I love. Recently I'm drawn to a feel that I can just describe as "simple." Meaning that I have to stop wearing (and buying) baggy, saggy clothes. That's how the simple feel comes in - not stiff and structured, just more fitted and graceful-looking. Right now, I have a bunch of jeans and t-shirts on one hand, and a bunch of pretty-patterned, floaty tops on the other hand. I can't figure out how to bridge those extremes. Most days, I need an outfit less than the patterned tops, but more than my usual plain t-shirts/jeans combo. I'll keep watching for ideas how to make progress with this!

    1. Thank you so much for this great comment Evie! It must be hard mixing those two styles... I'm glad you're going to stick around to see what I get up to with this new way of dressing.
      Please let me know how you're doing too! X

  2. I love your new minimalist-plus look, it really suits you! Evie, until you figure it out why not wear the jeans and floaty tops together with more classic accessories. Kind of classic with a boho edge. Lise

    1. I love that Lise! I was thinking the same or even wearing a Boho dress as a duster over a jeans and classic top combo. X

  3. I'm with you here regarding the minimalist-plus. It looks great on you. And I do shop what I have in my wardrobe too. But today, as restrictions have been drastically lifted due to no new cases of you-know-what for a few weeks, shops are open, so op-shopping it is. Excitement!!! Wearing plastic gloves whilst I'm there of course.

    1. Enjoy your new freedom! A little (mindful) shopping trip is good for the soul! X

  4. I'm also finding my style evolving, Samantha - I'm looking at less fitted, more flowy, and making sure I really feel good in it. I love this casual look - the blazer and loafers really elevate it.

    1. Thank you so much Sheila. I'm craving a bit of space around my tummy too. Lockdown has gifted me half a stone of midsection!! X

  5. Love your 'happy outfit' style and love your attitude. Totally agree on wearing whatever make you feel happier and more You!. And I think this is a flattering outfit, the shape of your jacket is fab, the jeans look comfy&cool and your accessorizing is lovely!
    Looking fab!


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