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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Low Buy Update • I've Been AVOIDING YOU

Low BUY • Fake fabulousAnother week into my Low-buy and much as I'd like to be the font of knowledge and wisdom I have to admit that it's not getting any easier!
It was a rocky start last week... Read about it HERE.
This low-buy business is TOUGH.

I'm sharing my update LATE because....
The truth is....

I've been avoiding you!

I've said it.

It's confession time....

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Long and Loose Cream Denim Dress • Simple Summer Outfit

Cream Denim Maxi Dress | Fake Fabulous

Today feels like a real Summer's day.
Scotland hits the 20s and it's great.

For anyone living with relentless heat I apologise for my excitement.
For those who know what it feels like to long for a 'real' summer ... you know where I'm coming from today, don't you?


Sunday, 21 June 2020

R.A.T.E style • Rough around the Edges IS CHIC after all!

Navy Blazer, cropped jeans & a breton tee

I'm stealing the term "RATE Style" from Lise...
  • Rough.
  • Around.
  • The.
  • Edges!
How Brilliant!
That sums up how I feel on most days.

Some might call the 'RATE' look scruffy and messy.
However, I like to think of it as a very Parisien-chic way to dress.

('Effortless looking outfits with messy hair, minimal makeup and a thrown-together-in-5-minutes-becasue-I-had-a-wild-night-last-night vibe.)

I'm putting a seriously positive spin on this casual style BUT I'd much rather look RATE than over-primped.
Over-dressing is overrated in my opinion!
(see what I did there?😛)

For me, a hard-as-nails helmet blow-dry (or too-perfect tonged curls) and an overly styled outfit is very stuffy, frumpy and ultimately ageing.

Navy Blazer, cropped jeans & a breton tee

Today I'm wearing another casual and comfortable look.
I realise that trainers and socks with cropped jeans is not the most flattering.
I know that a heel (or a more 'feminine' grown-up shoe) would make this outfit much more chic and elegant... BUT, I have to be comfortable these days!

I can't stand sore feet or feeling any discomfort.
I'm just not doing it!

(I also realise that I could have popped on a heel for the sake of these photos, and to make this outfit look prettier for you, but why lie?... Maybe I'll try a heel next week??.... Hmmmm....)

This is what I wore at work... warts (read:old gutties) and all!

{BTW Gutties are trainers/sneakers}

I'm wearing a classic Breton tee, some wide cropped jeans and a blazer.
Easy and breezy dressing!

Thank you again to Lise for her great term that made me realise that not being CHIC is CHIC in itself!
Who knew?

Navy Blazer, cropped jeans & a breton tee

JEANS: Topshop (a few seasons old)
LEATHER BAG: ASOS Gent's department (past seasons)
TRAINERS: Adidas (very very old... they were my daughter's)
T-SHIRT: J-crew (old)
WOOL BLAZER: Topman ( a hand-me-down)

Navy Blazer, cropped jeans & a breton tee

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Low Buy UPDATE • The BIG Problem With eBay

Low BUY Fail • The problem with eBay • Fake fabulous
It's been a rocky start!
This low-buy business is TOUGH.

{The wheels were wobbly this week}

As of last week I was determined to kick-start the positive behaviour of not buying things I don't need.

I've done it in the past but lockdown had made me lazy.

This week was going to be a fresh start.
Less consumption and more saving...
Saving money, time, space AND the environment.

However, this week I ran in to a problem.

A BIG problem called eBay.

Low BUY Fail • The problem with eBay • Fake fabulous

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Why I'll NEVER be CHIC • Cream Jeans, White T-Shirt & Khaki Jacket

Cream Jeans, White Tee and a Khaki Coat | Fake Fabulous

I'm currently in the middle of a styling course (hosted online by a London University) and during the work I was doing for my weekly assessment I realised something quite interesting about myself.
Something I'd never really considered before.

I realised that I'll never be CHIC.

It wouldn't matter what I wore.
Expensive clothes, or the cheapest of cheap rubbish.
A smart outfit, a formal look or a casual one.
It doesn't matter a jot!

I always give off the same VIBE and it can't be hidden or "dressed Up".
Even If I spent all day trying to get ready and wore the highest end clothing I'd still look like me.

In fact, I don't think anyone can look like anyone else, no matter how hard they try.

{Unless, of course, you're playing dress-up for a photograph... like my Halloween Harlequin or Creepy Corpse Bride}

We are all unique with our own personal and powerful style.
How we look in clothes depends on the way that we carry ourselves more than the clothes we wear.

I'll never look like Emmanuelle Alt... even if I wore EXACTLY the same pieces.
(I wish)

I'm okay with it too.
I don't mind at all.

Much as I would like to look...
  • CHIC
  • Polished
  • Elegant
I never will.

No matter what I wear I always give off an air of "undone".
My style is definitely CASUAL even when I'm trying my hardest to smarten up!

I'd like to think that there was an effortless vibe about my style BUT you can be the judge of that!

{Be sure to leave me a comment if you agree or disagree!}

If you don't believe me when I say I'm always on the messy side, check out some "smart" looks...
Even in a gown I give off that casual, just fell out of bed, feeling!
It's funny really... I'm just NOT CHIC!

Today, I'm being true to my true happy-to-not-be-chic self and wearing a distinctly UN-CHIC outfit.

This is an easy to wear, casual over-sized look.
Comfortable and wearable.

Cream Jeans, White Tee and a Khaki Coat | Fake Fabulous

I feel like there is no point in worrying about how you look or trying to be something you're not.

You have to find out who you are (and what your personal style is) and run with it.

I'm embracing my casual, slightly scruffy... a bit messy (??effortless) self and you should too!

What is your core style?
The real you?

Student throwback?

I'd love to know!
If you're not sure, drop me an email and a couple of photos and I'll help you find out.

Cream Jeans, White Tee and a Khaki Coat | Fake Fabulous

An outfit like the one I'm wearing here makes me feel comfortable, confident and like I'm being true to the real me.

We've all been in that situation where we might be wearing an item (or an entire outfit) that isn't REALLY us.
Maybe we were trying a new look?
Or attempting to impress a date, land a job or look "on trend"?

Even though my style IS CHANGING quite significantly at the moment, and the pieces I want to wear are different from what they were a year ago, I still can't stop my over-all style vibe shining through everything I put on my body.

We are what we are and if we're trussed up in something that isn't US we stick out like a SORE THUMB.

I remember wearing a skirt suit and heels for an interview when I was in my 20s and my goodness I felt awful.
Awkward and a bit silly (I didn't get the job BTW).
However, when I wore some wide trousers, brogues and a blouse for the next interview and I was hired!
My credentials hadn't changed, just my attitude and confidence.
Being yourself is always the best idea.

We make our clothes look unique and all of us are stylish is our own way!

Find out how to find YOUR SYLE here

JEANS: Borrowed
T-SHIRT: Weekday
JACKET: Zara (very old and bought secondhand)
BAG: Radley (old... Charity shopped)
SCARF: old (probably charity shopped, knowing me!)

Cream Jeans, White Tee and a Khaki Coat | Fake Fabulous


Wednesday, 10 June 2020


12 Ways to Escape your Shopping Habit | Fake Fabulous

Are you shopping a little too much?

Some people may laugh and joke about being a "shopaholic" or say they use shopping as "retail therapy".
Some may think it's a trivial, harmless and just a fun pastime.
Nothing to worry about.
What's the big deal?

However, too much shopping can easily become a major problem.
Over-spending can not only cause financial problems but it can effect other aspects of our lives too.
Putting a strain on relationships and even effecting our mental health!
Over-shopping is no joke.

Have you ever thought how lovely it would be to feel free from the urge to chase the next big thing?
Free from the need to buy the latest trends?
To completely escape the lure of the latest miracle product?

This post might just help you achieve that goal...

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Classic Spring Outfit • Blazer, Shirt, Loafers & Jeans

Checked Blazer, white shirt, jeans and loafers | Classic outfit | Fake Fabulous

I seem to be all about the basics these days.
Minimal dressing (or Minimal-Plus as I like to call it) is my current go-to style.

I'm embracing this new ethos and enjoying how quick and easy it is!

Today I'm wearing a classic combination:

  • White linen Shirt (albeit a bit crushed from work!)
  • Blue jeans (cropped 'mom' fit)
  • Loafers
  • Checked blazer

Easy to wear.
Perfect for (almost) any occasion.

Checked Blazer, white shirt, jeans and loafers | Classic outfit | Fake Fabulous

My 'any occasion' was a day at work.
Not very exciting I'm afraid but it needs to be done.

An outfit like this one is comfortable and practical.

Perfect for travelling to and from work.
When I was there my blazer came off, my hair went up and my labcoat went on.

I agree that these pieces don't create the most 'flattering' silhouette.
A long-line shirt and cropped jeans is certainly not a lengthening look!

However, Im finding myself less and less concerned with "flattering" looks these days and more and more interested in dressing myself happy.

This combination made me happy...
And I, for one, need all the help I can get with that at the moment.

Checked Blazer, white shirt, jeans and loafers | Classic outfit | Fake Fabulous

DENIM JEANS: Topshop (old)
CHECKED BLAZER: Topman (a hand-me-down)
LINEN BLOUSE: Very old (and a bit crumpled after a day at work!)
LEATHER LOAFERS: Secondhand from eBay
LEATHER BAG: Radley (old)


Wednesday, 3 June 2020

"Minimal-PLUS" style... a new way to dress!

Minimal plus style | Fake Fabulous | Basic Outfit

I have been completely overwhelmed by the lovely comments left on my previous blogpost.
The one where I was wondering what was happening to my style.

See that post HERE

I've realised, after some thought, that this shift is not only a normal part of growing up (and growing older) but also a natural (and subconscious) awareness of global 'trends'.
Not just fashion trends but also those 'trends' that are political, economic and environmental.
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