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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Why is My Personal Style Changing?

My persoanl style is changing! Fake Fabulous

I've been suffering from a mental blogging block recently.
Not because I don't have anything to talk about (far from it) BUT because I'm not sure if you want to hear it!

The main reason for my blog-drought is that I've noticed my style is changing, quite significantly, and I'm not sure if it's blog worthy anymore.

Let me try and explain myself...

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Putting on a Few extra Pounds and 5 tips for Looking Slimmer.

5 Tips to look Slimmer when you're not! Non-Date night Outfit • Fake Fabulous

Has anyone else added a few pounds to their frame over the past few weeks of lockdown?
I know I have!

I'm fondly calling it my LOCKDOWN LARD and to be honest with you, I don't mind at all.
I'm making the most of each day.
Enjoying my food and the odd vodka, or beer... or both!

{If we can't be a bit squishy and cuddly during lockdown when can we?}

Yesterday however, someone at work commented on how much weight she thought I'd lost despite me having put ON just over half a stone.

This got me thinking 2 important things....

FIRST (and most important)
Why is it okay for someone to think it's okay to comment on your weight?
The amount of weight you have 'lost 'or how skinny you're looking does not need to be highlighted.
These people would never even consider telling someone that they had piled ON so much weight or were looking really chunky, would they?
That would be rude.
Why isn't it considered rude to say how skinny someone looks?

SECOND (and most curious)
How can you put on half a stone and look thinner?
{Puzzled Face}

The answers to these questions are easy...

Question 1

Why do people think it's okay to comment on how THIN someone is looking?
When they would NEVER comment on how fat someone was looking.
Or say...

"Blimey...You've PUT ON so much weight!"

This issue drives me CRAZY.
I'm not going to go into it (again) here, but you can read my thoughts on WEIGHT SHAMING and why it's never okay (fat or skinny) HERE.

Question 2

Looking thinner with half a stone extra?
Hmmmm?...Interesting, eh?
When I got home I had a good look at what I was wearing and came to the conclusion that it was my outfit (and hair) that were giving me the
"You've lost weight"

Nothing fancy or clever, just 5 simple things that anyone can do.
{More on those in a moment}

Moving on to todays outfit...

5 Tips to look Slimmer when you're not! Non-Date night Outfit • Fake Fabulous

My 7+ pounds of surplus flesh is straining the seams of this jumpsuit.
Luckily, it's a very rigid denim, so I'm held down (so to speak) although there is an angry little gape at the pockets.
My rump is trying it's hardest to escape!

I never put weight on my limbs, face or chest.
Excess inches collect around my middle and on my haunches.
Nature has a sense of humour, that's for sure.

This outfit is a casual date night outfit, with one omission...
The date night!

My husband and I actually had a curry and a few beers at home.
We sat in the garden and imagined a lovely outdoor restaurant.
Unfortunately, I had to change out of this jumpsuit in order to accommodate my food baby and ended up in denim shorts and a cami.
I kept my clogs on though.
{They went surprisingly well with the outfit!}

5 Tips to look Slimmer when you're not! Non-Date night Outfit • Fake Fabulous

CLOGS: Free People (eBayed)
BAG: A gift
NECKLACES: Various vintage/gifts

5 Tips to look Slimmer when you're not! Non-Date night Outfit • Fake Fabulous

Back to the extra pounds yet slimmer issue...
I did 5 things that day (unintentionally) which made me look narrower than I am.

1. My sleeves were pushed up and my jean ankles were cuffed.

Simple tips that work!
Highlight your narrowest parts by showing them off.

2. My outfit was monochromatic(ish).

Light denim jeans, white trainers and a pale blue cashmere jumper.
Monochrome outfits make you look longer and narrower no matter what colour you choose.

3. I wore a V-neck.

V-necks elongate and narrow.
This is why I tend not to wear them very often.

4. My hair was in a sleek updo.

My hair was dirty (and driving my crazy) to I tied it up in a messy but sleeked back bun.
An instant slimmer, especially as my hair adds volume to my frame naturally.

5. I didn't wear anything tight or clingy.

Loose fitting clothes are much more flattering than clingy clothes.
All rolls and lumps are skimmed rather than squeezed.
So much better!
However, avoid overly loose or baggy as this has the opposite effect.
Think skim rather than smother or cling!

So there are no amazing tips or tricks just 5 easy steps anyone can follow.

Although, having said all of this,  I don't think anyone should have to try and look slimmer (or otherwise).
Just wear what you love and if anyone comments smile sweetly and ignore them.

If you want to know more, try reading this old post... and get a laugh at my outfit!

3 Easy Ways to hide those extra pounds.

5 Tips to look Slimmer when you're not! Non-Date night Outfit • Fake Fabulous


Saturday, 16 May 2020

Tancream Review • SPF50 plus Self Tan • Honest Beauty

Tancream | Moisturising SPF50 plus self tanner | Honest Review

Welcome to another Honest Beauty Review.

This time it's the turn of a self tanner, that's also an SPF.
Clever right?

I'm genuinely excited to share this product with you.
You may be surprised to know that initially, I didn't like it at all!

{More on that in a moment}

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Summer Sandals • Josef Seibel • Classic Spring Outfit

Josef Seibel | Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I think I've found the perfect grown-up summer sandal!
These sandals are ticking all of the boxes I need ticked...

Saturday, 9 May 2020

3 ways to wear clothes that don't suit you • Spring Outfit

How to wear things that don't suit you | Fake Fabulous

I was thinking about the number of clothes I have in my wardrobe that don't REALLY suit me.

By that, I mean that if I follow the rules of one (or all) of the following...

  • Colour analysis (seasonal or otherwise)
  • Bodyshapes (triangles, rectangles etc)
  • Kibbe Body types (Dramatic, romantic, Gamine...etc)
  • Style Personalities (Classic, Avant garde... etc)
  • Age appropriateness (.....yawn)

{Or, in fact, any school of styling thought}

Some of my clothes are just not right for me.

The thing is about this "problem" is that I like them and I'll be wearing them regardless of whether I should be or not!

Take this dress as a good example.

  • Wrong colour... cool and pale blue.
  • Wrong shape... mini length, puffy.
  • Wrong style... girly and cute.
  • Probably the wrong age demographic too!... Dare I say, too young??!!

Hmmmmm... there's nothing much going for it is there?
BUT I still love it!

How to wear things that don't suit you | Fake Fabulous

How to wear things that don't suit you:


Simply adding an 'old favourite' item to your outfit will make it feel like it fits a lot better.
Mix in something you know suits you well, whether that's your personality or colouring... whatever.

For this outfit I added my ancient army style jacket .
The colour and style are very me.
It tones down any girliness and covers me up where I want it.

That brings me to the next point...


Cover up some flesh.
Flashing TOO MUCH flesh isn't flattering... no matter what shape you're in.
Cover up either the bottom or the top half of your body.
(Or both, if you prefer!)

Boobs out and legs on display are a bit too much... unless you're beside a pool!
Quite a decent amount of leg is on show here so my top half is safely encased.

{Plus, it's far too cold for bare arms, bare chests and bare legs.}

This may seem an irrelevent "Tip" in relation to clothes that don't suit you.
Maybe it's more of a general rule (so to speak).

But... it does make sense because looking slight 'off'(in a colour or style that isn't really YOU) is harder to pull off stylishly when you're also contending with too much flesh on show.
It's a double whammy.

Having said that the only thing that REALLY MAATERS is point no.3....


Believing in yourself is 80% of looking good.
Bring the attitude.
Decide the item and the outfit works and suits you, regardless of rules, and it will!

How to wear things that don't suit you | Fake Fabulous

JACKET: GAP... many years old (over 18 I think!)
DRESS: Bruuns Bazaar (eBay)
SHOES: Clarks (old)
COLLAR: Ichi (Asos)
BAG: Vintage
BELT: Topshop (old)

How to wear things that don't suit you | Fake Fabulous

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Pale Yellow Dress, Copper and Tan • Spring Outfit

Lemon Dungaree Dress and Copper T-shirt | Fake Fabulous

I'm wearing real clothes today (no joggers in sight) and surprisingly, I didn't make any of them myself.

I've been making a lot of crafty clothes recently but none of them are in this look.
I thought it was time to give the handmade look a break for a few days!

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Hand-crochet jumper & Culotte Jeans • Spring Outfit

Homemade crochet jumper & culotte jeans | Spring style

Another day, another handmade 'curiosity' to share with you.

This lockdown is good for my creative fingers but not so good for my yarn-buying credit card 😇.

Today it's the turn of a colourful crochet cotton jumper.
(Try saying that fast 10x!!)
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