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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Lockdown Fashion • Leggings and a Sack Dress made Chic!

Lockdown Style | White Maxi Dress, Leggings & a Blazer | Fake Fabulous

An uncompromising lockdown look that involves leggings, sliders and a big baggy top.

Leggings and a top.
What could be easier (or lazier) dressing?
Not much that I can think of!

I'm not fighting my inner sloth any longer.
Leggings it is!

For today, my "baggy top" is a billowing cotton sack dress.
Okay, not EXACTLY at top.
But I'm using artistic licence... it's a (very) long top!

I absolutely LOVE this dress and I wanted to show that baggy and comfortable can be (a little bit) stylish after all!

Lockdown Style | White Maxi Dress, Leggings & a Blazer | Fake Fabulous

This dress is billowing, bold and beautiful.

It's made from sateen cotton that is so crisp and lovely.

However, it does have a few things going against it...

  • It's big, shapeless and baggy.
  • It's completely see-through (I'm wearing a nude-coloured short full slip under it here)
  • White and I tend to end up in a slitter-fest. 

{Slitter= The art of spilling one's food and/or drink down oneself.}

Are you a slitter too?

I'd love to know!

Lockdown Style | White Maxi Dress, Leggings & a Blazer | Fake Fabulous

All of that aside, this dress is a winner for me.
I love the drama, and I love how comfortable it is to wear.

It's the perfect summer piece.

However, there is one small issue that arises here...


Have I taken leave of my senses wearing a light cotton dress?
No, of course not!

I have a love of all things thermal, and this outfit is no exception.

I'm wearing a thermal base layer and a pair of double layered full-length leggings.

Yes, I have bare toes in these photos but the truth is, I wouldn't be able to wear these shoes out and about at this time of year.
(Unless I wanted fewer toes by the end of the day.)
So, these comfy sandals were my indoor slippers.

Lockdown Style | White Maxi Dress, Leggings & a Blazer | Fake Fabulous

Adding a blazer, even if it has a soft structure like this one, instantly turns a baggy mess into a "LOOK".

This blazer added shape and a little smartness.
Layered necklaces kept the relaxed feeling going, as did the bag.
Very Boho!

I don't normally favour a boho look but these touches felt feminine and fun which was just what I needed.

BTW... As, predicted, I did end up having a little slitter on this dress.
However, its was NOT the pasta (that I was expecting).
I (surprisingly) dodged that bullet.
BUT... I stupidly sloshed my tea down myself when dunking a chocolate hobnob.
Told you so!!

DRESS: Weekday (eBayed a while ago)
SHOES: Primark (borrowed from my daughter)
JACKET: The £1 rail at a local charity shop
NECKLACES: Various gifts and vintage bits
BAG: Vintage

Lockdown Style | White Maxi Dress, Leggings & a Blazer | Fake Fabulous



  1. Lovely dress and you look so cool and modern and elegant (yes, elegant!) in it. I totally agree that adding a jacket makes anything smarter and more structured. It's a brilliant layering. I also love that you added some necklaces too, it makes a difference. You rock your accessorizing!
    I don't wear white clothing frequently, so I can relax (well, I spill things on my fav clothes anyway).
    I was amazed to see you wearing sandals!

    1. Hahahahha... If truth be told My toes were a bit chilly. Okay indoors but outside needed a fluffy sock layer (not very chic!!) x

  2. Yes! in addition to the puffy sleeves blouse i just made, I have one of these sack dress's on my Refashion pile!
    ps your hair is growing out so quickly!
    xo eva

    1. Oh Eva.... My hair is cray - zee!
      It's driving me insane.
      I actually took the scissors to it today but its didn't help much.
      Scarecrow chic maybe?!

  3. This outfit is so cool and modern. I love it! Your hair is looking fabulous. Lise

    1. You're very kind Lise... Too kind? It's driving me bananas!! 😂

  4. PS: I am indeed a Slitter! I hope you were able to remove the tea stain - I have never been able to get tea stains out properly. Lise

    1. Easy peasy.... Hang it up in direct sun and it bleaches like a dream.
      We've been so lucky with the weather over the past wee while.

  5. I love a big dress like this for hanging out in! I have a striped knit one that I love layering stuff under for warmth.

    You look awesome, Samantha, loving your hair too.

    Yes, I'm a slitter! My husband calls me Madame Spillypants. :)

  6. Haha hahaha.... I was just dropping my lunch into my lap today.
    White shorts too!!
    It's good to know I'm not the only one.
    Madame spillypants 2.0

  7. For year I didn't own anything white because I kept dropping my food and staining them. I have since started wearing white again. We will see how it goes.

    You keep mentioning the layers that you wear to keep warm. I would love to know more about how you do that. When ever I try I end up looking frumpy or 10 lbs heavier.


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