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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

DIY Style • Crochet Denim Sun Top and Jeans

Crochet top Khaki jacket and denim jeans | Spring Style | Fake Fabulous

I've been making a few bits of clothing recently and I'm loving the results.
DIY style is not for everyone, but I really like the fact that no one else will have a top like mine.
It's one of a kind!
As we all are.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Playing Dress Up • Quarantine Style

Quarantine Fashion | Dressing up for lockdown | Fake Fabulous

Somedays call for a little dress up!
Today is one of those days.

My hair is BADLY needing cut.
My roots are dire.
I'm going brassy.😳
My skin is parched.
My exercise routine is nonexistent.
I feel a bit of a mess.

In this situation what can be done?

Quarantine Fashion | Dressing up for lockdown | Fake Fabulous

There is only one thing for it.
Ditch the joggers and dress up a little!

This calls for a (slightly OTT) dress and a 'creative' updo.

{DISCLAIMER: This is not a creative updo at all. It's a scabby little bun and a headband.}

This dress is a little over-the-top to lounge around in, BUT why not?
I've no events to attend, for the foreseeable future, so today's 'date' with a bottle of wine and a book deserves some special attention.

Of course, I've not compromised on comfort here either.
Everything in this outfit is comfortable and 'loungable' in.

{I swapped out the boots for flip flops in real life, but they far too sloppy looking for these photos... even by my standards!}

This ended up being a comfortable and surprisingly practical outfit for a spot of garden sitting and book reading.
Perfect for a rare weekend in the Scottish sun.

Quarantine Fashion | Dressing up for lockdown | Fake Fabulous

DRESS: Old Topshop
TOP: Charity shopped a few years ago
NECKLACE: Very old
GLASSES: Very old
EARRINGS: Old (a gift)

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Lockdown Fashion • Leggings and a Sack Dress made Chic!

Lockdown Style | White Maxi Dress, Leggings & a Blazer | Fake Fabulous

An uncompromising lockdown look that involves leggings, sliders and a big baggy top.

Leggings and a top.
What could be easier (or lazier) dressing?
Not much that I can think of!

I'm not fighting my inner sloth any longer.
Leggings it is!

For today, my "baggy top" is a billowing cotton sack dress.
Okay, not EXACTLY at top.
But I'm using artistic licence... it's a (very) long top!

I absolutely LOVE this dress and I wanted to show that baggy and comfortable can be (a little bit) stylish after all!

Monday, 20 April 2020

Black Maxi Dress & Cropped Denim • Lockdown Looks

Black maxi tee & cropped grey denim | Lockdown Looks | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm upping the ante slightly when it comes to my daily dressing.
It's lock-down style... pimped up a little for a photo BUT (unlike my other recent outfits) not immediately removed afterwards!

Friday, 17 April 2020

ARK Skincare • Honest Beauty Review

ARK skincare | Honest Beauty Review

Today I'm sharing a brand that reached out to me a while ago in the hope I would share their products with you.
Which I'm happy to do!

{This post was not paid for.
I was sent these products with no obligation to share my findings.}

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

DIY Fashion • I knitted my own dress 😳 • De-stressing

Handmade knitted dress | Beige toned spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

Yes, you read that correctly...
I knitted a dress.

A handmade, hand-knitted dress sounds pretty ghastly, doesn't it?
Like one of those dolly toilet roll covers from the 60's and 70's.
This could go either way!

To tell you the truth, I only started this knitting project to occupy my stressed out hands.
Picking up needles and a hook stopped me picking my cuticles and to gave me something to focus my mind on, instead of worrying.

I didn't for one minute think I'd be able to wear any of my creations.
I had every intention to knit them up, pull them out and knit something else.
I deliberately bought wooden needles and delicious yarn so the process of knitting would be a pleasure.
Using the craft as a kind of therapy.

However, much to my surprise, not only do I love the process of following a pattern I've also started to modify and amend the patterns to suit my needs.
Also, to my astonishment, I love the results!
So much so that I've been knitting (and crocheting) up a few different pieces recently.

A bag.

Some for me.
Some to give as gifts.

Handmade knitted dress | Beige toned spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

All made with love.

This dress makes me particularly happy.
It's comfortable, very soft and I really enjoyed making it.

It also appeals to my sense of individual style.
I know that no one else will be wearing anything like this.

Of course, a handmade garment is not for everyone.
Some might say it's ugly.
Some might cringe at the memory of childhood homemade clothes and handmade jumpers.
I get it.
It's a niche, for sure!

Anything handmade will almost certainly not be perfect (for me, that's the beauty) and hand made items veer towards rustic rather than chic BUT, despite all of that, I still love them!

I intend to be wearing this dress a lot this summer.
I know the work that went into every stage and I love it even more for that.

2020 has been a bad year so far but there is a small positive... I'm embracing my creative side and happily wearing the results.

Are you a crafter?
A knitter, crocheter, needlepoint lover?
Do you make cards?
Paint or draw?
All of the above?!
I'd love to hear about your de-stressing hobbies.

(Now that I'm looking at these photos I think I might knit a plain denim version of this dress and add a crocheted open section ... maybe arcade stitch?... to the hem to make it longer and more interesting... hmmmmm)

Handmade knitted dress | Beige toned spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

Handmade knitted dress | Beige toned spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

DRESS: A kit pattern that I modified. (from Wool and the Gang)
MAC: Topshop (old and eBayed)
BAG: Vintage
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Blue Blouse, Navy Pencil skirt & Grey Denim • Spring Outfit

Mixed Blues and Grey | Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

The sun is shining today and I actually got dressed into an outfit... a REAL one, not just joggers and a tee!

This outfit.
Well, not quite... minus the pencil skirt and with the addition of white denim shorts.
(Almost) A real look that is suitable to be seen in public.

Although my HAIR is driving me bananas!
Anyone relate?

Mixed Blues and Grey | Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

It felt slightly strange to be wearing such a "nice" silk blouse to hang around in my own garden BUT it's comfortable and easy to wear so why not, eh?

I paired it with a pencil skirt which I thought would look nice for a casual work day or running errands.
However, a pencil skirt is no good for lounging so I took it off after these photos and popped on my homemade white denim shorts.
Trainers and a denim jacket finished things off nicely.
I kept the denim jacket on for most of the day as Scottish sun is never THAT warm and I had bare legs to compensate for.

Has the sun been shining where you are?
Do you have a garden to sit and/or work in?

Mixed Blues and Grey | Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

TRAINERS: Adidas (a hand me down from my daughter)
SKIRT: Charity shopped for a pound a few years ago.
GLASSES: Ted Baker
JACKET: Dr Denim
BAG: Clarks (old)

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Black Jumpsuit, sequins and a Cream Trench • Spring Outfit

Black strapless jumpsuit | Beige and black layered outfit | Fake Fabulous

Another day, another outfit I plan to wear at some point in the future!

Once again, I'm not really wearing this today.
I'm wearing a pair of dark grey leggings and a gigantic (gent's) t-shirt.
Hardly 'fashion' but it's certainly REAL.

I'm looking forward to the moment when I can retire my joggers (and baggy leggings) and get back to normal.
Or, at least our new version of normal (whatever it might be).

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Yellow Trousers & Breton Stripes • Spring Outfit

Yellow Trousers, Breton Stripes | Preppy Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Hi Everyone!
How are you doing?

I've been a bit quiet here at Fake Fabulous recently, and totally absent from social media.
The absence from social is purely because I'm trying to stay away from drama and pity parties.
My blog silence is due to feeling zero motivation.
I've been struggling even to get dressed!

Today, however, I'm back (of sorts) to share a little colour and an outfit I didn't really wear but might have done if I'd been going out somewhere.

The trousers, shoes and jacket went straight back in the wardrobe after these photographs.
Out came some boring navy leggings (gym gear) and my sliders BUT I did wear the top and the hat today!
The hat was handy for keeping the sun off my face while sitting in the garden knitting.

(I've turned into my Nan! Knitting projects, pulling them out and re-knitting. I might wear some of my creations when the weather warms up a little... brace yourselves!)

Back to today...

This outfit is a potentially perfect Spring combination.
Stripes and colour.
Classically spring.

Yellow Trousers, Breton Stripes | Preppy Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Bright yellow trousers and a classic Breton stripe.

These yellow trousers are a few years old now and are sadly on their last legs.
They look okay in these photos but the fabric has gone all saggy and faded.
They seem baggy and sad... especially in the crotch area, which is not the most flattering place to have extra fabric!

They've been a great piece in my wardrobe but I feel the time is right to recycle them.
So this will (probably) be their last outing.
Sad times.

The Breton top adds a classic spring-like feel and adding a blazer smartens things up a little.

Ballet flats are not the most flattering footwear (they shorten the leg and thicken the ankle) but they're easy to slip on and off and look okay with these trousers.

Adding a hat was a simple way to fix my unruly hair!

It's hardly a ground-breaking look but it has colourful wearability... which is what I love!

Are any of your clothes on their last legs?
Please share in the comments.

Yellow Trousers, Breton Stripes | Preppy Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

TROUSERS: Next (very old)
BLAZER: Armarni (secondhand from eBay)
SHOES: French sole (very old)
HAT: old

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