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Friday, 13 March 2020

Khaki Boiler suit, trainers and Leather • Casual Spring Style

Khaki Boiler suit and brown leather jacket | Fake Fabulous

It's NOT CHIC... but Like it!

More often than not my outfits are more fun, comfort-focused and quirky than chic or fashion forward.

Much as I love a trend, or a fashionable look, I much prefer to feel like ME.

I'm not very CHIC or fashionable.
I don't really try to be.
I know who I am.
I know what I like and I know it changes regularly!

Fashion and style are an expression of that.

Today I'm channelling my in farmworker-meets-fighter-pilot and I'm happy with that!

Khaki Boiler suit and brown leather jacket | Fake Fabulous

I love this Boiler suit.
It's made of 'inside-out' sweatshirt material and is very easy-going and comfortable.

Oddly, I picked it up in the petite section after wondering if the regular size would be too saggy and baggy.
I'm 5 feet 6, so not petite, and I have long arms.
It shouldn't, but it fit's perfectly.

Maybe I'm missing some of the intended baggy vibe BUT it fits the way I want it to fit and that's what matters, isn't it?

Khaki Boiler suit and brown leather jacket | Fake Fabulous

I paired the jumpsuit with a casual and unisex leather jacket.
Plus more androgynous details like my trainers, a backpack and a slouchy beanie.

I really love wearing unisex clothes... I always have!

One of my style icons is the amazing Marlene Deitrich and who could forget the stunning Katherine Hepburn?
Both ahead of their time, risk-takers and incredibly stylish women!

Of course this outfit is NOT channelling my inner Marlene or Katherine... much too slouchy and casual for them... BUT it has that boyish vibe that I love.

Khaki Boiler suit and brown leather jacket | Fake Fabulous

TRAINERS: Puma (old)
WRIST-WARMERS: Turtledoves (a gift from a friend)
LEATHER JACKET: Hidepark (a few years old but still in stock)
LEATHER BAG: Vintage (old)
POLO-NECK: Uniqlo (old)
CASHMERE HAT: Italy in Cashmere (old)



  1. You’re even adorable in a boiler suit. Fits you beautifully. I think the petite worked like a charm for you because you were blessed with a Barbie Doll figure - short torso and long legs. The jacket is perfect with it, and I love the sneaks, beanie and backpack. A purse would look off with this - of course you thought of that!

    1. Hahahaha... I've never been likened to a Barbie Kathleen! It made me chuckle.
      You're very generous with your comment.
      Thank you.

  2. It looks like a really comfortable and cosy outfit.

    1. I've hardly had anything else on since I got it Loree!
      Too comfy 😊

  3. Although I'm not usually a fan of the boiler suit, this one is amazing! I think it's the fit, plus how you've styled it. This is very chic, not just close to!

    Hear hear, for wearing whatever the heck you want!

  4. Much better than the boilersuit you had before. This one actualy fits. No bum view for us? ;-)

    1. No bum view needed here!
      Neither baggy or saggy.... Just 'normal'.
      I only like to do a back view when things go crazy back there!!
      Either very good or very baaaad 😜.

  5. Feeling good in the clothes you wear is more important then looking stylish of trendy!

  6. Thank you! xD

    Also another problem, somehow i can't DM you FB page since you shut down the ''message'' section, can you enable it? :)


    1. I don't use Facebook apart from to share links to this blog. I don't use messenger... Sorry!
      You can send me an email via my contact page if you'd like to get in touch. X

  7. You looks amazing and I also think that this suit is comfortable. Maybe I will buy it for my wife, as a gift :-)

  8. you look particularly adorable in this boiler suit and love the comfy&cool vibe and the fabulous attitude!. Obviously, you look gorgeous!.


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