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Saturday, 28 March 2020

Colour Injection • Spring Outfit • Turquoise and Orange

Orange and Turquoise Spring Outfit • Fake Fabulous

I'm not going to pretend that I'm ACTUALLY WEARING this outfit today.
I'm not.
I'm wearing a pair of baggy-bummed joggers and an oversized jumper... with a hole in the armpit.

Reality isn't pretty!

At the moment, reality is pretty crap.

So, I popped on some colourful clothes and a bit of lippy because I wanted to share a colour injection with you.

A burst of brightness in the gloom.

Maybe you're more pulled together than I am and are actually getting properly dressed everyday?
Maybe you are someone who is still heading out to work.
Or, maybe you're just like me and want NEED to see some colour.

Maybe blogging about fashion at a time like this is distasteful?
I know that personally, I'm finding haul videos and those encouraging us to shop from big brands a little hard to take.
Especially when some of these big brands have treated their workers so appallingly over the past couple of weeks.

I, for one, won't be shopping with a few retailers in the future and I'll remember who tried to do the right thing when it mattered and who crapped all over their staff while sitting on a nice fat bank balance.

Anyway, enough of that.

Let's get down to (colourful) business...

This is a bold and bright combination.
Anything that comes from the opposite side of the colour wheel is always a winner in my book!

Orange and Turquoise Spring Outfit • Fake Fabulous

I love the mix of bright orange and bright turquoise.
It's a happy combination that just works.

In this outfit I've added tan accessories and a bright mustard headband.

The headband is there to control my needing-a-cut-and-colour hair and to save me the bother of styling.
It looks okay in a photo but I think it would be a step too far for real life.

Orange and Turquoise Spring Outfit • Fake Fabulous

Which two colours would you put together for a bold look?
I'd love to know.

JACKET: Boden (past seasons)
WOOL SKIRT: Vintage 70s or 80s (belonged to my MIL)
LEATHER BAG: Radley (charity shopped)
HAIRBAND: Primark old
SILK SCARF: Karen Mabon
GLASSES: Ted Baker

Orange and Turquoise Spring Outfit • Fake Fabulous



  1. I for one hope you continue to be 'a burst of brightness in the gloom'. x

    1. Thank you Sarah.... I'm finding it really hard to stay motivated and positive but your comment really helps!! Xxx

  2. I love the burst of colour. I'm working from home these days, in joggers and sweatshirts, with my hair in a mess and missing my clothes (but secretly loving my comfort outfits). I think we're all trying to stay sane in the best way we can. So keep posting bursts of colour. They help to brighten up our days.

    1. Your look sounds exactly like mine Loree!! Hahahaha.... We are not alone. I will try to post more 'outfits' despite not actually wearing them!!!
      A "What I wore this week" roundup would be very dull 😂

  3. Love this bold colour combo - definitely will try it! Lise

  4. I love this post! I am working from home part of the time, and am making sure I move out of my joggers and at least into jeans and a nice tee shirt. It helps me!

    1. Good idea.
      I've really been struggling recently to get motivated to get dressed. Tough times we're in but you're right.... It really helps! X

  5. I am in need of a cut and color too! Very badly! And my nails! Haha, oh my, I just want this to be over. Yes we can use soms cheerful color combinations! Nothing wrong with keeping things light hearted and talk about fashion!

    1. Luckily hairbands are in fashion Nancy.... And hats!! Hahahah

  6. Wonderful burst of colour for a dull Monday morning here!!! Thankyou!!!
    The silk scarf seems to pull the outfit together as its a combination of all the colours you're wearing.
    I need colour in my life, but I'm not as daring as you are Samantha!! As long as I wear a bright top though, I'm OK!!!
    On a more serious note though, I don't think this is a time to think about clothes shopping, when many are having such a difficult time. I see this as a good time to make do and mend, and make the best of what is in our wardrobes now. xx

    1. Agreed.
      Mending and making have been keeping me busy.
      I'm currently knitting a dress.... Not sure if it will turn out as well as I imagine but it's keeping me out of trouble and away from obsessing about the news. X

  7. woww, what a cool and colorful outfit!, love to see you sharing some fab attitude and bringing us some orange and turquoise!. Such a lovely color combo!, one of my favourite ones ever!. And you rock it with your cute scarf and lovely tan boots and bag!
    Headbands and hairscarves are going to be very popular for sure, particularly for us who have short hair. It can look frivolous, but I'm missing my hairstylist (obviously, I'm really worried about many other things, but could we spice our lives up with a pinch of humour!?)
    Totally agree about supporting retail and local business. They're going to need it!

    1. I could totally see you in this entire outfit Monica.... Maybe with a colourful pair of trainers?! 😍

  8. This is a fabulous colour combination, one of my favourites! I also adore pink and yellow together - so cheery.

    I've been dressing up almost every day, just for my own routine and to make myself feel better - the response from readers has been an overwhelming YES.

    Keep dressing up! And I think the hairband is smashing and should be worn in public - it's not too much!

    1. Pink and yellow!! Yes!!!
      Pink and red too.... Hmmmmmm.... Thank you for the inspiration and your kind comment. X

  9. I would put red and pink together as a bold statement. Or red/pink/orange. Or red and green (also opposites in the wheel). Or pink and yellow. Anything bright.
    When I saw your top half photo I thought: "Oh my, she is going corporate!" But then I saw the shoes and the socks and I "calmed down" haha.
    Great combination.

  10. Lovely and bright, I’m longing to wear my spring clothes now, Hope lockdown isn’t going to last long!!! Stay safe x Jacqui x


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