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Sunday, 5 January 2020

Why I've Stopped using AFFILIATE LINKS... the truth!

Why I've stopped using Affiliate Links | Fake Fabulous

New Year.
New Decade.
New Attitude.

You may have noticed that it's been a LONG time since I shared any affiliate links here at Fake Fabulous.
They've been absent for quite a while.

No "Shop the Look" section.
Hardly any clickable links to the products I've worn.
In fact, most of my outfits have been full of charity shopped pieces or old bits and bobs I've had for aeons!

You may be wondering what's going on?

BTW: If you're not sure what an affiliate link is, it's really simple...

An affiliate link is a clickable link that takes you through to buy an item you see within a blogpost.
A blogger will share an item with you (E.g Cream Trousers) and if you click on the link it will take you to them (or a similar item).
Clicking on the link doesn't cost you anything BUT it does earn the blogger (or website) you're visiting a small commission.
As the pennies pile up you can earn a decent amount of cash.
It's not to be sniffed at!
For busy websites and big bloggers, it's a great money-making venture.
Easy peasy to set up and convenient for both the blogger (promoting the items) and the reader (who wants the items).
Brilliant all round.

I've stopped using them.

Why I've stopped using Affiliate Links | Fake Fabulous

You may think this sounds a bit stupid (on my part) and you'd not be far wrong!
Why would I possibly want to abandon something that makes me easy money?

Yes, it is easy money... I can't deny it.
Affiliate links don't fit comfortably into the ethos of my blog any more.

I'm finding myself using (and styling) more and more second-hand or 'old' pieces and I hope to inspire people to re-wear and re-use items they already have in their wardrobes.

In the future, I hope to focus more on the "Make it Your Own" section in my outfit posts and try to save us all a bit of money!

(I'm also planning on doing more beauty posts... honest reviews of products with no pressure from the brand to say "nice" things about them!)

Now is the part where I'll sound like a bit of a hypocrite...

I'm not going to stop clicking through affiliate links if they're on a blogger's page that I follow (and love) and the item is something I need (either for myself or as a gift).
I'm always going to do my best to support my favourite bloggers because I (selfishly) don't want them to stop blogging in order to make money elsewhere!

Bloggers provide us with amazing content for FREE (I think people often forget that).

PLUS, I have no problem at all with other people promoting and using affiliate links.
Many bloggers are making their living this way (as well as other ways) and fair play to them.

Having said all of this I may (in the future) include the occasional affiliate link for your (and my) convenience.

For example:

If I find a fantastic item or brand that I feel I need to share with you and affiliate links are available, I will use them.

But for now, I'm (hopefully) doing my small part to reduce the overconsumption of modern life.
We all could do with shopping a little less and falling back in love with the clothes we already own.

I'd love to know your views on this subject.
Do you love the convenience of an affiliate link?
Would you rather be able to buy the actual items worn by an influencer?

Or, do you enjoy the challenge of recreating looks using your own pieces and a bit of imagination?

(Confession time... I'm a sucker for buying the ACTUAL piece and need to keep a lid on my compulsions!)

I'd love to hear what you think!



  1. Well done - I also found that I had stopped using affiliate links as similar to you I found I was using my wardrobe more and just making slight changes to my outfit. Also rather than shopping for clothes my hubby and I are enjoying more mini breaks and now I find that I am sharing Jilly's Jaunts on stylishatsixty

    1. It's amazing how much shopping for "bits and bobs for the blog" adds up!
      No wonder you can afford more mini-breaks... and I bet you still look stylish without the shopping.

  2. Hi Sam, I actually really like the idea that you will be restyling outfits that you already have in your closet. I never shop on the internet. I do look at affiliate links for inspiration and then shop mostly in charity shops. This year I plan to buy even less and wear the many amazing clothes I have in my closet in different outfits. The direction your blog is taking fits right in with me. Rgds, Lise

  3. Hurrah. Totally on board with this Sam. I have pretty much stopped reading blogs with affiliate links - my preference is reading blogs about re-styling and re-using. As I read today: the only really sustainable wardrobe is the one you already own! :)

    1. Yes Samantha!
      I agree.
      I'm such a sucker for a "Shop the look" section on other blogs and I want to shop less and do more with my wardrobe this year.
      Thank you for your support and kind words.

  4. not self-promoting here, but i just started blogging about Upcycling/Refasioning my clothes and thrifted textiles!...i believe i can achieve high-fashion looks without high-fashion prices! i have been a costume designer for 5 years and all my creations are 100% upcycled from thrifted i am focusing on me and my style! looking forward to seeing what you can put together! i agree with your philosophy : )

    1. Self-promote away Eva!
      I'm off for a nosey at your blog... it sounds right up my street.

  5. This is such a great post! I had stopped using affiliate links for a long time because I found it tedious and time consuming and it wasn’t generating any income for me at all. Then I became an Amazon affiliate and figured I would just share Amazon links for things closely resembling what I am wearing. I also have been much more focused on wearing things I already have and shopping primarily second hand as well so linking isn’t really practical for my content anyway. Plus I think a majority of my readers are bloggers themselves and they aren’t going to click on my link when they can shop via their own. I still add the Amazon links for now, but it is proving fruitless for me! I will have to reevaluate. But I do love the direction you are heading with your no affiliate linking. Wishing you all the best in the new year!


    1. Thank you so much Shelbee!
      I'm so glad you're on the same page as me.
      I've made a good bit of cash through affiliates but it's a little soulless and I can't bring myself to share or promote "crap".... I'd never share brands like Shein or Ali Express for example.
      I'm finding it hard to find brands to say "Yes" to for Collaborations too... Maybe I'm too fussy ?
      My dream would be a an eco brand reaching out to me or (even better) a charity shop or vintage shop!!
      Good luck to you and your ventures too Shelbee!

  6. Good for you, Samantha! I have never used affiliate links, but that's my own choice - I want the reading experience for my audience to not be distracting with ads, and I always want my readers to know that when I'm linking, it's because I love, not because I'm being paid to. However, it doesn't bother me on others' sites (I rarely click a link).

    1. I quite like a shop the look link Sheila as I'm a sucker for wanting what a blogger is wearing... I need to sit on my hands sometimes! Hahahaha
      That's why I love a vintage/second-hand ensemble... no temptation in sight but plenty of inspiration.

  7. I am really digging the direction you are taking with your blog. I am not against affiliate links as it is a way for bloggers to get paid for their time creating content. They can be a problem for us readers, though as we click and buy to only discover that trend is to be admired but not worn as it does not suit our lifestyle/fashion sense/etc. I do love the fact that you are focusing on using what you already have and recreating trends that appeal to you with the 'Make it Your Own' section. I am hoping I can pick up tips on how to recreate a look myself along the way.

    1. Thank you so much RLH!
      This comment means a lot to me.
      It's always a little daunting to change habits, isn't it?
      Thank you for your kind words and support!

  8. I skipped my affiliate links and Google adds a year ago. Because I didn't like how it looked on my blog. I recently added the Shop my look section, because I like that on other blogs. Not to earn some money, because it does not! Not on my blog anyway. Lol

    1. Oh Nancy... I"m a sucker for a "shop the look" section.... hahahahaha.
      They're SO tempting!

  9. I think that your posts about re-wearing clothes and 'Make It Your Own' are so inspiring!. Love your talent to create something brilliant and cool! and you also give quality advice and great tips!
    So I think I'm not going to miss those affiliate links, you're going to rock your own way, so well done!

    1. Thank you Monica.... you're always SO supportive and positive!
      Your outfits are exactly what I"m talking about... not "Buy this" in any way just simply inspiring... and colourful!!

  10. Samantha, this is one reason that you are my favorite blogger. I also am not purchasing new clothing, and I appreciate your creativity in wearing charity shopped treasures. Living in the US, we don't have the wealth of charity shops that you enjoy (I visited at Christmas and had a wonderful time with my UK shopping!), but recycled fashion feels right to me. Thank you for your ethical and beautiful posts!

    1. Awww Julie...I'm so pleased to read this comment.
      You are very kind and it means the world!
      Have you tried looking online for secondhand pieces?
      I know it's not the same as a hands-on-rummage through a charity shop or vintage shop but you may find some things you can get tailored to fit you perfectly.
      If you ever visit Scotland Edinburgh has some amazing Vintage shops and practically every town has a charity shop somewhere!
      There are always gems to be unearthed.


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