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Friday, 10 January 2020

Spring Trends Inspo | Bold Double Leather Winter Outfit

Spring Trend inspired Winter Outfit | Double Leather & Faux Fur

Welcome to the first outfit post of 2020.
10 days into the month and no outfits?!
What's been going on?

I've not been in a position to take outfit photos for a few weeks, which has been so hard.
I've really missed sharing these looks with you.
It feels good to be back!

I hope you've had a great start to 2020.

Spring Trend inspired Winter Outfit | Double Leather & Faux Fur

I wanted to start my fashion year as I mean to go on with a few new (self-imposed) fashion "Rules"...

  • I want to stick to my Style Personality (which in case you're wondering is BOLD)... Read more about that HERE. 
  • I need to have fun with every outfit I wear... life is too short not to.
  • I intend to reduce my shopping footprint by reusing and restyling what's already in my wardrobe, and not buying anything new unless needed.
I'm not usually a fan of rules but these will help me be more style-conscious, prevent needless shopping and keep getting dressed in the morning enjoyable.

I'm getting stuck into the new style year with a spring-trend inspired outfit.

Spring-trend-inspired may seem like an odd handle for a winter outfit, and this is definitely a WINTER outfit (layers, cosiness and faux fur!) but it was inspired by a Harpers Bazaar article: New trends for 2020.

One of the trends I was looking at was coloured leather... and lots of it.
Head to toe is the way to go!

{On a side note... one of the other trends was crochet bralets, so (as with all trends) take it with a pinch of salt and do your own thing.
On another side note... I'm currently crocheting a bralet for the summer. Call me crazy if you like! }

Spring Trend inspired Winter Outfit | Double Leather & Faux Fur

If I'd had a rush of blood to the head I might have added my red leather jacket to this look.... See the red leather jacket I'm talking about (with some other styles) HERE.

Maybe triple leather is a little too much?
I'll try it out and let you know.

Instead of a bold leather jacket, I opted for a subtle (ahem) fur number.

Spring Trend inspired Winter Outfit | Double Leather & Faux Fur

I'm wearing a pair of leather trousers that I bought on eBay secondhand.
When they arrived I thought they were great but I've not been wearing them as often I thought I would.
Despite their buttery softness and classic style, I realised that they were gaping at the waist (no good for me as they're low rise and I have a curved bum).
Wearing a belt all of the time is restricting plus the straight leg was looking a little too much like boot-fit.
I thought I could rock this classic leg style but I can't seem to.
I recently took them to a local tailor and they're now fitting like a dream on the waist and they've been cropped to a cool 7/8 length.

(Money well spent for sure!)

I'm wearing them today with a green faux leather top (that was once a dress... See it HERE).
This little top is a great way to jazz up a boring outfit.
(Boring is probably does not apply to this look but you can see it HERE doing its thing with a fluted sleeve top!)
The faux leather top isn't very warm (real leather is warmer) so I popped a cashmere hoody (borrowed from my husband) over the top.
I like the way the hood looks popping out of the back of my coat.
Tan boots pick up the warm tones from the coat and a structured wool hat hides my "Needing a visit to the salon" hair.
Red gloves and a metallic bag finished my look off nicely.

(Red gloves may seem like an odd choice but I felt I wanted something bright and 'poppy' to match my lipstick!)

Spring Trend inspired Winter Outfit | Double Leather & Faux Fur


This outfit is easy to make your own using items you already have in your wardrobe.

The essence of this outfit is the layering up of leather mixed with a little faux fur.

You could opt for any leather (real or vegan) trousers in any colour.
In fact, coloured leather trousers would be much cooler and on-trend.

{The trend actually featured bright coloured leather dresses and skirts more than trousers.}

Even better if you have your trousers in a lighter colour...
I used to own a pair of pale lime green leather trousers which I (stupidly) gave away in my late 30's when I (even MORE stupidly) thought that I was getting too old for such things.

{*Shakes head in disgust at my younger self*}

A mixture of leathers is a bold look.
Maybe it's too bold for your taste?

You could try coated jeans or even a shiny fabric like satin.
Maybe coated jeans and a satin shirt?

If you're an all-in kind of girl (or boy) you may wish to add a leather jacket over your leather trousers and top?

Not a trouser person?
A leather skirt or dress would look just as good (probably better TBH).
Maybe adding a long leather boot to amp up the leather look?
More is more when it comes to this trend.

My faux fur is a multi-colour but any faux fur in any colour over the top would look great.
Add a hat and you're ready to rock this leather look!

Spring Trend inspired Winter Outfit | Double Leather & Faux Fur

TAN LEATHER BOOTS: A Christmas gift. Ugg
FAUX FUR COAT: M&S (Years old and worn on repeat!)
WOOL HAT: Christys (gents)
LEATHER TROUSERS: bought on eBay and altered to fit.
CASHMERE ZIP-UP: Borrowed from my hubby.
GREEN ROLL NECK: Old... I can't remember where it's from!
FAUX LEATHER TOP: Very old. Once a dress.
RED LEATHER GLOVES: Charity shopped for a pound!
METALLIC BAG: Charity shopped for no more than £3.
SILVER EARRINGS: Very old and loved!

Are you inspired by Spring 2020 trends?
Do you want to incorporate them into your Winter looks... like me?
What do you think of double (or triple) leather?
Would you add a leather jacket too??
I'd love to know!


  1. I do love your jacket. I've never been into leather pants as I always think they look uncomfortable (although I've never tried any on).

    1. I thought that too Loree!
      BUT I can tell you mine are not at all uncomfortable.
      They fit so nicely thanks to my local tailor... he did a great job.

  2. You don't say much about the faux fur jacket. How you got that gem.
    I envy your curved bum. Mine is flat like a pancake. Oh well, we all have our good and bad things.
    I think you did very well with this outfit.

    1. Thank you Greetje!!
      We all have out bits and bobs don't we? :o)
      I got the jacket from M&S years ago in a sale rail of unwanted scabby items.
      It shouted out to me and I was thrilled to find it.
      I've worn it countless times and I"ve NEVER seen another (Don't you just love that?!)
      Thank you for highlighting the fact I didn't mention it... I"ll do a little edit now.

  3. I love that jacket - what a stunner!

    I'm a fan of leather - I have multiple pairs of leather pants (including metallic gold), skirts, dresses and jackets galore - so I'm happy to hear it's trending! It's like fashion's finally caught up with me! Ha! Love the outfit, Samantha!

    1. I love that Sheila!
      Fashion finally catching up with the contents of your closet.
      I hope you enjoy layering your leathers this year?!?!

  4. lovely outfit and so brilliant to pick these pieces from your own wardrobe and make them rock together so fabulously!. I love your fur coat and it looks fab over the hoody and the faux leather top, such an amazing layering!. And totally agree about red gloves, they rock!
    And I'm glad that '60's Wallpaper' is trendy now!. And crochet!

    1. Crochet!
      Yes...I've had my hook working furiously and I"ve made a jumper for the warmer months.
      I can't wait to wear it.


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