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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Shabby to Chic in 2 Minutes!

How to go from Shabby to Chic in 2 minutes flat! Fake Fabulous

Oh dear!
What happened here?

Picture the sorry scene...
Earlier today I was dressed as you see below.

{When I say 'dressed' I mean that there were clothes on my body... that's as far as it went towards being an outfit}

How to go from Shabby to Chic in 2 minutes flat! Fake Fabulous

  • Joggers (not even cool ones).
  • A gent's jumper (nice enough but hardly chic).
  • Some fluffy socks and questionable clogs.

Oh my!

I'm enjoying a cuppa and getting my chore list organised when I suddenly remember that I have an appointment and I need to leave NOW.

O. M. G!

I needed to be dressed, presentable and out of the door 5 minutes ago.


Now is not a good time to panic.

On the plus side, I'm showered and my teeth are brushed.
Yes, my hair is a fluffy disaster with a daft clip but it is winter, so hats are acceptable attire (thank goodness).

It's freezing cold and of course, I could easily slip out of these joggers into skinny jeans but the truth is I don't want to!

(Even if I had the time I couldn't face peeling off these layers and getting chilled.)

I need to do something and make it snappy!

How to go from Shabby to Chic in 2 minutes flat! Fake Fabulous

How to go from a sloppy mess to 'dressed' in 2 minutes flat!

1. Add a quality layer

So, you've been caught short?
Maybe you're in a scabby jumper and a pair of dubious joggers.
What can you do?

Add some layers and disguise your style misdemeanours!
I've popped on a velvet blazer, belted it and threw on a long wool coat over the top.
It's an interesting texture and detracts from my gents jumper just enough.
The long coat hides my offending joggers.

A leather jacket or a wool blazer would work just as well, especially if your joggers are slightly less offensive than mine!

2. Add a decent shoe

Joggers and heels look AMAZING.
I'll not be jumping on board that trend for 3 reasons.

  • They'll kill my feet
  • It's too cold
  • My joggers are grey and a bit baggy at the knee... not chic, even with a heel.

I've opted for over the knee boots paired with cosy legwarmers.
The legwarmers are warm but they also hold the baggy jogger knees in place.

3. Pop on a Lip!

What's the easiest way to look dressed?
Add a lippy.
I had 30 seconds to do mine but I could have done it en-route if needed.

It's amazing how a lipstick can transform your face from disaster-zone to decent.
My tip would be to forget a perfect finish and simply apply with a finger for an effortless and casual feel.
Easy peasy.

4. Wear a HAT

Thank goodness for hats, eh?
Winter allows all-day-long-hat-wearing and eliminates the need for any hairstyling or management.
As someone with hair that does it's own thing (even when I try to tame it) wild waves are the norm so even without the hat I could have gotten away with a quick mess up and maybe some hair oil?
As it was this beret did all the hairstyling I needed.

Job done!

How to go from Shabby to Chic in 2 minutes flat! Fake Fabulous

How to go from Shabby to Chic in 2 minutes flat! Fake Fabulous

Have you ever had to leave the house in a questionable outfit like this one?
I'd love to hear how you would have got yourself dressed in 2 minutes?

{Shhh....I've walked the dog in a long puffa and wellies over my PJs a few times!}

WOOL COAT: Charity Shopped
VELVET BLAZER: Topshop (past season)
STAR PIN: Very old!
CASHMERE JUMPER: Charity shopped from the gent's section!
LEATHER BOOTS: Vintage 1991!
BAG: Charity shopped
LEATHER BELT: River Island

How to go from Shabby to Chic in 2 minutes flat! Fake Fabulous



  1. Haha, I've done this. Generally, giving my top a partial tuck, adding a belt, decent shoes, earrings and lipstick. :)

    1. I forgot earrings Kim!
      The lippy was an essential for me too.
      Nothing says "dressed" quicker, does it? XXX

  2. Wow, that's impressive. I could not pull that off so quickly.

    1. I was like a mad woman Nancy!
      When I got home I thought "That's a great idea for a blog post" and got to it straight away :o)

  3. mwhaha, what a lovely post! and really brilliant advice!
    I love how you added your velvet blazer and some cool accessorizing to make everything work!, boots, a hat, a fabulous coat and you're ready to go!. And love particularly those cute brooches!
    When I have had to dress up in a rush, I've always resorted to my red coat which covers a multitude of sins!

    1. A long coat is a winner isn't it.
      I think a cover-all coat, hat, boots and lippy and all sins are hidden!! :o)


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