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Saturday, 21 December 2019

How to wear a Slip Dress in Winter * Layered Coats

Moody Blue Winter Outfit | Silver Slip Dress and Layered Coats

I'm in a Blue colour mood today.
Wintery with a touch of metallic.

Like a (sub)urban Icequeen 👸.
{An Urban Icequeen would have been much cooler I'm sure!}

I'm styling my summer slipdress again today with some winterly layers and a double jacket situation.

Moody Blue Winter Outfit | Silver Slip Dress and Layered Coats

Wool tights + 
Over the knee boots + 
Cosy thermal under-layers + 
Two Wool Coats = 
Roasty Toasty!

Moody Blue Winter Outfit | Silver Slip Dress and Layered Coats

The 'secret' to wearing your slip dress in winter is not to think of it as a dress but to think of it as just another layer of your outfit.
What I mean by that is that don't think it's going to keep you warm!

Under this dress, I'm wearing a thermal base layer and woollen tights with long legwarmers and over the knee boots.
Then a polo neck top and a long waist slip.
Then comes my slip dress.

On top of the dress, I'm wearing a tweed blazer and a wool coat plus a hat and gloves.

It was a milder winter day, here in Scotland.
If it had been any colder this outfit would have been a no-go... far too chilly despite the multiple layers!

WOOL COAT: Vintage
TWEED BLAZER: Boden (old)
BAG: A gift
SLIP DRESS: Zara (charity shopped)
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine (a gift)
WOOL BERT: Charity shopped

What colour mood are you in today?
Festive sparkles?
I'd love to know!



  1. Fab mixture of blues (and greys) Sam. Doesn't it lift everything to have that little element of contrast, like your beret and necklace?
    Yesterday I wore 6 different green layers with some black, but I wanted a different effect, so no contrast that time!
    And a quick Merry Christmas to you while I'm here :) Su

  2. I'm all about layers and I've worn a few summer dresses in this season. Today I think it will be a day in my work out great. First work out and then do all sort of things in house.

  3. Hi. I watch your blog from the very beginning and I liked the styles in which you were wearing thick opaque tights for shorts. Recently, however, these styles did not appear so I have a question and a request for you. Could you start showing the styles again, in who are wearing thick opaque tights with shorts? I am asking you because I am a big fan of wearing opaque tights and shorts (all ages) and I wear tights for shorts every day and I am 46 years old.

  4. I also forgot to add that the best tights for shorts are gray or black opaque and I wear ones too.


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