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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Black Pleated Leather Midi Skirt & Blue Maxi Coat

Cobalt Blue Coat, Black Leather Pleated Skirt | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm sharing an outfit I wore last week when the weather was a little warmer and my layers were down below 5... 😀
3 to be exact.
It was almost a WARM winters day (10 degrees) and it felt great!

Cobalt Blue Coat, Black Leather Pleated Skirt | Fake Fabulous

This vintage blue coat is made of wool BUT it's not exactly warm.
Okay for a mild winter day but no use at all during the colder snaps.
Adding layers underneath this coat is difficult (not a lot of sleeve space) and I don't have a gilet that looks good over the top.
(I'm daydreaming about a long faux fur waistcoat!)

Cobalt Blue Coat, Black Leather Pleated Skirt | Fake Fabulous

I'm making the most of the warmer weather on this day, that's for sure.
One thermal layer and then a knitted dress over the top (See the full dress HERE) then my pleather midi skirt.
(Oh, how I love this skirt.)
It's warm.
AND.... wipe clean!!

Cobalt Blue Coat, Black Leather Pleated Skirt | Fake Fabulous

Thick tights and my sock boots finished things off nicely.

I think Cobalt blue is such an amazing colour.
It's so vibrant and beautiful.

Unfortunately, it's not such a great colour for my skin tone BUT I wear it anyway.

Is there a colour that you love that doesn't really suit you?
I'd love to hear about it!

WOOL COAT: Vintage Windsmoor
BAG: Charity Shopped
BOOTS: Zara (old)
TIGHTS: Levante
KNITTED DRESS: Boden (old)
LEATHER GLOVES: Charity shopped
BROOCH: A gift
EARRINGS: Charity Shopped


  1. I had a look at the full dress - I love it. The cobalt blue is a fabulous colour and it looks flattering on you. Lise

  2. Totally agree that cobalt blue is a fabulous colour but can't agree that it's not flattering on you!. You look gorgeous in your coat and I love it combined with the geometric patterned dress-as-a-pullover and the pleated skirt, lots of interesting details, shapes, textures!. And I love your lightning brooch and earrings, so fab!
    You rock accessorizing!
    And sometimes I've tried to wear yellow (which I think it makes me look sick) and it worked whereas it's not near my face.

    1. I love yellow too Monica and I feel it makes me look a bit green around the gills!! Hahaha
      Although a warm and vibrant yellow is hard to resist.
      Thank you for your kind comment.

  3. I also wore these colors yesterday on the blog! Fantastic look!

    1. There must be something in the air Nancy!! Hahahaha.... I'm popping over for a look. XXX

  4. What a gorgeous outfit, Samantha! I love that cobalt blue - and I like it on you! I think cobalt is one of those colours that looks good on everyone.

    1. Do you think so Sheila? I'm useless when it comes to my own colours to be honest :o)
      I can spot a bad colour match on other people but not on myself.
      Thank you for your feedback and kind words.


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