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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Winter Outfit Inspiration * Pringle x H&M Knitted Co-ord * Grey Cream and Lime

H&M x Pringle co-ord outfit | Over 40 Winter Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I'm not supposed to be shopping for NEW clothes at the moment.
In fact, I made a promise to myself not to shop for 3 months.
It's been easy-peasy so far.

So far so good.

Ahem... (*clears throat)
It's now REAL confession time...

H&M x Pringle co-ord outfit | Over 40 Winter Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I went shopping.
For NEW clothes.

I could start my 'statement for the defence' by explaining that I'd had a boozy lunch with a friend and walked past the shop with my resolve at rock bottom.
I have been led astray by a glass of wine!
Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Yes, I could easily say these things...however... not only would this be a BORING story BUT it's also untrue.

H&M x Pringle co-ord outfit | Over 40 Winter Outfit | Fake Fabulous

The truth of the matter is that this co-ord outfit made me gasp with delight as I walked past the shop and I HAD to run in and grab it!

It really spoke to me and the thought of not bringing it home made me feel sad.
Simple as that.

After shopping, I did feel a mixture of joy and a pang of guilt.
The shopping guilt was eased slightly when I found out that the polyester portion of the fabric had been made from recycled fibres.
This revelation came after my shopping so I can't pretend that was my motivation or justification.

My motivation was pure desire to own this ballsy outfit!

H&M x Pringle co-ord outfit | Over 40 Winter Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I just LOVE it.
That's all.

It's bold and "In Yer Face!"
BUT it's also super-cosy, practical for the Scottish climate (70% winter!) and comfortable.

I DO feel a bit guilty for spending money and for buying something I didn't actually need (is there anything we really need in our modern wardrobes?) but I am loving wearing it and it is making me happy.

Today I wore it with a vintage leather jacket and a baker boy hat for a cosy and colourful look.
The jumper is quite bulky so I kept the jacket open and only fastened the top press-stud to hold it in place, giving the outfit a little more shape.
A crossbody bag is not only practical but also helps add even more subtle shape to the outfit.
Long boots and warm gloves finished things off nicely.

Do you think my lame justifications make this shopping splurge okay?
Or, can you see through this curtain of BS and expose my impulse shopping for what it was?!

I'd love to hear about any impulse buys you've made recently.

Co-Ord: H&M
JACKET: Vintage
HAT: Old M&S
BOOTS: Duo (old)
BAG: A gift

H&M x Pringle co-ord outfit | Over 40 Winter Outfit | Fake Fabulous


  1. Oh naughty you! Come on girl, it's worth it! You look gorgeous.

  2. Loving the combination of the leather and wool. Quite a 50's/ 60's vibe going on.
    Regards - Jill stylishatsixty

    1. I think it's the hat Jill, don't you??
      I love that 60's feel... a bit Mary Quant maybe?
      Baker boy hats might not be "in" just now but I still love them!

  3. Lovely combination. I am coveting your leather jacket.

  4. I've been eyeing up the Pringle x H&M knits too, Samantha...and just because I haven't brought one (or several!) home yet doesn't mean it won't happen! As far as I'm concerned, the only thing chilly weather has going for it is how it paves the way for sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. :) P.S. After I lost my sister last year, I'm done feeling guilty for treating myself to something I really love; denying ourselves pleasure is not what life should be about. Enjoy the heck out of your cute co-ord deserve it! XO Monika

    1. Thank you so much Monika.
      You're spot on about living life and enjoying it because you never know what's around the corner.
      I'm sorry about your sister. Life is often unfair .
      I TOTALLY agree about jumpers being the main reason I love the winter weather.... that and the cold sunny days that often happen in Scotland.
      Sometimes it feels like we have more sunny days during the colder months... certainly less rain.
      If you do decide to treat yourself this set is so warm it's brilliant... I was tempted by the jumper dresses too.
      (Bad girl :oP)

  5. I don't think we should ever have to defend out purchases - it's our money, we earned it! And really, it's no one else's business how we spend it.

    This is a FABULOUS outfit! I'm raging with envy, but I've never even been in an H&M!

  6. I think it probably worth breaking your shopping fast: what a great choice! I looks so nice and cozy for the winter and I love that pop of lime!


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