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Thursday, 7 November 2019

How to Copy an Outfit | No Shopping Needed

How to copy your favourite outfits, no shopping needed! Fake Fabulous

Let me introduce another NEW style of blogpost here at Fake Fabulous.
Following my new "Weekly OOTD Diary" post (See the first one HERE) I'm starting a new "OUTFIT Thief" series.  

Let me explain...

It's easy peasy really.
I'm picking an outfit to blatantly copy.
(No shame at all!)
It will either be a celebrity outfit or a blogger outfit.
Maybe a street-style look or even a runway ensemble.

Whatever the inspiration I'm going to break it down, pick it apart and recreate the look using pieces from my own wardrobe.
No shopping required!

Perhaps you have spotted an amazing outfit in the past.
Maybe on your favourite celebrity/on a Pinterest street-style image/on your favourite blogger or even a stylish friend and you're VERY tempted to google the pieces they're wearing (OR follow the links) in order to buy the gorgeous items.

The person you admire looks stunning.
Chic and cool.
You WANT a slice of that!
Maybe you feel the NEED to get that vibe and look as cool and beautiful as they do.

A few reality checks might be putting you off.

1. Physicality

You may be (physically) completely different from them.
You might have completely different colouring.
You might be half a foot taller, or shorter... or a whole foot!

You might be a completely different dress size.
You probably have different proportions... they could have pancake boobs and long legs.
You might have girls that need more room and legs that are a few inches away from leggy!
We're all different and we're all beautiful in our own way.

2. Lifestyle

Your climate might not allow bare flesh...unless you feel like losing a digit to a touch of frostbite!
Or, heavy coats might leave you sweltering.

You might have no practical need for a tulle maxi skirt... especially if you're dragging it through slushy puddles to the supermarket!

You might need to be more practical with your footwear because you're on your feet all day, or have a bunion, or live knee-deep in the snow?!

3. Money

You might not have the money to spend on the pieces featured.
They may be high-end and out of your budget OR you may have more important things to spend your hard-earned cash on ... like exotic holidays,  kids shoes or food and rent!

You might not WANT to spend your money on new clothes.
You may even be trying to buy less and style more, like me!

If any of this applies to you, you're in the right place.

Today I'm going to share a couple of styling secrets with you that will not only save you money but will help you look (and feel) more stylish!

Here's my style inspiration:


Let's take this outfit to pieces and make it our own!

There are 4 BASIC elements of any look:

1. The Feeling 

I've got a feeling...Oooo, Ooooo... (Thank you, Black-eyed Peas!)

By Feeling I mean the overall Vibe or Mood of a look.
What does the outfit say to you?
Do you feel a connection to the aesthetic?
Does it speak to you?

Some people think 'fashion' is shallow... others (who know the score) realise it's power and potential!

If a look appeals to you then chances are you can recreate it.

2. The Shape

Take a good look at the outfit.
What is the shape of the outfit?
What are the basic proportions?
Are any aspects slim-fitting or oversized?
A statement sleeve?
Wide-Legged trousers?
An oversized or tight-fitting jacket?

How do the proportions complement or contrast with each other?

What do you like about the proportions?
Do you love the drama or the simplicity?

3. The Colour Mood

This one is easy to figure out BUT can be the hardest to copy well.
What is the overall colour 'feeling'... warm or cool?
What are the predominant colours?

Any clashes or contrasts?
What about pattern play?
What subtleties are at work?
Look closely, sometimes the overall impression of a colour mood is misleading.

The colour mood is my favourite element of any outfit that inspires me.

4. The Styling Tweaks

Those subtle tweaks (or styling hacks) make ALL the difference when it comes to recreating a 'cool' look.
Pay close attention to little details like a cuffed hem or a half tuck.
Notice a pushed up sleeve, an exposed cuff, a lurex sock peeking out from the top of a boot.

It's the little things that make the BIGGEST difference.
How to copy your favourite outfits, no shopping needed! Fake Fabulous
What about the outfit I've chosen.
Simple right?

1. The vibe.

This look screams CASUAL with a Luxe edge.
"Sports luxe" would be the phrase I'd use to describe it.
Layered and cosy.
My kind of vibe.

Her hair is casual and loose but has certainly seen a flat iron that morning!
She's 'effortless' but very polished.

2. The proportions.

She's wearing classic proportions here.
A full length, slightly oversized coat and plain hoodie with a slim-legged trouser and super chunky shoes.
A cute mixture of baggy, oversized and fitted.

3. The colour Mood.

For this look, the colour mood is a simple one.
Black and grey... with a splash of a dark muted green.
Not my usual colour mood but a great one to copy!

The makeup is simple too.
She's fully made-up with a heavy brow and a nude lip.
A dark manicure finishes the look.

4. The Style Tweaks.

The first style tweak that shouts out to me is the bag being worn across the body.

What this does is give the outfit a casual effortless look but it works brilliantly to accentuate the shape of the body and give a baggy shapeless look more of a womanly curve.

She has the cuffs of her hoodie pulled down over her hands for a uber-effortless "Borrowed from my boyfriend" vibe.

She's wearing minimal jewellery for that thrown-on feeling.
She is also flashing her ankles which is a great leg-lengthening trick... even for you petite ladies out there!

How to copy your favourite outfits, no shopping needed! Fake Fabulous

How I made it my own:

BIG reality check here people!
I can't afford Prada handbags and Chanel trainers.

If you can, and want to spend the cash, then go for it.

However, If you're like me and a bit strapped then you can recreate the look with realistic pieces that are already in your wardrobe.

My coat isn't as long as hers but the overall feeling is the same.
You could wear any checked overcoat you own in whatever colour you like.
You could also wear a plain coloured long wool coat if you don't own a checked one.

I'm wearing a plain grey hooded top, it's my gym hoodie and I love wearing it.
It's comfortable and cosy.
Her hoodie is black but it hardly matters, does it?
I've also popped on a black polo neck... needs must!

The girl in the photo has vinyl trousers and I'm wearing my vinyl leggings as a great alternative.
I did consider wearing my leather trousers but they're not cropped, or croppable, so vinyl leggings won the vote.

My hair doesn't like straighteners so I left the flat-ironed look behind BUT I did pencil in my eyebrows and popped on a nude lip.
A nod to her makeup look (albeit 20 years older! hahaha).

I thought about painting my nails black and adding a few of my silver rings BUT the reality of the Scottish autumn is a pair of warm leather gloves.
The cosy (and lazy) option.

Of course, I DON'T own Chanel trainers but I'm wearing my plain black puma trainers instead.

They're not chunky and they're not black and white BUT they're close enough(ish)... 
Okay, they're not very close at all but they're the best I have!

{I was originally wearing the chunky platform boots in the first image on this post BUT I soon remembered why I'd given them to my youngest daughter. After about 10 minutes I was in agony. Ouch. Half a size too small.... boohoo!}

Bare ankles are NOT an option here in Scotland so I'm wearing some black and white fishnet socks over a pair of plain white ankle socks.
To recreate the black and white vibe and keep me warm.

I've also copied the cross-body bag using my reflective bag that shines with a greenish tinge.
No, it's not Prada (or velvet) but I'm over it!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new "Outfit Thief!" Formula.
Are there any looks you'd like me to dissect and attempt to recreate?
Have your say by leaving a comment or get in touch HERE.



  1. Hi Sam: I love this idea! I want to understand how to recreate looks for myself. Can you please do us non-fashion bloggers a favour and snap a few pics of your closet? It appears that you have TONS of clothes, how do you manage them? Do you do Marie Kondo style? Thanks Sam

    1. My closet would surprise you... I have 3 but they're small and very organised. The biggest one is for coats and jackets. I have more of them than any other piece. My normal clothes are pretty modest in number.... For a blogger!! Hahahaha.
      I like this idea though and I'll have a think about how to do it. X

  2. Ha, we are on the same wavelength this month! We're both doing "what I REALLY wore this week" type posts AND recreating looks that inspire us! I just did my first one yesterday! Too funny! Maybe next time I'll emulate YOUR look, emulating HER look! It could be like the fashion "telephone" game! Ooh, that's a fun blogger idea....

    Anyway, I do love how you took the concepts of her look and made it your own. That's what fashion really should be - creating looks that suit YOU.


    1. We're style sisters Bettye!! That's so funny that we're thinking along the same lines. I love that!! X

  3. woww, what a fabulous reading!, lots of great ideas perfectly explained!. And totally agree with you, sometimes we fall in love with an outfit worn by a totally differently shaped woman and this is difficult to manage!. Proportions, shape, vibe, colors are all of them so important!
    And you totally nailed it!. Love how you copycated this casual-efortless chic style, picking the key elements, looking yourself and looking Fabulous!. Love the look of the oversized coat over vinyl leggins/trousers and chunky sneakers. Love the hoodie, love the crossbody bag. You totally rock!!

    1. Thank you so much Monica! You're always so supportive 😘. I'm going for colour next time!! Xxx

  4. should we submit our copycats too, and as a community try to emulate same outfit? that would be fun to see others as well..just don't think we can attach photos here?

    1. That's a great idea! Maybe I could do a call out on social media.... Instagram is my favourite.... I'd love to see your looks! Xxx

  5. I love such copy posts! It's a great look! Have a fab weekend.

  6. This was a fun post, love the innovative ideas you're incorporating lately!

    The black and white combo most of us can probably play with from our wardrobes, which is a great way to start, but what drew me to your blog initially was your clever use of colour.

    My colouring is very different to yours, and while I'm happy with the shades that suit me I would dearly love to understand more about 'colour mood' - any chance you could point me to sites or other resources that explain this well?

    Looking forward to more 'get the look' posts! Su

    1. I agree Su.... We need more colour. I'll be copying a colourful look next time and I'll find some links to sites that can help with picking colours that suit different skin tones and hair colours. Thank you so much for your feedback!! Xxx

  7. Yes! I love the outfit thief series already! Knowing how to identify the key elements of an outfit I like and then emulating from my existing wardrobe is exactly the skill I would love to hone. Please continue with this series as I think I will learn so much!

    1. Thank you for this fab comment.... I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I often feel a little unsure about ideas in my head an dhow they translate. I really appreciate your feedback. Xxx

  8. Love the idea of this kind of post, very helpful in real life - I loved your blog before but love your new ideas even more. Thanks :) Lise

  9. I've done this for years...if I see street style or a even catalog, magazine,whatever inspiration in print cut out the silhouette...put in a folder..I just can't remember,I am very visual. It keeps it organized and right there when I can't think of a thing to wear!


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