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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Green Sleeves and a Leather skirt | Autumn Outfit

Green Blouse and a Leather Skirt | Autumn Style | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm styling a classic vintage leather skirt with an interesting blouse.
What I love about this particular blouse are the neat little collar and the puffy sleeve.
I also appreciate the fact that this sleeve is practical and wearable.
There is no drooping in the washing up or trailing through my dinner.

{It's a full sleeve with a 'proper' cuff that can be rolled up or pushed up... something I love to do.}

More structural sleeves than this are more fun to wear, but not if you can't live your life in them!

Green Blouse and a Leather Skirt | Autumn Style | Fake Fabulous

I also LOVE this shade of green.
That perfect golden undertone.
Very autumny.

I know I've talked about the problem with green before (read that post HERE) but that doesn't stop me loving it.
(Even more so in autumn)

Another autumn must-have (for me) is a little leopard print.
Just a touch today.

These boots are always perfect!

Green Blouse and a Leather Skirt | Autumn Style | Fake Fabulous

Adding a black bag finished things off nicely.

I'm holding this bag like a clutch here but I actually wore it across my body with its long chain.
I'm only holding it here because I took off my coat.
Bags over soft fabrics always makes for a crumpled mess and I don't need any help with that.
I'm pretty good at ending up a crumpled mess all by myself!

Green Blouse and a Leather Skirt | Autumn Style | Fake Fabulous


This outfit is easy to create using items you already own and love.
Everyone has a shirt lurking in their wardrobe.
Try rolling the sleeves and tucking it in.
You could even unbutton it low and pull the shirt off your shoulders for a unique look.

Swapping out this leather skirt for leather trousers or culottes would be perfect too.

Any leather (or leather-look) items would look amazing.
If you have the pins why not try leather shorts?

SKIRT: Vintage (similar)
SHIRT: Mango (old)
BOOTS: older than an old thing.
BAG: A gift




  1. Absolutely love this look. Leather is going to be a huge trend this year I think. xx

    1. I've been eyeing up leather dresses Laurie.... I need to find a secondhand one! X

  2. Love this color combo - the yellowy olive with the black...and then the leopard booties!

    And I'll say, even if you DON'T have the pins, if you want to wear leather shorts, do!


    1. I agree Bettye! "having the pins" is a state of mind not a physical phenomenon! X

  3. I do love the shirt as I have a weak spot for puffy sleeves. You look good in the leather skirt. I used to own a very short A-line suede one in my 20s. I gave it away a few years ago because I hadn't worn it in years.

    1. Oh Loree.... I remember giving awayva pair of green suede trousers which I now regret enormously!! I wish I had those beauties back in my life!! Do you ever miss your skirt?

  4. woww, what a fabulous outfit!, you look (particularly) gorgeous!. Love those puffy sleeves and the luxurious feeling of leather with a satiny shirt!. Love the fab booties and bag, you rock accessorizing!

    1. Thank you Monica. I love how you always notice the details 😊😘

  5. I am a hundred percent feeling this outfit, wow. I absolutely adore that top, since I'm a big fan of statement sleeves. The olive green shade is just gorgeous, and the fact that you paired it with the leather skirt just ups the cool factor more and more.

    xo, Liyana | The Good Weekender

    1. Thank you so much Liyana. I'd love to see you in a combo like this one but I've yet to find either a maxi leather skirt or leather trousers that aren't super tight. I've seen leather culottes that might look good with a tall boot? X

  6. LOVE this outfit, Samantha! That blouse is a gorgeous colour - almost a deep chartreuse - and what fabulous sleeves. I have black leather pants that would amazing with it. Great inspiration!

    1. I know you rock a bit of leather Sheila and I could see you in this outfit 😍. I'm on the look out for leather trousers with some personality. Second hand would be my first choice. Wouldn't a thrifting trip be lota of fun?! X

  7. Very chic yet very modern as well. Looks really good on you. I got sucked into your blog and went from post to post. And I need to do other things haha. Just goes to show you make good content.

  8. This blouse is uber sophisticated and looks amazing on you Sam. This is a color I love but really can't wear (well). I'm tempted anyway just because it has such IMPACT!


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