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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn | 7 Favourite Summer Looks

7 Favourite Scottish Summer Outfits | Over 40 style and fashion | Fake Fabulous

It feels VERY Autumnal here in Scotland.
Okay, it's not officially Autumn until the 23rd of September BUT Scotland has been given an advance on that date!
I think of it as a payday loan... it comes a little earlier, but we pay the price later.
(In thermals!)

Don't get me wrong here folks...I LOVE autumn.
It's my favourite season.

I love its changeability.
Its unpredictability.
Its riot of delicious colour.
The wild wind, the cold mornings... even the rain.
Rain and sunshine at the same moment means a beautiful rainbow!

The sun is shining today and it's also blowing a hoolie with the odd shower.
Almost PERFECT clothes drying weather.

{I have 2 loads on the line, doubled pegged so they don't end up in the river and every time the sky darkens (and the showers start) I think "It'll blow through", and it always does!}

So, as I sit here watching the washing flap madly outside it feels like the perfect time to think about my favourite Summer outfits.

Please feel free to disagree with my choices!
As always, I love to hear your opinions...

7 Favourite Scottish Summer Outfits | Over 40 style and fashion | Fake Fabulous

1. Pale grey Jumpsuit: Work Outfit

This jumpsuit is a completely blank canvas and totally neutral.
A great piece to make your own.
It would work right through the seasons.
Add boots and a roll-neck in winter.
Add any colour that makes you happy... I'm struggling to think of one that wouldn't go with this jumpsuit!

A plain and neutral jumpsuit is great piece for your wardrobe that will get plenty of wear.
Just make sure it's an easy-in/easy-out number.

No one wants a bathroom mishap!

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7 Favourite Scottish Summer Outfits | Over 40 style and fashion | Fake Fabulous

2. White Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are one of the most difficult pieces of clothing to wear.
They highlight the knee (always a bit dodgy) and aren't particularly flattering anywhere.

When I think of Bermudas I think of toffs in knee socks or skater boys.
Neither of which are my fashion icons.

I wore my old white pair (yep, I said white!) with more pale and neutral tones and I think I got away with it.
However, there is always an issue (or two) when it comes to a Bermuda based outfit.
Look how the Bermudas chop my leg off and give a stumpier look.
The monochrome offsets this a little but it's still touch-and-go.

What do you think of Bermudas?

{Hang on a minute... is this ANOTHER neutral outfit? What's happening to me?!}

Check out the original outfit post HERE.

7 Favourite Scottish Summer Outfits | Over 40 style and fashion | Fake Fabulous

3. Shorts Over 40: Ugly Knees!

At last, a little bit of colour...but only a little.

I'm not sure why I'm leaning towards beige, cream and pale neutrals this season.
Isn't it strange how we go through colour moods?

Anyway, back to the point!

Knees are PRETTY, aren't they?

Pretty ugly that is!

Knees are baggy, saggy, knobbly and bobbly... even the most perfect of knees don't look that great. 

BUT, fear not!
We should still get them out if we want to.

Who cares what the 'rules' tell us.

I've had knobbly ones my whole life and I don't let them stop me wearing what I want.

Would you/do you wear shorts?
Do you get your knees out regardless?

Click HERE to read the original post and have your say about shorts over 35 (or 45) and ugly knees!

7 Favourite Scottish Summer Outfits | Over 40 style and fashion | Fake Fabulous

4. Warm Tone Monochrome: Transitional outfit

Again, another leg chopping outfit!
Maybe this post should have been called "How to make your legs look shorter".
{Perhaps not a 'clickbait' winner?}

I'm well aware of the rules of proportion BUT sometimes I just want to ignore them and fly in the face of looking taller/slimmer/longer of leg.

Fashion is supposed to be fun and where's the fun in following boring rules?

See the full post HERE and get your tuppence worth in.

7 Favourite Scottish Summer Outfits | Over 40 style and fashion | Fake Fabulous

5. Forget the IT dresses: Unique style

This is my favourite outfit of the summer.
It's utterly unique.
{Something I value in my clothes.}

Speaking of which, I'll tell you something that got on my wick this summer season... the so-called 'IT' dress.
'IT' was from the high street fast fashion brand, Zara.

Unfortunately, the IT dress was not something interesting like an IT-inspired Halloween costume.
(That would have been fun.)

IT was a spotty sack.
Apologies if you own the dress (I don't want to offend) but I had a few things to say about it in the original post HERE.

Find out what I'm on about, leave your opinion AND find out where this amazing jacket (former dress) came from!

7 Favourite Scottish Summer Outfits | Over 40 style and fashion | Fake Fabulous

6. Vintage Dots and a Trilby

I'm all for second-hand September but why stop there?
I usually shop secondhand all year round.
Or, I revisit my own wardrobe and re-jig my relics.

This outfit is a great example of that.
Easy, fun and rest assured NO ONE ELSE will be wearing it.
(See outfit 5 for more on that!)

Read the original post here... and find out why the size of my head causes me problems.
{And I'm not talking Ego issues!}

7 Favourite Scottish Summer Outfits | Over 40 style and fashion | Fake Fabulous

7. The dress you wear to death!

Ahhh... this dress is a keeper.
It's not particularly flattering.
It's certainly not edgy, overly stylish or particularly unique.
In fact, it doesn't have a lot going for it BUT I love it anyway... and wear it on repeat.

Do you feel like this about any of your pieces?

Find out more HERE.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Do you agree with my favourite (number 5)?
Did I miss anything?

If you'd rather you can always contact me HERE.

I love hearing your ideas & opinions!


  1. My favourites: the red outfit and last dress; both colours suit you well.Looking forward on houw you will handle the autumn colours :-)

    1. Thank you Joze.... I love autumn. Natures colours are amazing here, we are very lucky. X

  2. I love the jumpsuit and the bright berry-coloured outfit best. The dress with the trilby is super cute.

  3. I liked the Bermudas and the tan shorts outfits best. Those are something I would wear, followed by polka/trilby outfit.

    1. Thank you Susan. I was surprised how much I liked wearing those too! Shorts feel liberating 😊 x

  4. What a fun recap - my fave is the orange/red outfit, such glorious colours!

  5. You totally rock in your bermudas and shorts!. I think you look so summery And Elegant!, gorgeous!. I'm also admiring how you make neutrals look interesting!, you look fabulous in your jumpsuit!
    My favourite is the jacket you made of an 80's dress, so cool!, and you wear some fab accessorizing too!

  6. Thank you Monica. I'm thrilled to bits you agree with my favourite too 😊. I love something unique and fun. X

  7. Sorry for mysevere tardiness:-( I was busy with extended family needs in a difficult situation and discovered that a break from my media habit was possible and neccessary.
    I honestly like all of these looks but the first (pale grey jumpsuit) and last (leopard dress) have a very timeless appeal/classic longevity!


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