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Sunday, 29 September 2019

The Ordinary No Brainer Set... What's it all about? Is it for me?

The ordinary no brainer set... is it for me? Fake Fabulous

Today I'm doing an honest review of The Ordinary's "No Brainer" set.

The ordinary is a brand I've been using for a few years now.
I first heard about it because I follow a YouTuber called Wayne Goss.
He is a makeup artist and produces honest (quirky) content.

Here is one of the first videos he did about the ordinary:


Friday, 27 September 2019

Could YOU do it? No New Clothes for 3 Months

As the 'Second-hand September' initiative is coming to a close it seemed a great time to think about what's happening in the fashion world.
What is (realistically) out there for those of us who are getting a bit sick of fashion excess and crazy consumerism.

Recently I was listening to a friend's concerns about her teenage daughter's addiction to shopping.
She's not getting into debt or buying above her means (many people are though!) BUT she does NEED a new dress/outfit for every event she attends.
She enjoys buying new clothes and buys cheap and poorly made items to wear once then toss.
Not an expensive hobby in monetary terms but the environmental impact is certainly pricey.
As is feeling the emotional 'need' for something new every time you go anywhere.


Saturday, 21 September 2019

Transitioning a Summer Slip Dress | Autumn Layered Outfit

Layering a Summer Dress | Autumn Transitional Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Here is a quick and easy way to transition almost any summer dress into those cooler months.
With the addition of some clever layers.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Am I too old for HIIT training & Les Mills Grit? Over 40 Fitness

Am I too old for HIIT | Les Mills GRIT over 40 | Fake Fabulous

So there I was...
A 40-something mother heading into my first Les Mills Grit class.

How was I feeling?

Well, If I'm being perfectly honest I was something-that-rhymes-with-grit-ing myself!

A strangely addictive mixture of terror and excitement.
What was in store for me?
Could my 45-year-old puny body handle it?
Would I make it to the end without having to cry, pass out or vomit?

A class like GRIT has a bit of a scarey reputation.
The uber-fit, beautiful (and young) people seem to love it.
Was it for me?
Am I too-old for Les Mills GRIT?

Would I make a right GRIT of myself?

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn | 7 Favourite Summer Looks

7 Favourite Scottish Summer Outfits | Over 40 style and fashion | Fake Fabulous

It feels VERY Autumnal here in Scotland.
Okay, it's not officially Autumn until the 23rd of September BUT Scotland has been given an advance on that date!
I think of it as a payday loan... it comes a little earlier, but we pay the price later.
(In thermals!)

Don't get me wrong here folks...I LOVE autumn.
It's my favourite season.

I love its changeability.
Its unpredictability.
Its riot of delicious colour.
The wild wind, the cold mornings... even the rain.
Rain and sunshine at the same moment means a beautiful rainbow!

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Green Sleeves and a Leather skirt | Autumn Outfit

Green Blouse and a Leather Skirt | Autumn Style | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm styling a classic vintage leather skirt with an interesting blouse.
What I love about this particular blouse are the neat little collar and the puffy sleeve.
I also appreciate the fact that this sleeve is practical and wearable.
There is no drooping in the washing up or trailing through my dinner.

{It's a full sleeve with a 'proper' cuff that can be rolled up or pushed up... something I love to do.}

More structural sleeves than this are more fun to wear, but not if you can't live your life in them!

Green Blouse and a Leather Skirt | Autumn Style | Fake Fabulous

I also LOVE this shade of green.
That perfect golden undertone.
Very autumny.

I know I've talked about the problem with green before (read that post HERE) but that doesn't stop me loving it.
(Even more so in autumn)

Another autumn must-have (for me) is a little leopard print.
Just a touch today.

These boots are always perfect!

Green Blouse and a Leather Skirt | Autumn Style | Fake Fabulous

Adding a black bag finished things off nicely.

I'm holding this bag like a clutch here but I actually wore it across my body with its long chain.
I'm only holding it here because I took off my coat.
Bags over soft fabrics always makes for a crumpled mess and I don't need any help with that.
I'm pretty good at ending up a crumpled mess all by myself!

Green Blouse and a Leather Skirt | Autumn Style | Fake Fabulous


This outfit is easy to create using items you already own and love.
Everyone has a shirt lurking in their wardrobe.
Try rolling the sleeves and tucking it in.
You could even unbutton it low and pull the shirt off your shoulders for a unique look.

Swapping out this leather skirt for leather trousers or culottes would be perfect too.

Any leather (or leather-look) items would look amazing.
If you have the pins why not try leather shorts?

SKIRT: Vintage (similar)
SHIRT: Mango (old)
BOOTS: older than an old thing.
BAG: A gift



Tuesday, 3 September 2019

How to Deal with Dark Circles... the truth!

How to deal with Dark Circles... the truth! Fake Fabulous

Have you ever opened a magazine ready to enjoy a bit of page flicking only to be confronted by a seemingly innocent article that leaves you lost for words?

This happened to me today.

I opened a popular magazine and came across this headline:

Cover up Dark Circles

Oh, this one's for me!
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