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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Warm Tone Monochrome Outfit | Mixing Reds Burgundy and Orange

Culottes Outfit | Over 40 street style | Fake Fabulous | Monochrome

This outfit makes me think of late summer.
Warm and rich tones.
A cosy glow.

Perfect for right now.
Perfect as we move into the cooler months too.

Simply add boots (maybe tights if your climate calls for them) and an extra layer and/or a warmer jacket to make this autumn-ready.

Culottes Outfit | Over 40 street style | Fake Fabulous | Monochrome

This outfit is perfect for a typical Scottish summer day.
My feet are cool and airy... sweaty feet are never pretty are they?

I've a layer to remove (my pointe blazer) if things heat up.
AND, my bag is big enough to hold an umbrella and a lightweight cardigan for those sudden changes in weather that Scotland is famous for.
(This necklace says it all really!)

Culottes Outfit | Over 40 street style | Fake Fabulous | Monochrome

Exposing your forearms and lower leg not only keeps you cool but also accentuates the (most commonly) slender parts of the body, making you look longer and leaner of limb!


This monochromatic-feeling outfit in warm tones can easily be translated into YOUR favourite colours... or current colour mood.

You may love greens, despite green having its issues (read more about that HERE).
(Boden has these culottes and a matching blazer in a bright green and on SALE... see them HERE)
You may even want to stick to basic black.
It's your call!

We all live in different parts of the world so you may (in fact, you probably DO) live in a warmer climate than me.
If so you can easily leave the blazer off, or add a light cotton cardigan or a linen gilet.

(The thought of a blazer be bringing you out in a sweat just now!)

Culottes Outfit | Over 40 street style | Fake Fabulous | Monochrome


Today my makeup is bold and bright for no other reason other than I felt like it.
Makeup should be like that, shouldn't it?

Forget "rules" (BORING!!) and do what you want when you want.
What's the worst that can happen?
It washes off anyway.

Wear a bright colour if you want.
(I'm wearing blusher as eyeshadow)
Go cray-zee... if you're in that kind of mood.
Why not?

Forget about trying to look 'young' or hiding your imperfect features.
No amount of makeup can do that.

Everyone is imperfect... even the perfect people!

If you had the most skilled makeup artist at your disposal they still can't make you look younger.
(You'd need photoshopping and/or GREAT lighting for that.)
You'll just look like a well-rested YOU.

A little DIY will do the trick.
Even your skin tone a little, but don't obsess about it.
Add some blush.
Add a bright lipstick that you like (if you want).
Embrace your lines.
Be proud of your face, your age, your natural beauty.
Makeup should be fun!

Culottes Outfit | Over 40 street style | Fake Fabulous | Monochrome

What would YOUR monochromatic colour be?
Warm tones?

I'd LOVE to hear all about it

EARRINGS: Charity shopped.
TOPS (layered): Old and older.
SHOES: Charity shopped... they look a bit like HERMES but they're certainly NOT! Hahahahaha.
BAG: Charity shopped.
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine.


  1. You look fabulous in these colours. It's still too hot here to wear anything more than a skirt and top. Looking forward to cooler weather. I am glad to have found your blog. It's very helpful and I love that you do so much shopping from charity shops.
    If this is my second comment, please ignore it. I am not sure my first one was published. Having some computer issues.

    1. Hi Loree.
      Thank you for leaving such a fab comment!
      I'm happy to hear that you're a fan of charity shopping too.
      I know that a lot of people like to see new clothes that they can click to buy but most of my outfits (as you've probably guessed!) are more about the idea/combinations than the actual pieces.
      I'm thrilled that you find them interesting and helpful!!

  2. I love all these contrasting colours Samantha. So well put together, it's a stunning look xx

    1. Thank you so much Laurie!
      I know you're a fan of a more neutral palette so I'm glad these colours made you smile :o)

  3. I love this unusual colour combo, and your lipstick colour just rounds it off. Great styling! Lise

    1. Thanks so much Lise.
      I did think the lippy might be a step too far... one too many colours :oP
      BUT more and more I'm leaning towards forgetting rules and going for it!

  4. I already saw this on Instagram of you and I love those colors together! Fabulous. I love to wear monochrome, by preference in blue and black.

    1. Blue and black is an interesting combination Nancy.
      I'm a big fan and almost bought a dress in the charity shop today!
      Black can be hard for me to wear but I LOVE the look, especially on people with high contrast colouring.
      I'm inspired to try more blue and black now Nancy... thank you!!

  5. I love these warm tones...and with the pop of brighter red (or is it orange, hard to tell on different monitors). In my mind I prefer a monochromatic palette, but in actuality I dress more in contrasting pieces.


    1. It is orange Bettye... bright and (almost) neon.
      I get that a lot too... orange looks red... it's normal I think (or maybe it's just us?!?)
      I laughed at the last part of your comment!!
      That's me... hahahahha....
      I LOVE minimalist style and admire it on others but always end up anything but.
      Isn't that funny?? :o)

  6. I love this mix of autumnal colours, Samantha! It's fun to play around with the adjacent colours like burgundy and orange. You look wonderful!

    I would wear this!

    1. Thank you so much Sheila.
      I'd love to see your take on these colours.... I bet you have some fabulous pieces in your collection.

  7. lovely color combo, those reds and burgundy and orange look so lively!, and you look gorgeous and pretty elegant!. I do love the autumnal vibe! and your cute pendant!
    My favourite color to play monochrome is Turquoise/Teal, but any jewel tone looks appealing to me!

  8. Oh my! You are truly a chameleon of some fashionable nature! You really have a knack for all sorts of beautiful combinations and this one is a warm and spicy and serves to remind us of more of these hues to come. You look lovely Sam!!


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