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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Bloated Belly Outfit Formula | Culottes, Camisole and a Long Waistcoat

Bloated Belly Outfit | Culottes, Camisole and Long Waistcoat

This outfit is a classic formula that I turn to time and time again.
It's the perfect "Beat the Bloat" outfit for those days when you're feeling a bit, how can I put it?

Maybe it's all about the hormones?
Or a large lunch?
Maybe it's post-holiday podge?
A pregnancy you'd rather not disclose?
Or maybe your body has changed due to the menopause?

Whatever the reason, this outfit formula could be your best friend.

Bloated Belly Outfit | Culottes, Camisole and Long Waistcoat

This outfit is a formula I turn to on a regular basis.
Monthly to be exact!

As many of my friends are hitting (and passing) the menopause with various degrees of difficulty, I'm still carrying on as normal.

Well, as normal as a peri-menopausal woman can be!

To be honest with you I'm becoming more of a PMT monster than I've ever been.
(I miss those carefree 20-something periods)
I'm now moody, bloated and short-tempered... with a banging headache.
Feeling like a Mrs Potatohead is a given.

An easy outfit like this is the perfect antidote to my woes.
Comfortable and (reasonably) stylish.

Happy shoes are a great place to start.
These clogs are comfortable and just different enough to make me smile.

(See them styled HERE with a silky jumpsuit and HERE with Dungarees.)

Nothing is as simple as a pair of floaty culottes and a camisole.
The gilet/waistcoat covers my rear end and adds a little warmth.
(Summer is slipping away here)

A chunky necklace finishes things off nicely... and distracts the eye.

(Seamfree and super comfortable undies are a MUST too!)

Bloated Belly Outfit | Culottes, Camisole and Long Waistcoat


Culottes can be VERY unflattering, even with heels, especially if your body is proportioned with a longer torso and shorter legs.

If you prefer to a flat shoe then even the longest of legs can be reduced to (visual) thumb length.
Culottes and flat shoes require an iron will, or legs like giraffe sized spaghetti.

Fear not you can either wear a comfortable platform shoe (or a heel if you can sand it) or simply swap out the culottes for wide-legged full-length trousers for an equally comfortable look.

(Smart joggers can also work).

These clog sandals can easily be replaced with a pair of white leather trainers or converse.

As the mercury falls you might want to swap out the camisole for something with a sleeve!

This formula also works in Autumn/Winter by adding a poloneck top, tights and booties.

See THIS POST: How to layer loungewear... for some more (cosier) ideas!

{I'm wearing the same Camisole and Gilet there.}

Bloated Belly Outfit | Culottes, Camisole and Long Waistcoat

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(All of the clothes worn here are either OLD or VERY OLD... you can easily find similar shapes and colours in your own wardrobe, or at most retailers.)

Bloated Belly Outfit | Culottes, Camisole and Long Waistcoat


  1. Those clogs are so darn cute, they make me smile too :) Lise

    1. Thank you Lise!
      I picked these up on the brands website in the "seconds' section.
      There is NOTHING wrong with them at all (that I can see).
      An absolute bargain!
      I think they're called "Lottas".

  2. Replies
    1. Awww... thank you Eva!
      My eldest daughter bought it for me.
      I think it's from John Lewis.

  3. What a cute outfit! I love the long over long look of the waistcoat as the topper on it. Those clog sandals are singing my song - love them too.

    I think it might have been Patti at "Not Dead Yet Style" who I first heard use "surrender the waist" many years ago. I enjoy an outfit with some tummy-hiding properties once in a while - I used to think that non-disclosure of my waist/stomach meant wearing a huge baggy outfit (yes, way to go to the other extreme!), but I've gradually learned that we can still look slim and long and lean through careful styling.

    You look wonderful, Samantha! Hope you are having a great week.

    1. thank you Sheila!
      I LOVE that ...."Surrender the waist".... Brilliant.
      I just look scrawny in super baggy clothes.
      We can be shapefully baggy can't we?! :oP

  4. Love your outfit, so chic and elegant, and love your attitude!. Those pleated culotes are so cool and they look fab with the waistcoat, such a fabulous layering. It works nicely and elongate your figure!. And love the warm-earthy color in the necklace, waistcoat and clogs!, such a brilliant combo!. You rock accessories!
    I'm also 'becoming a PMT monster', mwhaha, which worries me more than the bloated belly. I do love a tunic or floaty blouse those days, something which could make me feel glamorous And Comfy!

  5. Finding a pleated culotte is amazing all by itself but the addition of that tortoise necklace and those dotty,leopard, shoes take this outfit straight to "cuter than heck"!! :-)
    You're kind of a genius at elevating a basic look to extraordinary Sam.


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