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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Vintage 1950s dress | Summer Outfit

Vintage 1950s Summer Dress Outfit | Fake Fabulous

This dress is definitely a little bit cutesy and twee.
Oh-so-twee and oh-so-sweet.
Oh, how I LOVE IT!

Vintage 1950s Summer Dress Outfit | Fake Fabulous

This dress is a very simple day dress from the 1950s.
Nothing fancy.
Plain(ish) linen.
I'm guessing it was nothing very special at the time.
In comparison to modern garments, it feels like a luxury piece.
It is made so beautifully.
The fabric is substantial.
The seams are generous.
The lining is perfect.

Vintage 1950s Summer Dress Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I feel like such a 'girl' wearing this dress.
(Ignoring the mirror helps with this!)
The skirt of the dress makes me skip around like a loon.
I want to swirl and twirl.
It makes me smile.

Vintage 1950s Summer Dress Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I've worn this dress a few times.. you can see it HERE with chunky sandals... and it's always easy to wear and simple to style.
For me, feeling 'precious' about vintage pieces (or any other so-called 'good' items) is daft.
What's the point in owning beautiful things and them hanging sadly in a wardrobe, unworn?

Get those special pieces out of your cupboard or drawer.
Get them used up, worn and enjoyed!
Use your best bits and bobs while you can... you're a long time dead.

For this outfit today, I've just popped on a pair of white gutties and grabbed a little bowling-style bag.
Everything else was easy.
No muss, no fuss.

Simple makeup; Red lips and sunglasses.
Natural (Read: Doing its own thing in the wind!) hair.
A few layered necklaces.
A couple of rings.
A perfect summer outfit!

{This shot of the back of the dress was not intended to be used, it was just an accidental snap, but I realised the back of this dress is so pretty and the lining is cut skillfully to make it stick out a little.
They just don't make dresses like this anymore do they?}

Vintage 1950s Summer Dress Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Do you own any dresses (vintage or otherwise) that make you feel 'twirly and girly'?
I'd love to know!

DRESS: Vintage
BAG: Radley (charity shopped)
NECKLACES: Gifted, vintage and charity shopped.
RINGS: Various pieces collected over time.



  1. I love any dress! They make me feel on top of the World!

  2. Thank you for showing the back - I always like to see the back details, especially on vintage clothes. I have a collection of vintage dresses, and I love to wear them with modern details (shoes, jewelry, belt) to make them less twee and precious. Of course, we should wear them! I totally agree - what are we saving them for? Clothes are meant to be worn!

    Love this beautiful look on you, Samantha!

    1. I knew you'd agree with wearing and enjoying our clothes Sheila.
      Thank you so much!

  3. there's something particularly fabulous in vintage pieces, those well made pieces which fit you like a dream and have that 'consistency' that we miss so much in modern clothes!. Your dress is a stunning piece, lovely, feminine and easy to wear!, and I love the way you styled it, making it look fresh and modern.
    Totally agree on wearing our 'good clothes' and enjoy them!

    1. I'm glad you agree when it comes to wearing and using our "good" things.
      What's the point of them gathering dust... or getting nibbled by moths!! (Horror!!)

  4. This dress is charming and we need some of that in our clothing these days! It's apron like full skirt is delightful and one of the classically feminine details you never see today. The shoes you chose bring in a modern trend and this little frock has withstood the test of many!

  5. The dress is gorgeous! And I do love that you've 'dressed it down' with the trainers! Gorgeous!
    Your hair is getting long now – it looks fab!
    Suzy xxx

    1. Thank you Suzy!
      I felt trainers were the only way to go :oP

  6. What a lovely dress!
    You look awesome!

  7. It is indeed a precious dress and you wear it well. I love the modern twist you gave it by wearing it with those funky sneakers (love the silver touch). And no, they don't make them like that anymore.
    I have a piece that gives me the same feeling: my long and wide blue skirt with dots on it. Although modern and retail, it gives me the same girly, swirly 50ies feeling.

    1. Ooooo.. that skirt sounds beautiful Greetje... I'm going to look for it at 'No fear of Fashion' just now!


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