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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Man Repelling Outfit | All-Green Summer Outfit

All green man-repelling summer outfit | Fake Fabulous

Today's outfit is a real man-repeller!
I'm mixing a whole host of dubious designs together and it's certainly not to everyone's taste.

Some will find this outfit fun. can I put this?...
Ugly even?

Boring Disclaimer: 
Obviously, this post is supposed to be a bit of fun and not meant to be taken seriously.
I'm not saying ALL men hate the colour green, or chunky platform shoes, or baggy ruffles etc. etc. etc.
Bottom line is: If you're easily offended you'd better read something else.

All green man-repelling summer outfit | Fake Fabulous

This outfit made me smile today but it is a definite marmite look.
(No middle ground.. a LOVE or HATE reaction)

It also has ZERO sexy elements and plenty of Man-Relleling qualities.
Let us get down to the nitty-gritty...

Men hate Green.
That may be a headline grabber BUT it's a real phenomenon ladies!
Men don't seem to like green.

Or, to put it more plainly...
Men don't like green clothes on women.
They don't find green dresses pleasing to the eye.
Green is certainly not sexy or attractive.

Even men who's sports team wear green, and who wear those colours with pride themselves, don't want their women to wear the colour.

(Unless they're wearing JUST their football shirt... but that's another story!)

Ask the men in your life how they feel about a bright green dress and they'll likely look less than enthusiastic.

Green would probably be their last pick if they were choosing an outfit for you.

{Unless of course you always wear a lot of green and they have the good sense to say they love it because they love YOU!}

My favourite green, Khaki is apparently OKAY ... (being military-Esque maybe helps?) But it's still pushing things a little.

Personally, I LOVE green in all its forms.
Most of my female friends love green too... and look great in its various shades.

My (current favourite) green and white dress is much admired by other females, which makes me happy.
BUT... it's NEVER been mentioned by any of my male friends or colleagues.

All green man-repelling summer outfit | Fake Fabulous

One of my favourite dresses used to be a bright olive green knitted polo-neck dress.
I used to love wearing it with long boots and thought it looked slinky and super sexy.
Little did I know!

Unfortunately, polo necks are another thing men don't like.
They don't trust a polo neck.
It confuses them.
So my double whammy (green-polo-neck) really hit a home run.

My husband told me how relieved he was when that dress finally bit the dust and went into recycling.
I was initially shocked with his reaction but after extensive research, I realised he's certainly not alone in his opinion!

Maybe it's a cultural thing?
A regional thing?
A Y chromosome thing?
I don't know!

All green man-repelling summer outfit | Fake Fabulous

There are so many other dubious style pieces in this look.
The general overall greenness is bad enough but then I added...

  • The 80's vibe... reminding folk of their Mother... or Nan!
  • The weird pattern... it's ugly. 
  • It's shiny... why is it shiny? Why does the pattern have funny bits on it?
  • The high neck ruffly folded bit... What is the point?
  • The sleeveless jacket over the top.
  • The baggy (aka shapeless) trousers/joggers with tapered legs (shudder).
  • The chunky platform sandals... These are the killer...Chunky shoes are clunky, ugly and NOT at all sexy!
  • That weird hair clip. Part school girl, part Nanna and her knitting.

In fact, the whole kit and kaboodle (Translation: the whole damned lot!) is a bit of a howler!

I have to admit that all of the Ugly/Weird/Un-stylish elements of this look are all the things I love the most.
All the things that make me feel great!
The unique vintage blouse.
The hair clip.
The massive chunky shoes.
The baggy trousers.

Maybe being a bit weird is my vibe?

Excluding myself, I think that I almost exclusively dress for the eyes of other women.
A woman commenting and admiring my outfit is worth 10X the same comment from a male friend.
(Sorry guys!)

If I get an admiring glance, nod or comment from a female stranger I feel fantastic.
The same from a male doesn't have the same oomph!
In fact, I may wonder if I was looking a little too sexy?! Unfair?

{Unless of course the man had a great personal style of his own. Then I would feel equally flattered.}

All green man-repelling summer outfit | Fake Fabulous


Today I'm wearing blusher as eyeshadow!
A peachy blush mixed with a soft bronzer to blend... plus a little purply-brown liner and brown mascara.
A peachy lipstick finished things off.

I'd love for you to help me with my research!
Please ask your male friends/family/lovers what they would dress you in for their idea of a perfect look?
I would LOVE to know if it involves any green items?

Please share in the comments or send me a DM on Instagram (or an email)
I'm so curious to hear from you!

TROUSERS: Zara (past season)
GILET: French Connection (old)
BLOUSE: Vintage
BAG: Old (borrowed back from my daughter!)
PIN: Old
HAIRCLIP: 'stolen' from my daughter (not the same one as the bag)
SHOES: Zara... I LOVE these shoes!


  1. My Dad always hated green. I never knew why. He didn't even wear it himself. I also had an odd greenish patterned top which I adored then I was told by my then boyfriend he didn't like it! I think you could be on to something here. I love green!!

    1. Hahahahha... I love green too Nic!
      It's so funny to hear about your Dad and your old boyfriend :o)
      Brilliant comment, thank you!!

  2. My husband likes green. It doesnt suit my complexion but it suits his so he sometimes wears it. My only bright green item is a pair of green jeans; worn far away from my face it can be worn without a hazard of dulling me. I love a bright green dress on a woman, it can be so very becoming.

    1. I love green to Jozé!
      I used to have a pair of suede trousers that were bright apple green... 1970's style.
      I cried when they died!!

  3. I too love all those "ugly" things! And I completely agree with you, it always makes my day to get a compliment on my outfit from fellow women, especially strangers (not so enthusiastic about the idea of random men complimenting my outfit though, unless they look like they put a lot of thought into their own sartorial choice).

    My husband doesn't mind me wearing any green shade but I doubt it's in his top 5 fave colours for me to wear. He's not a fan of an all-black outfit either, but good news is I love pops of colours all the time!

    By the way, I adore those platform sandals! I just bought a pair of platform sneakers (that are surprisingly comfy) and I'm obsessed with them, and surprisingly my husband likes them too.

    xo, Liyana | The Good Weekender

    1. I think husbands like it when their wives feel happy and comfortable.
      Happy wife = Happy life.
      If that happiness involves green and/or platforms then they are happy :o)
      I would love to know what he would pick out for you as his ideal outfit... wouldn't that be a fun experiment?
      Maybe we should blog about it :oP ??

  4. I love your outfit, the proportions are so cool!. I love your vintage shirt with its neckline and ruffles and fabulous color and print! and love the layered waistcoat and the baggy pants too, they're really cool and stylish in a Prada-like style, very modern!. And I even love the hairpin!
    As a note, I've never noticed men disliking green, but it's probably because green is not a popular color in Spain. Probably green and yellow are the less popular colors!.
    I think that most men hate any clothes that don't make us look 'feminine' whatever this mean!

    1. I agree Monica!
      It takes a certain gent to really appreciate a chunky brogue or an "out-there" outfit.
      Most love feminine clothes.
      I know a few gents with great style and a great eye (especially for details, like bad seams or poor fabric) but for the most part it doesn't seem to matter.
      How interesting that green and yellow are not so popular where you live.
      Mustardy yellow is EVERYWHERE here in scotland.
      Every second person seems to be wearing it!!! :oP
      Grey marl is another popular colour.
      I wish there were more women dressed like you to brighten the place up!!! :o*

  5. Yip, my hubby doesn't like my green clothes. I think you on to something :) Lise

  6. Interesting...What the heck is wrong with them?
    Green is a perfectly wonderful color!! I think of it as "natures neutral" and it goes with all kinds of floral brights and pastels!!
    I loved this post for it's bit of quirk and lots of truth!

    1. I know Jude!!
      I love green too :o)
      Thank you for this great comment!!!

  7. Hah... my husband an I are the exception to the rule. I love green as well. A lot. And I have never heard my husband say he doesn't. He actually likes clothes I have which are green. But I have very, very similar sandals to yours which I love as well and indeed he think they should be worn when camping haha.
    Kudos to you for wearing what you like. Although my husband has a pretty good eye for styling, we don't always agree and that is fine with me (he feels rather offended haha). It is all a matter of personal taste.


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