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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Forget the Zara spotty IT dress! | Unique style |1980's Vibes

Forget the IT dress | 80s style | Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

What a fun look this is!
A nod to the '80s but easy to wear and super-comfortable.
Perfect for a casual evening out.

This Jacket was originally a dress that I found in a charity shop.
A sad looking dress with a broken full-length zip and a saggy bum.
Out came the scissors and 'Voila!' a  unique denim jacket with oodles of personality.

Wearing unique clothing is very important to me.
The thought of having the same look as everyone else fills me with dread.

Take the latest IT dresses... like that spotty one from Zara.
If you live in the UK you probably know which dress I'm talking about.
You might even have it hanging in your wardrobe!

This spotty dress...

Zara dress
(Image: Zara)

The on-trend spotty dress from Zara even has it's own Instagram account...
Yes, you read that correctly!

An Instagram account dedicated to spotting a spotty dress sold in Zara.
The feed is full of images of multiple sightings of the spotty dress at the same location/event (cringe) or different people styling it in different ways.

I don't mean to offend anyone who has jumped on this dress's bandwagon BUT... I just don't get it!
It leaves me cold.

It's not the fact that everyone is wearing it (although that is a BIG part of the turn-off for me).

I think it looks like a sack.
It's touted as super flattering and comfortable.
(I'm not sure how comfortable man-made fibres are in summer?)
Does 'hanging' equal flattering?
If so then this dress has nailed it.

My nan's old nighties had a similar shape and I'm sure they were VERY comfortable.
Flattering too maybe... in my grandpa's eyes!?

The fact is that even the uber-tall, uber-beautiful and uber-slim model looks just okay in it.
And we all know that she could wear a sack and look good...
A sack?...wait a minute! 😝

My point here is just because something is EVERYWHERE and everyone is raving about it doesn't make it a good buy.
Someone telling you that it's flattering and suits every body shape doesn't make it fact.

For me to wear this dress I'd need a sleeve roll, a bright necklace (or bold earrings) a belt and a denim jacket or a long sleeveless jacket.

Anyone with boobies?? Forget it!
(Unless you like that mono-boob look.)

The dress might have looked better with a V-neck?
Or sleeveless?
Or with a bolder polka dot?
Or minus the hem ruffle?

All I do know is that I'll not be rushing out to buy it anytime soon

All in all, it (for me) is a big marketing win and a big style fail.

{Disclaimer: In case you have this dress and love it and are getting a bit cheesed off at me just now... Remember that this is just MY opinion and my opinion doesn't matter a jot when it comes to YOUR style!}

Forget the IT dress | 80s style | Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

So now I'm going to share MY outfit for today.
And it's certainly not an IT outfit!
It's not on trend.
You won't find it all over the internet.
(Thank goodness!)

My DIY denim jacket and an ivory dress that is touted as a wedding dress.
Yep, that's right.
A bridal dress.
And why not?

It's plain, simple and comfortable.
Perfect for day-to-day.
Great for a casual evening out.

Forget the IT dress | 80s style | Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Forget the IT dress | 80s style | Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Adding a trio of red accents worked to lift this look up a little.
A red lipstick, lips brooch and mules.

(See more about matching accessories without looking too matchy-matchy HERE).


Any light coloured dress and denim jacket would work to recreate this look.

  • A cream linen dress and an oversized denim jacket.
  • A white shirt dress and a shrunken denim jacket.

Adding pops of YOUR favourite colour would work beautifully.

You could even swap out the mules for flat sandals or gutties (sneakers/trainers/ converse)
Anything goes!

{You could even wear THAT Zara dress with this!}

Forget the IT dress | 80s style | Summer Outfit | Fake Fabulous

What do you think?
Do you love the Zara dress (Or any dress 'of the moment' from your area)?

I'd love to hear your opinion on this... feel free to disagree with me!

WHITE DRESS: Alie Street.
DENIM JACKET: DIY from a sad old dress.
LEATHER BAG: Saks... charity shopped.
MULES: M&S (past season)
LIPSTICK: Lisa Eldridge velvet ribbon.
EARRINGS: Past season.

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  1. I think this may be one of my favourites of your posts! Being individually-stylistically challenged I can't really comment, other than to say I agree with everything you have said! I definitely do not care for that spotty dress for all the reasons outlined. And also:

    1. Your jacket was a dress? Wow. That must have been some dress.
    2. Your dress is bridal? I love it.
    3. Love the whole outfit. You look great.

    1. Blimey Nic... what a fab comment!
      Thank you for being so kind.
      First up... I doubt you're stylistically-challenged if you have such a good eye for a blooper or a frock!
      Second... YES it was an awesome dress!!
      Proper 80s with a midi length.
      I fell in love BUT the bum situation was not savable :o(
      The dress is indeed bridal.
      From a band called Alie street and it's affordable as well as beautifully made.
      Thank you so much for this fab comment!

  2. You look fabulous. And the Zara dress is downright dowdy - I am starting to think fast fashion is a huge hoax :) Give me charity shops any day. Lise

    1. A huge hoax.... brilliant Lise!
      I think you're spot on there.
      There is nothing as wonderful as finding a vintage gem is there?!

  3. Oh let's not downs any more energy on that night gown of a dress. Not that I wear night gowns like that, but they did in the early years of last century, the 1900s that is. But do I understand it correctly that the jacket was a dress? It's a fantastic jacket!

    1. Thank you Nancy!
      I am quite chuffed with it too :o)
      It looks FAB with skinny trousers...SO retro!!
      YES... a dress!!!
      Amazing eh?
      AND if the bum situation could have been saved it would still be a dress and I'd be wiggling around in it as happy as Larry! :oP

  4. OMG, that is such a good idea to repurpose an old 80s dress! I've seen some that are just amazing, but in bad shape (or way too small). You're a genius!

    I have only once seen someone in my same dress at the same time, and it was like something out of the Twilight Zone! Mine was thrifted/vintage, and hers was original and had been hemmed.

    1. I have to admit Sheila that YOU were the last person I would expect to find themselves in that situation!
      Blimey... what are the chances of that?!?!

  5. I absolutely LOVE how you styled your outfit here. First of all: that jacket was a DRESS? I can't quite wrap my head around it, WOW, you did such an amazing job upcycling it, that's for sure! And that white dress is utterly adorable, and I agree on how it's incredible flattering on. I just finished watching Stranger Things 3 and one of the things I loved about the show is the 80s fashion, which you executed wonderfully here!

    As for the Zara dress, I didn't even know it existed (having its own IG account does sound a bit much though) but if I had seen it in the store, I have to admit, I'm pretty positive I would buy it in an instant! (Assuming the sleeves are proper long and the dress would come down to my ankles, unlike on the lanky model.) Almost everything you don't like about the dress is why I'd like it, which is funny really, but I also totally understand why you're not into it. I personally do like "hanging" loose dress, probably because it suits my modest needs.

    xo, Liyana | The Good Weekender

    1. Blimey Liyana.... of course!!
      It's perfect for your style requirements.
      In fact, now you mention it, there are LOADS of dresses cut like this at the moment.
      Various different patterns.
      I think the sleeves are those annoying 3/4 ones that are neither one thing or the other which means you'd need an underlayer or those clever sleeve things that you have.
      AND the length is midi... not ideal for you Liyana.
      So it can't even get modest styling right!!
      Thank you so much for adding this comment!!
      I can always rely on you for stylist food-for-thought.

    2. Now that I've looked at the dress some more it would benefit greatly from a colourful scarf and some clever layering.
      Maybe Zara should get some hijab wearing models too?

  6. I love your new jacket. I resigned from my job several weeks ago and it's amazing how quickly my style 'cravings' have adjusted now I'm on a very limited budget. I feel so liberated now not to be needing high street fashion (for work) and my thrift shop tendencies have taken off with a bang. Funny thing is though, I have not the slightest desire to shop new clothes ATM, the thought fills me with stress. I feel liberated to be out of the rules and confinements, and as a result feel I'm dressing in more interesting and 'me' styles. I know there's a certain peer pressure in the workforce, but i intend to carry this approach through with me as and when I work again. Anyhow I like your sense of style and appreciate your blog.

  7. I love how you styled that denim jacket. Usually you see people going all out 80's, but you made it so feminine and gorgeous!
    Thanks for stopping by the linkup!

  8. I had no idea there was such a buzz about that dress. I can't see its appeal either, it's too baggy for my liking. I'm with you on those "it" garments - if everyone else is wearing it I definitely don't want it. I love how you've turned a dress into a jacket! It looks fab with the white dress and red mules - I have those shoes too! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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