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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Sunday Introspective | #fakeituntilyoumakeit LINK UP!

Last week the #fakeituntilyoumakeit link up returned to the sound of rapturous applause...
The internet went into meltdown.
People took to the streets!

Okay, you've got me.
The rapturous applause was me having a mini-celebration that I'd managed to sort it all out and go live before I was due to go out.
The internet meltdown was the broadband on a go-slow.
The 'people' taking to the streets was my husband and I heading outside for a cheeky cold beer and some salt and vinegar crisps.

{I might have slightly over-egged that pudding 😀}

A few people noticed.
A handful linked up.
AND... I was delighted to see them!

Oddly, I felt a mixture of disappointment and satisfaction.
The satisfaction that lovely blogger people had bothered their backsides to pop over and link up their work.
The satisfaction that I was not inundated with posts and had time to look at all of the linked posts properly.
Reading them and enjoying them.

However, I did feel a momentary pang of disappointment.
Disappointment that I was not inundated with posts that I would never have had the time to look at.

Weird isn't it?

We often yearn for things we don't really want.

Some people yearn for fame but would hate to be famous.
With fame comes responsibility.
You become public property.
A role model.
Someone who has to think before they speak (although many don't!)
Famous and anonymous?
No chance!

Some might yearn for BIG social media numbers...
"I want 5m followers on Instagram.
I want them NOW!!
Why don't I have 5m followers?
I'm insanely interesting!
Follow me immediately... if not sooner...BUT no pervs, weirdos, stalkers, trolls or nutters thanks.
No bitchy comments or negativity either...
Oh, and don't even think about bothering me if you see me in the street.
I'm far too important to talk to YOU!!"

Personally, I'm quite a private person.
I'm honest and open on my blog, and in life.
(Ask me a question and you get my opinion)
I don't share images of my personal life on social media.
I never share details about my family.
No kids.
No social life, party or event posts.
Very, VERY rarely will I share an image of me out and about.
I don't take my phone out of my bag most of the time!

How many times have you seen someone recording an event on their phone instead of sitting back and enjoying the event as it happens?
Does telling people you've had a great time mean more than simply enjoying yourself regardless of 'likes'?

I cringe when people overshare details about their lives on social.
B.M.W social over-sharers.

I hate the "Stepford" family front some people portray...
(I've got a friend to thank for that terminology!)
Perfect partner.
Perfect kids.
Perfect lifestyle.
Perfect wardrobes.
Perfect homes.
It's all a load of twaddle!

In the real world, we all know that no relationship, child, family, event, etc, etc is EVER perfect.
Anyone who says their life is perfect is a liar... or permanently tanked up on the vino!

So today I'm thinking about my less-than-perfect life.
Far from perfect in fact!
However, I'm still feeling grateful that within its web of complicated imperfections there is room for improvement AND the scope for things to go horribly wrong without notice!

Life is a complicated tangle of good, bad, boring, elating, devastating, amazing and mediocre events.
We all get to enjoy (and endure) them from time to time.
We ALL have problems, issues, worries, major-worries and challenges.
Regardless of what Stepford-internet-families might try and tell you!

So I challenge you to think of 3 simple things you are grateful for today.
Nothing HUGE like "family".
Something simple.
Small but important.
No BS.
No fantasy.

Just 3 great things that made you happy today.
I'll kick things off...
  1. It was a great drying day. My washing was on the line. It didn't rain. The sun was shining and the wind was blustery. Crispy towels are the best!
  2. I pushed myself to do a double session at the gym this morning (with my beautiful friend) and we smashed it. Oh yes! We might have crawled out at the end but that's part of the fun.
  3. I had THE most perfect cup of coffee in the sunshine this afternoon... and a delicious homemade meringue and strawberry nest... made by one of my girls. I didn't lift a finger. What could be better than that?
I'd love to hear 3 things that made you smile today.

Last week I was drawn to this fabulously fun outfit worn by Stephanie.
How fab!
I love those heart glasses and cute bag charms.

Cute, practical and fun... see the full post HERE.
You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
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  1. I'm grateful for...
    The bargain basket bag I found at the market
    That my morning egg was neither too runny or too hard
    My view in the morning. My garden is looking amazing.
    I'm sharing the link up for you Samantha. Be patient, it will grow xx

    1. Thank you so much Laurie.
      You are very kind.
      I LOVE a perfect egg... In fact I"m off to boil a couple and crack out the soldiers :o)

  2. Sunshine! Trees! Birdsong!

    1. Yes, yes and YES!!
      All things nature seem to give us joy :o)

  3. Today I'm grateful for my little boy's non-stop talking, for having a coffee in the sunshine while watching my bunny rabbits this morning in the garden, and the stack of new books beside my bed.

    1. Hahahahha... I love them when they just can't/won't shut up!
      Enjoy him while he is a wee blether Lisa.
      (Mine are often silent and moody at the moment)
      A stack of books too.... sigh... I just can't read a book on a device.
      Give me paper anyday.
      The feel and the smell are almost as important as the story!

  4. I was grateful for not have to cry when I woke up, because my hubby had to start working again after 2 weeks of vacation and I can get all emotional when great times come to an end. I was happy because working out after 2 weeks doing nothing, wasn't hard at all. I was happy when my cat crawled on my lap and started to wash me!

    1. Hahahaha... I love the fact your cat is grooming you!
      Our pets are brilliant aren't they?

  5. I'm grateful for:
    1. The Escada suit I found at the op-shop for AU$35 a few weeks ago, it's my scoop of the year!
    2. Being the first person up this morning and enjoying my coffee ALONE while writing this.
    3. This blog, I think it's so important that women over 40 have a voice and a platform for sharing experiences. I'm inspired to start my own blog...I'm getting there.

    1. How kind of you Jen...thank you!
      You should DEFINITELY start your own blog.
      It's fun and easy as pie to start.
      Please send me your URL when you get up and going!
      That suit sounds like an AMAZING find and totally blog-worthy :o)
      AND... I totally agree about the Solitude of a morning coffee. Sheer bliss.

  6. I share only on my blog (no Insta, no Twitter, no phone!) what I choose to share. I'll take a few pics at an event, but I like to put my camera away and enjoy life and be in the moment. I hear ya.

    I also don't typically participate in link-ups, but eh, I'm feeling positive.

    I'm grateful for:
    - personal thanks from my colleagues at work for my work on Mental Health Month
    - my wonderful friends who support me even when I am weird and awkward (a lot)
    - my husband who gets when I have a bad day and gives me a hug (even though I am prickly)

    1. Hahahaha... I hear you Sheila!
      I can be prickly, weird and awkward too.
      It takes a special person to 'get' all of that.
      You are lucky to have those people in your life, for sure!
      Oh, and thank you for breaking out and linking up your AMAZING outfit :o)

  7. I don't like seeing people sharing way too much on social media either. Certain family members do it and it makes me cringe every time! I'll share a little bit every now and again but it's usually just posts about my outfit lol!
    Suzy xx

    1. I once saw a mum on facebook sharing a screenshot of messages between her and her teenage son.
      She was coming from the angle of "Look how much my baby boy loves me everyone... LOOK what a perfect life I have!!".
      I felt MORTIFIED for that boy.
      It's hard enough being a teen but imagine if one of the other mums showed the image to her son/daughter and his peers got wind of his gooey "I love you Mummy" messages at 14 years old?
      It seemed bonkers to me.
      Pictures of the kids naked in the bath is another one of my bugbears.... what's wrong with people?!
      (I feel a rant coming on so I'll stop :oP)

  8. I'm thankful for my lovely view of the Black Hills.
    The birds at my feeders.
    The rain on our red metal roof.

    1. Birds every time Jude!
      I love watching them in our garden.
      And the sound of rain on a roof is the best!! Great picks. Xxx

  9. Hi Sam, so I've just read about you giving up on linking and now you're back - what a terrible follower I am, coming to this party so late!
    Ain't it grand that a woman can change her mind. I for one, could never enter into the world of link-ups as I'd hate the commitment. Blogging in itself is a huge commitment and sometimes that palls for me. Working full time as we do, it's a real challenge to keep all of the plates spinning, but you have done and continue to do this so well.
    Your posts are diverse and your following loyal, so congratulations my dear!

    1. Thank you Anna.
      I hear you... it is a big commitment and it may not last TBH... BUt I"m giving it a go again.
      It's great to see you here!


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