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Saturday, 4 May 2019

Wearable Spring Trends | Animal Print Co-Ord | Work Outfit

Animal co-ord, Zebra and blue Spring Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm taking a few Spring Trends and making them my own.

I'm trying to buy less and re-work existing pieces to create 'new' outfits.
I believe that we all need to do our bit by re-wearing and re-working existing items in our wardrobes to create outfits that make us feel good.

I still love to shop and won't be giving up on fashion anytime soon!
BUT, I am trying to shop less and only buy pieces that are missing from my wardrobe or replace those that are worn out.
No more aimless wandering and browsing.

I only ever shop with a PLAN now and it feels great.

Today's outfit involved ZERO shopping.
No cash was splashed.
It feels pretty good!

If you're interested in spending less, but having more fun doing it, check out these posts...

Animal co-ord, Zebra and blue Spring Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm pulling 4 Spring 2019 trends together in one outfit:

  • Black and White
  • Blue
  • Co-ords (they're still here ladies!)
  • Animal print (Zebra seems to be having a moment)

These so-called BIG trends are different depending on where you look!

One magazine says:
"Blue is HUGE for Spring 2019!!"
Other is flying the flag for yellow:
"Yellow is THE colour of the season!!"
And on it goes...

Of course, anyone who's over 40 will probably recognise every so-called new trend from one of the times they've been around before.
Every time I look through a glossy magazine I see 'new' versions of old items I've owned (or seen on others) over the years.

Sometimes it's much more enjoyable to try and create a trend using your own pieces than to buy a generic outfit that everyone else could be wearing.

I think the only thing to do is pick the one 'trend' that suits your mood on any given day.
If you're feeling in a yellow square-necked dress mood then go for it.

Today I'm feeling in a zebra co-ord kind of mood!

This zebra set is ticking lots of boxes for me.
It's bold and eye-catching.
Black and white zebra pattern with a blue accent.
LOTS of fun to wear.

I only wish the skirt part of this set was made a little better.
Don't you just hate it when a piece lets you down?
I like the idea of the asymmetry but it seems just a little 'off'.

Maybe the skirt should be lined? (to be honest with you I think ALL skirts should be lined)
Or, sewn the same fabric as the shirt?
Or ... the placement of the split should be elsewhere?
At the side maybe?

I can't quite put my finger on it but I know there is a problem somewhere.

Do you ever feel like that about items in your wardrobe? Something is off but you can't quite figure it out.

The skirt lets this co-ord down but it still has the overall look I want.
That appearance of a shirtdress using separates that can be worn with other pieces.
Mixed and matched.
Dressed up and down.

Animal co-ord, Zebra and blue Spring Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I'm looking forward to styling this skirt again with trainers and the shirt with my blue skirt (from THIS POST).

The skirt needs to be worn with a slip underneath and is far from perfect but I will be wearing it A LOT this season as I love the animal vibes.

Animal co-ord, Zebra and blue Spring Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I've added blue heels to pull the blue from the pattern a little more... it's hard to see in the photographs but it's much more obvious IRL.

Another bonus of 'real life' is that the skirt looks better in motion than it does in still images.
Clothes can often look a lot better when they are 'posed' in photographs, especially more cheaply made pieces.
Not in this case.
This skirt has far more personality when it is swishing around.

{For the most part, people also look better IRL than in photos... Usually, because we look so much better swishing around too! }

ZEBRA CO-ORD SET: Tesco. PLEASE NOTE: If you ever shop for clothes at Tesco (F&F) please be aware that I had to size down to a 6... a UK6! I'm normally a 10 in shops like Topshop. Crazy vanity sizing is annoying. Especially considering I have a puffy pre-menstrual waist and pot belly here and there is still room in this skirt!
BLUE SHOES: Nine West (old but still a firm favourite!)
GREY BAG: Primark (holding up well from a couple of seasons ago)
MIRRORED GLASSES: 'borrowed' from my girl!
BLACK WAISTCOAT: French Connection (old as the hills but such good quality that it still looks new!)

Animal co-ord, Zebra and blue Spring Work Outfit | Fake Fabulous



  1. I could see the bit of blue in the pattern in that last close up. I LOVE this set/dress! It actually is even better as a set because it really would be fun to break up the pieces. Zebra is an animal print I don't see that often and this one is extra appealing because of that tiny flash of blue!

    1. I thought so too Jude!
      The blue is fun but a little restrictive... I need to try and see past the blue and do a bit of clashing :oP

  2. At first I thought it was a dress! Great look, so cool with the beautiful blue pumps!

    1. Thank you Nancy!
      These pumps are old and still make me smile when I wear them.
      Good shoes never date, do they?

  3. lovely outfit, cool and fabulously stylish!, love the animal print and the 'faux dress' effect which is created by co-ords, love the blue in the print matching your shoes, love your accessorizing and the waistcoat creating another layer!
    I think that the skirt looks nice, probably the placement of the split could be better?. Not sure about this. But totally sure that your blue skirt would look fabulous in a similar ensemble, with a pair of sneakers!, great idea!

    1. I'm glad you agree Monica!
      I've tried swirling it about to find a better position :o)
      I've worn it with trainers since these photos and it felt great!

  4. Oh I'm ALWAYS swishing about! I think *I* look much better in motion, forget about my CLOTHES! I'm much better as a blur where you can't quite see where my body begins and ends...

    I think this outfit is So Smart. I would not have thought anything off about the split in the skirt...and I LOVE those cobalt blue heels. They remind me of my disco days...dancing the night away swish swoosh.



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