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Monday, 6 May 2019

Minimal Effort Outfit | Statement Knits

BOLD statement knit | White jeans | Silver backless mules | Fake Fabulous

"Stand aside Sam, I've got this!"

That's my jumper doing the talking today.
It's SO bossy!

This bright and bold vintage knit is the star of an otherwise plain show.

Don't you just love a bold piece that starts and finishes an outfit?

No need for jewellery.
Just a simple pair of white jeans, silver backless loafers and a pink bag.

BOLD statement knit | White jeans | Silver backless mules | Fake Fabulous

For me, outfits that involve minimal effort with maximum impact always win.
I can't be bothered with fuss or discomfort.

Minimal effort doesn't need to mean dull, boring or drab though.
Neither does it really mean 'minimal'!

Bold and Colourful.

Easy peasy!

BOLD statement knit | White jeans | Silver backless mules | Fake Fabulous

This jumper was one of those pieces that shouted out to me...

"Hey, you!"
"Over there, looking at plain white t-shirts"
"Forget about them....they're too BORING!"
"Look at me!" 
"You NEED me in your life!!"

I couldn't ignore its siren-like calls and I quickly fell in love.

I've had it for a long time and I've worn it loads (usually with blue jeans).
Today it makes its online debut!

Do you own any statement knits that do all of the talking for you?
I'd love to hear about them!

JUMPER: Vintage
SILVER SHOES: Vionic (past season but still available, see below)
PINK BAG: Charity shopped
PINK BELT: Boden (old)

BOLD statement knit | White jeans | Silver backless mules | Fake Fabulous



  1. That's exactly my sort of outfit. I love a bold colourful jumper. I have the same silver shoes!

    1. They're really comfy aren't they Gail? :o)
      I love them with smart culottes.
      I'm so glad you like my jumper too!

  2. I love having those kinds of pieces in my wardrobe, and don't have enough of them. ;-) Love the jeans, perfect with the sweater!

    1. Thank you Susan... these jeans are on their way out (the elastane is going baggy and saggy).
      It's hard to find a good pair of white jeans! XXX

  3. Fantastic sweater.I'm having a hard time finding bold colored sweaters!

  4. I love a bossy piece! That is one funky and fun jumper, Samantha! I love the shoes too.

    1. This jumper is a DIVA... it's even made of that weird heavy shiny yarn that was popular back in the day.
      So sassy!!

  5. Like so many of your pieces, you and I would be fighting over this one if we were in the shop at the same time :-) GORGEOUS, statement, and faff free. The perfect outfit. xx

    1. The white bits are layered SEQUINS.... just sayin'..... :oP XXX

  6. I have a long sleeved cotton t-shirt that has these same colors and I really love them together. Pink and purple are a nicely bold but feminine combination. Your bag really pulls this look together!

    1. Thank you Jude!
      This bag is an oldie but I just can't let it go... it perks things up no end. XXX

  7. totally fantastic outfit and I totally agree on statement knits! they Rock!
    You look gorgeous, comfy&cool in this fab ensemble, and I love particularly the pink bag which enhances the pink in the knit!, fabulousness!

  8. This was of course such an eye catching post, I had to chip in! The jumper is fab and not surprising that it's an old favourite. I love your minimalist styling - well a sweater like this has obviously stolen the limelight so no need to rival it, eh?

  9. Vintage rules! Love this bold, sassy look.



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