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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Lilac, White and Soft Khaki | Basics | Spring Outfit

Lilac, white and soft khaki | Alternative Basics | Fake Fabulous

Do you have any tops in your wardrobe that you don't wear enough because they only really work with one specific colour?

Maybe you're tired of wearing a certain top with blue jeans, black trousers or white shorts?
You might be looking for a different way to wear your top without looking too colour-crazy or deliberately 'clashy'.

Lilac, white and soft khaki | Alternative Basics | Fake Fabulous

This top is one of those that struggle to be paired with anything other than blue skinny jeans.
How boring!

I love its floaty cotton fabric and over-sized cut.
It's cool and incredibly comfortable.
Why am I not wearing it more often?

It is 'supposed' to be worn with crisp white trousers (or shorts).
It also looks great with blue jeans, which I love (what doesn't look great with blue jeans?).
Sometimes I want to mix in a different colour to create a 'new' look.
Still neutral and basic, just a little fresher.

Lilac, white and soft khaki | Alternative Basics | Fake Fabulous

A khaki colour is the perfect alternative neutral.
Darker khaki works well all year round and a soft, paler khaki looks great in spring and summer.

Khaki goes with countless other colours and there's a shade to suit everyone.
Anything you fancy will work with khaki.
It's a brilliant wardrobe workhorse!

It works especially well with tops that involve more than one colour.
Making normally restrictive tops more versatile and wearable.

Khaki is a great alternative to blue denim as a go-to staple.

Maybe you're looking for a different way to wear a light coloured top and a pair of khaki trousers, jeans, shorts or culottes could be the answer?

This outfit is definitely casual.
I know it could be much more photogenic (and figure flattering) with a leg-lengthening tucked-in top and a pair of less flat shoes.
Platform trainers or wedges or even a nice pair of mules would be perfect.
I needed to be comfortable on my feet today.
Too much running around for heels.
Even the most comfortable heels get left at home on certain days!

{I also had a second bag with me for my essentials. This bag is cute but it only fits a purse, lippy and a phone... the phone is a squeeze too!)

If you wanted to look smarter (or flatter your figure more) you could do some tucking and belting.
Or swap out the khaki chinos for a smarter pair of trousers or even shorts.
You could even add heels.

Anything goes when it comes to styling khaki!

Lilac, white and soft khaki | Alternative Basics | Fake Fabulous

Do you have any of those "Only work with blue jeans" tops?
Would you consider Khaki as an alternative to your trusty denim or neutral trousers?
I'd love to know!

TROUSERS: Bam (bought with my own money!)
TOP: Charity shopped (originally M&S)
SHOES: Josef Seibel (c/o)
BAG: Saks (old)

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  1. Such a beautiful and fresh summery top, Sam! You look like you're off on a city break in that stylish and comfortable airy outfit. It really wouldn't look out of place in Paris! I'd never put that with khaki trews, but gosh, they really work. I love your unexpected pairing. xx

    1. Thank you so much Lisa!
      Khaki really does work with just about everything and I love how versatile it is.
      I'd like to think I'd look a little more chic on the streets of Paris! :oP
      Although I've not visited it for over 25 years so things may have changed a lot :o)

  2. I've had a few of those kind of tops, and they never last long in my wardrobe! I do like khaki, but I tend to wear it more in the fall - I guess I should break out of that style rut!

    Love that striped blouse!

    1. Thank you Sheila!
      I get bored too, if tops don't work hard enough or need to be worn with certain items.
      I'd love to see you crack out the Khaki for summer!

  3. I'm such big fan of khaki so I love this outfit, Sam. And I agree that khaki is a great alternative to denim. I do have some khaki trousers and camo pants that would work too. I agree with Lisa that I wouldn't have thought to wear this stop with them but it looks FAB!
    Suzy xxx

  4. I own SO many of those tops, ugh, and I always struggle to pair them with any other thing! But try I always must, and more often than not, it does pay off! Khaki is such a cool alternative here, I especially love the cuffed part at the bottom, and I always, ALWAYS think the cuffed pants + loafers combo is super stylish. Also love how effortlessly chic the striped top is, and how you finish it all off with the sling bag.

    xo, Liyana | The Good Weekender

    1. I agree Liyana!
      Sometimes we have to resort to clashing colours and patterns when we don't feel like it maybe?
      Thank you for your kind words here.
      I don't normally like off the shoulder tops much but this one seems to stay off the shoulder more comfortably and naturally than other styles I've tried.

  5. Actually, I love khaki color (shocking, isn't it?. I do love grey too!). Totally agree on its fab qualities as a neutral, I think it goes very well with almost every purple, violet or lilac shade, which is pretty convenient! And it also looks nice with red and orange!. Totally my kind of neutral!
    I love your outfit, you look adorable in your striped top (so cute, love its summery vibe!) and cool color combo!. Khaki pants rock! and You Rock!

    1. Hahahaha... nothing shocking at all!
      Khaki and grey are both fantastic neutrals to mix with other brights and bold colours aren't they?
      They only become BORING when they're mixed with boring and dull colours!!

  6. I love olive! One of my favorite colors. This is a fabulous color combo, the lilac stripes with the olive is a striking pair! Love the OTS and dig the shape of those sunnies :-))
    Have a great week Sam!
    jess xx


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