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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Finding the PERFECT Leather Jacket | HidePark

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

This post is all about a quest to find that perfect spring/summer (and autumn!) leather jacket.

I know that for some of you summer means HOT weather.
The only fabrics that probably spring into your mind are:

  • Linen.
  • Cotton.
  • Anything light and breezy!

The thought of a leather jacket might bring you out in a (literal) hot sweat and I understand.

(I also envy you a little TBH.)

However, anyone who lives in the UK will know that Scotland never really gets HOT.

Of course, we do get the odd scorcher now and again.
It does occasionally warm up.

The odd day might be over 25ºc.
We have even been known to get a run of warm days.
We once had a HOT week!

BUT, for the most part, summer is changeable.
It can be cold and rainy at the drop of a hat.
Our lightweight jackets are never too far away.

Leather jackets can be worn all year round and this year I'm on a mission to find another great leather jacket to add to my collection.

I wear a leather jacket at least once a week.
They work beautifully day and night over both smart and casual outfits, including evening wear.
Popping on a leather jacket adds an edge to any look.

Today I'm trying some new styles (and colours) and will hopefully find a new favourite.
I hope some of these jackets might help you to find the perfect jacket that fits into your own wardrobe too.

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

Leather jackets are a great investment.
A great leather jacket is a classic piece, that never dates, and lasts for years.

The brand I want to share with you today is called Hidepark.
I've had one of their pieces for a few years now and I always get compliments on it.
You can see me wearing it HERE.

{This is a paid collaboration but I must tell you that I would NOT be recommending them if I didn't believe that you'd be delighted with anything you bought!}

They sell the most beautiful quality coats and jackets that are made to last.
I'm always blown away by the price tags too.
They just don't seem to match the quality of the jackets compared to what I've seen elsewhere.

{Nothing here costs more than £175 which is amazing really isn't?}

Looking at the prices of the HidePark jackets I wonder what kind of HUGE mark-ups some of the big high street shops burden us with?!
I refuse to pay more than I have to for anything and object to being ripped off.

Let's take a look at a few affordable options...


Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

Who doesn't love a classic biker?
This one has a tough look and is butter soft to boot!

This classic black jacket won the majority vote in my house.
I got a thumbs up from my husband...

"Ooooo, that looks really nice. Very Edgy and Sexy looking... Hmmm"

Praise indeed!

The jacket also got a bigger thumbs up from one of my girls.
A teen's approval is hard to get!

(I think she might secretly have her eye on it though.)

I was my favourite style too BUT much as I love the tough black vibes, it doesn't love me back.

I just don't suit black.... meh!

Whenever I wear black I need more makeup than normal to look half-alive... and that's never good, is it?

The high contrast between the black leather and the silver hardware looks SO cool and would look great on anyone with higher contrast in their colouring.

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous


Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

This pink jacket is bloomin' gorgeous and would work with LOADS of different outfits.
I love the uneven, aged effect of the leather and the simple cut.
It's a cracker!

However, I already own a nude jacket and I'm not doubling up on styles.
The whole point in my new jacket is to fill a hole in my jacket wardrobe.

This style comes in loads of different colours if you're not a fan of pink.

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous


Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

I LOVE this jacket too.

Blimey, it's SO hard to choose just one!
However, I felt it was a little big on my frame.
The red is so versatile and would work throughout the year.
I love the simple design and feminine feel.
It's a gorgeous jacket that came a close second in the family vote.
No wonder.

My youngest put it perfectly...

"Brown and black jackets are everywhere, in every shop. They're boring. You never see a jacket like that one, do you? It's cool!"

Cool indeed.
Plus, it comes in a few other great colours.

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous


Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

This jacket is so different and interesting!
Copying the design of a classic denim jacket.
How clever!
I love the cut.
The leather is so soft and lovely.

I can imagine this jacket looking amazing with so many different pieces.
It could be thrown on over as many outfits as a denim style could be worn.
So that means it would work with almost everything!
A classic with a twist.

(Alas, a little roomy for me... sigh...)

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

5. TRUE BLUE baby, I Love you!

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

This last jacket is my favourite.
Not only do I love the soft (but also rich) blue colour slightly BUT the leather is a delight.
The fit is great and the feel is even better!

This one is cut a little neater and fits my body more comfortably.
There is still room for my ever-present layers but it's neat enough to go over a plain t-shirt, as I've done here.

I love everything about this jacket and know I'll be wearing it forever.

As my Nan used to say...

"This will see me out."

Thanks Nan!

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous

I'd LOVE to know which of these jackets you would choose for yourself?
Or, what other styles and colours you would pick?

Do you prefer classic colours and shapes?
Or, do you like to be a little bit different...Red? Bright blue? Cream? Embroidered details?

BLACK JACKET: Wendy (available in BURGUNDY too!)
PINK JACKET: Trudy (also comes in LIGHT BLUE, NAVY, GREEN and BLACK)
RED JACKET: Cayla (also available in BLACK, GREY, TAN, BURGUNDY and GREEN)
NAVY DENIM-STYLE: Tilly (also in black)
BLUE JACKET: Elsie (also available in BLACK and TAN)

I thought I'd leave you with my favourite scruffy photobomber in action!

Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket | Fake Fabulous



  1. I love the length of the last one too, Sam. And blue can more easily be summer or fall. Great choice. There's nothing better than a simple white tee, jeans, a great jacket, and sneakers.

    1. Thank you so much Sue... I'm glad you agree!
      I think you're right about simple jeans and a tee BUT it felt really weird ;o)
      No pattern? No colour clash? Almost No accessories.... hahahahaha
      I should try it more often!

  2. Love the pink! It's my colour crush at the moment. All the jackets look really good but the pink and blue are my favourites.

  3. When I saw the black biker one I was, for some reason, confident that it would be my ultimate fave out of all the leather jackets you're about to share - especially because your husband and kids approved it all around. But then I saw the GORGEOUS red one and my confidence was shaken, haha! I simply can't choose between the two. They all look fab though, and either one of them would make a great addition to any closet. I wish I could break out my leather jacket more often, but since Malaysia is too hot, I do hope I get to go somewhere cold veryyy soon!

    xo, Liyana | The Good Weekender

    1. I know, right!!??
      It's SO hard to choose.
      Only the sizes made a difference... if the red had been smaller made I would have seriously wobbled.
      I could see you in the red jacket for sure ... with a leopard scarf! Looking beautiful.
      I often wonder how you manage to work some of your jackets and dusters into your outfits in such REAL heat.
      Come to Scotland... You'll need your leathers AND your thermals! :oP

  4. woww, so many beautiful jackets!, I love the different colors and shapes!.
    Leather jackets are cool for our 'intermediate seasons' when it's not warm and could be rainy. Perfect pieces for Spring!
    I've always loved a classic black biker (probably because I couldn't afford one when a teenager!), even if they don't make me any favour!

    1. I thought you'd be eyeing up the red one Monica!
      It would look FAB on you and it has that not-too-tight drapey feel.
      Perfect for layering and CLASHING!! :o)

    2. oh yes, you know me very well, a red jacket is so appealing to me!! and red leather is even better!

  5. I think you chose well Sam. Blue is a versatile color as well as one that suits you SO well. That said I was blown away by how gorgeous that red jacket and you are against the brick background. You need something in that delicious rich red soon!
    Must have been fun to try on all of these lovelies! I've got a thing for leather jackets! ;-)

    1. It's lovely isn't it Jude?
      I would have probably kept the red if it had been made a little neater.
      All of these jackets are a size small but the style make them different versions of small... if that makes sense?
      TBH if they'd all fitted 100% how I like I'd have REALLY struggled to choose :o)

  6. I am very familiar with "leather weather", Samantha! And I am a HUGE fan of leather clothes, from coats to trousers, to skirts and dresses. The trick is to stay classy, as you exemplify here. My favourite leather jacket is bright red, but I also have bright yellow, orange, pink (suede with fringe!), and cobalt blue (also in vintage suede with fringe). Oddly, while I've had oodles of black and brown leather jackets over the years, I've always ended up getting rid of them. Your daughter is right! Go bright! (you totally need two, right?)

    Love your furry photobomber! I love when pets get in on the pics.

    1. Oh Sheila!
      I'm feeling a PANG of envy at the thought of your leather (and suede) collection.
      How fabulous!!
      I can't imagine you in anything boring and "usual".
      Pink suede with a fringe sounds AMAZING.

  7. ooooo, I have a moto jacket collection! I love the shape they give and the style. I chose other colors from black as I dont think black is that flattering on me. On you, it looks great! But I love the others as well, the red is fabulous, maybe one size down? I love the lapels and style though. I have pink, teal, nude, brown, others. I probably wasn't helpful in choosing!
    jess xx

    1. Hahahahaha... Nope, no help at all!! :oP
      Unfortunately the jackets were all in the smallest size or the red one would be staying in my wardrobe!!


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