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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Casual and Bold | Spring Outfit Ideas | Red Trousers

Red Trousers, Chambray Shirt | Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

My favourite outfits usually involve minimal thought and next-to-no effort.

When I say effortless I really mean it.
Effortless shouldn't mean drab and boring.
An effortless outfit can also be bold and impactful.

Red Trousers, Chambray Shirt | Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I need my outfits to express who I am without trying too hard and this outfit is as easy as any outfit can be.
A bold pair of red trousers and a chambray shirt.

These red trousers are really red.
A proper red.
An in-yer-face REAL red.

I love them!

Red Trousers, Chambray Shirt | Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

A red pair of trousers like these are SO easy to style.
They form the basis of numerous outfit options.

Any number of colours can be combined with red trousers.
From classic Breton stripes to bold and clashing colours, like hot pink or lime.

Red trousers are LOTS of fun.
They certainly make a statement!

Red Trousers, Chambray Shirt | Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

SHIRT: Charity Shopped
BAG: Primark
NECKLACE: Charity shopped

How would you wear these red trousers?
Or, how would you like to see them styled?
Let me know and I'll give it a go!

Red Trousers, Chambray Shirt | Spring Outfit | Fake Fabulous

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  1. Until I can get back into my lovely bright red chinos I'm having to make do with red tops, cardies, bag and shoes (not necessarily all at the same time!) but I would be very interested to see how you style red trousers please! I find red on the lower half is somehow more striking, and needs more thought. Su

    1. It's funny Su, I find bright colours easier to wear on my bottom half than my top!
      I wonder why?
      I hope you get back into your red chinos soon.
      They sound perfect!

  2. I've had many pairs of red trousers over the years - they are hugely versatile, I agree, Samantha! I adore that "POW!" necklace - you're a super-woman in it!

    1. Hahahaha... thank you Sheila!
      This necklace always makes me feel confident, even when I'm having a wobble.

  3. This is FAN! TASTIC! Love the red, love the strong red blue contrast, LOVE the POW! You're a regular Style Superhero!


    1. Thank you so much Bettye.
      There's nothing like a bright colour and a cheeky necklace to fake that confidence!


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