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Sunday, 14 April 2019

The Problem with Wrap dresses and Windy days! Spring Outfit

Neon pink and orange dress, denim jacket | Spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

Oh, my Giddy Aunt!
What an epic battle I've been through today.

I lost.
BUT... I couldn't stop laughing!
Woman V's Wrap dress on a windy day.

Who'll come out on top?
'Woman' loses EVERY time!

The wind was wild and gusty and after numerous grapples, with my wrap dress, my choice of outfit began to feel a little silly.

In my defence, the day started out mild and sunny.
I should, of course, know better by now (this is Scotland people) but optimism won out.

The icy wind came later in the day to teach me a lesson...

At first, I was only slightly bothered as my dress flapped about a little.
Then things became a bit more embarrassing.
My scarf was getting whipped around everywhere.
My hair went CRAZY.
My dress was on a mission to turn itself inside out.

Finally, I just had to give up and start laughing.
Nothing else for it.

Neon pink and orange dress, denim jacket | Spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

Luckily my blushes were spared by an underskirt I'd (thankfully) popped on before leaving the house.

At certain points, my dress was flapping around my chin!

We all know that wrap dresses are notoriously...what's the word?...well...flappy!?
Undeniably flattering, feminine and sexy.
This comes at a cost.
I certainly paid the price today!

My only advice in a windy situation like mine would be to wear decent undies... just in case nature decides she's going to teach you a lesson.
If you're going to flash your pants, make them pretty!

Neon pink and orange dress, denim jacket | Spring outfit | Fake Fabulous
Scottish spring weather is completely unpredictable.
Take the other day as an example...
It was frosty in the morning (the car needed to be scraped).
By late morning I was sitting outside having a coffee... with BARE LEGS and no jacket!!
In the early afternoon, it was dark, grey, cold and blustery.
By the time evening came it felt like winter again.

Anyone who has lived in Scotland will know that at the first glimpse of spring sunshine sandals come out, jackets are left at home and (sometimes) men's shirts come off.
Taps aff lads!
(Translation: Take your shirt off and walk about bare-chested gentlemen!)

We're made of tough stuff.
We can handle all weathers.
(Sometimes all seasons can happen within 24 hours!)
We're used to layering.
We take it in our stride.
Mother nature always wins in the end.

DRESS: Topshop
SCARF and BAG: Primark
SHOES: Sweedish Hasbeens
NECKLACE: Charity shopped

Neon pink and orange dress, denim jacket | Spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

Have you ever battled with a wrap dress in the wind?
Did you lose, like me?
Or, do you have some tricks up your sleeve?
I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Ha, our west coast Canadian weather is like that too! We say, "if you don't like the weather, just wait 10 minutes!" I have wrestled with wrap dresses, skirts and full skirts in the wind - you definitely have to keep one hand free for skirt-wrangling! And for sure, good underwear and a slip that's on the slim side!

    You look awesome in this, Samantha!

    1. Thank you so much Sheila!
      That's a fantastic saying.... Wait 10 mins applies perfectly.... hahahahahaha :o)
      Another favourite of mine that works for most adverse weather is "Oh, don't worry, it'll blow through in a wee while".

  2. Well if all it's done is shown us your INCREDIBLE legs then it was worth it, lol!!!!

    I love the colours of the dress, not surprising seeing as they're my blog colours...! You look fabulous Samantha, with or without the wind ;)

    Catherine x

    1. Thank you Catherine.
      You are very generous!
      I feel like I ought to send you this dress as it would suit your blog perfectly... AND I'd love to see you style it with some boobicles to fill it out a bit ;o)

  3. Ha, wind is the worst! That said, I love this clashy pink and orangey-red stripe! And that necklace is perfect with it!

    You ended up with clothes still ON, I'd say you won!


  4. Knockout colorful dress Sam!
    Giving in and finding the joy despite the pitfalls of a notoriously flappy design is admirable. Sometimes it's good to let ol' Mother Nature blow us about a bit. I'll bet you charmed a few observers of your windy Spring battle!

    1. Hahahahaha... good point Jude!
      I bet a few folk got a chuckle out of it :oP

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