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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

4 ways to MATCH your Accessories with Style | Fresh Spring Outfit

Light and Bright Casual Spring Outfit | Accessorising over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Much as I love a CLASH of colour I also like to do a little matching from time to time!
However, being too "matchy-matchy" with accessories can easily look dated and frumpy.
Being overly match-obsessed can come across as safe and lacking in imagination.

We've all seen (and probably worn!... I know I have) outfits that are so thoughtfully accessorised they look boring.
Think of a classic black and white dress worn with a red shoe, red nails, a red clutch, a red lip and a red skinny belt.
Too much.
Too 'done'.

{TWEE-NESS ALERT! Here is a classic "Matching belt and shoes" look that I wore... If I was wearing this top and jeans tomorrow my accessories would look VERY different!}

Light and Bright Casual Spring Outfit | Accessorising over 40 | Fake Fabulous

Even a casual outfit like this one can benefit from some colourful accessories.
In fact, it doesn't matter how formal or casual your outfit is, accessories ALWAYS make a difference to how you look and feel.

Today I'm wearing my new (and now favourite) jeans... you can read more about them HERE... and some light-coloured layers.
It's pretty chilly here today so my thermal baselayers are still firmly in place.
However, with the addition of these thermals, it means I can expose my wrists and ankles to the spring air!
Bare ankles and light colours give the illusion of warm-weather dressing without having to compromise on staying warm.

{My thermal shoe liners are still firmly in place and I'm not yet ready for bare toes... we have a while to go, here in Scotland, unless we get an unseasonal heatwave?! *crosses fingers*}

This is such an easy, comfortable and practical outfit.
Perfect for a busy day.

Light and Bright Casual Spring Outfit | Accessorising over 40 | Fake Fabulous

4 Ways to Avoid Looking Twee when Matching your Accessories

Normally I would find myself saying...
"Don't match your accessories... it's BORING!!"
"Mix, match and clash... it's much more fun." 
However, sometimes it just feels GOOD to do a little of the samey-samey.
A little matchy-matchy.

Especially if the rest of your outfit is quite busy or colourful.
So let's get matching!

1. Stick to the Magic Number and Don't pile them on!

The magic number is 3.
(It usually is though, isn't it? ...Or 5... Or, is that to do with arranging plant pots?😜)

I figured this "rule of 3" out accidentally when looking at my past posts and considering previous outfits.
When matching, I'm naturally drawn to three of a certain colour.
Three hits of a contrasting accessory colour.

One large.
One Medium.
One Small.

For example:
In the outfit I'm wearing today...

LARGE: Red Bag
MEDIUM: Red Shoes
SMALL: Red heart brooch

Previous outfits you might like to have a look at...

LARGE: Suede Shoes
MEDIUM: Lips and earrings working as one!
SMALL: Bangle

 I made the mistake of keeping the accessories too small... Ballerinas, a skinny belt and a bangle are not enough... I'm missing the impact!

I've used the same formula again:
LARGE: Bag (albeit in a paler shade of pink)
MEDIUM: Vintage Heels
SMALL: Belt... although I'd probably change my belt if I was wearing this outfit today, it's heading into the borders of twee-town.

2. Mix up your Textures

If you are matching the colours of your accessories try mixing up the textures to add interest.
Having a mixture of textures adds more personality (and style) to an outfit.
Today I'm mixing canvas, matte leather and painted wood.

Suede, patent leather and enamel look great together.
As does patent leather, velvet and silk.
In fact, the combinations are almost endless.

Mix things up and have fun!

3. Go BOLD

Forget delicate accessories (unless they are your 'small' item) go as big and bold as you dare, and your frame allows.

If you're going to put effort into choosing accessories you may as well let them do some hard work for your look!

Too many delicate accessories can look busy and fussy, get lost in your outfit, look old-fashioned and even seem like an afterthought.
BIG and BOLD pieces say...
"I know what I'm doing!"
(Even if you don't 😊)

4. Throw away the rule book!

Of course, if you LOVE uber-matchy-matchy looks then go for it!
Ignore what anyone else thinks (with their silly rules of 3) and do whatever makes you happy.
Pile them on.
Make them tiny and numerous.
Make them EXACT matches if that's what floats your boat.
Fashion is supposed to be fun and an expression of who YOU are.

Please tell me about YOUR favourite ways to accessorise...

Do you pile on clashing pieces?
Do you like to match?
Do you go bold or delicate?

I'd love to know!

JEANS: Denham
BAG: Bognar (old)
SHIRT: I can't remember!! (old)
SHOES: c/o Josef Seibel


  1. I love this jeans outfit as well. Your casual styling is really superb! I was just thinking today if I am wearing camos with blush sneakers, would it be better to wear a blush belt? I have a cognac belt that really looks good with the camos - hence my dilemma. I want to wear the blush sneakers and do not have any other blush accessories. Any advice for me please! Lise

    1. Thank you so much Lise!
      Personally, I wouldn't bother with the blush belt unless you're going for a crisp-smartened-up casual outfit (with a white shirt for example) but if you're adding more colour then mix it up a bit.
      The cognac one sounds perfect and as you rightly say they're both neutrals.

  2. PS: Blush, Cognac and camo all feel like neutrals to me... Lise

  3. The red heart brooch just MAKES it for me. It is the equivalent of a wink and a nod... Yeah, I know I'm matching a few things, but it is ON PURPOSE! You always nail it so beautifully, Samantha. xx

    1. I'm glad you approve Lisa!
      Thank you so much.
      I only ever notice AFTER the outfit has been worn and photographed.... then write a blog post about it!

  4. You're looking fabulous in your jeans and the doubled stripes!, love the subtle contrasting: horizontal and vertical / pinstripes and broad stripes. And love your accessories and your advice on wearing 3 matchy elements to tie up an outfit!.
    I'm a huge fan of this 'rule', groups of three look harmonious!. Anyway, I'm maximalist and usually go for bold, massive accessories and wear all of them at the same time!
    I love red accessories and you're brilliant wearing them! Gorgeous!
    and I try to avoid looking too matchy

  5. Oh, I am the Mayor of Matchy-town! I love to have at least a couple of things that match, or at least "go" in an outfit. I also like to throw in an extra colour in the accessories, or an unexpected bit of zing, like a hard texture with a soft dress.

    1. Oh yes Sheila!
      That always works beautifully doesn't it!
      I love it when tough pieces (like DMs) sit next to soft items (like a floral skirt)... or super-sexy items (like heels) are worn with casual items (like combats).
      Mixing it up is so much fun!

  6. I'm always amazed at the amount of calculated planning that can go into creating a look that seems casually conceived. I agree that being too carefully matched can take all the creative edge out of an otherwise memorable look. I think my habit is to overdue it and then subtract pieces until it feels right.

    1. This comment made me smile Judy because I almost NEVER plan my outfits.
      Everything I wear is thrown on, photographed then I look at the photos and wonder what angle I'm going to take.
      With this look I WAS going to talk about red shoes then got sidetracked with looking a accessories and realised I wear threes quite a lot.
      Just instinctively I suppose.
      Anything I plan too much ends up looking like a dogs dinner!
      So I smiled at the thought of me planning and calculating.... I wish I was so organised :oP
      On a post years ago someone commented that I looked like I'd been getting ready for ages and planned the look for weeks... the reality was that my friend had turned up an hour early as the plans had changed. She was waiting in a car outside tooting the horn as I was pulling a dress out of the wardrobe and tipping my head upside down to get a quiff! The photos were taken as I was heading out of the door after smearing a bit of eyeliner around my eyes!!
      So funny really, isn't it :o)

    2. I get this! I can do this with my wardrobe and I'm even better at it in OTHER peoples closets! If I'm going to be attending an important event I start the creative thinking process far in advance. I may not make a decision for months (if I have that much advanced notice) but I'm playing/conjuring and enjoying the process.
      Yikes Sam! You have a gift!!!

  7. I love this outfit and am learning to add colours and be clashy not matchy. It's all been and being a learning curve that I love. My nice boxed fashions are being slowly and surly unleashed! Thanks for your insight, I love the style. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. Thank you Jacqui!
      It is quite an accessory leap from matching to clashing and can't be forced, can it?
      As you rightly say... they need to be unleashed slowly!
      How fab that you're moving into the world of mixing and matching... it makes out accessories go further, that's for sure! :o)


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