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Sunday, 31 March 2019

My New Favourite Jeans... and how I found them!

Light wash denim, lime green and white | Spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

I've got a lot to share with you today!
Not just outfit details (and the fact these jeans are SO different from my usual in every way!) but also about my recent shopping experience.
It's been AGES since I've felt good about shopping.
Shopping has been leaving me feeling a mixture of guilt, frustration and disappointment.
That all changed when I went to buy my new jeans!

Light wash denim, lime green and white | Spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

To set the scene a little...

I usually buy my jeans from the high street.
Mostly Levis and Topshop but sometimes other brands, if they catch my eye.

I'm happy enough with the choices (and fit) BUT recently 3 things have been bothering me more and more.

  1. The ethics of the garments I'm buying... I'm finding this more and more uncomfortable and I'm buying much less. 
  2. The fact I'm stuck in a dark-skinny-jean-style-rut... BORING!
  3. The anonymity I feel when shopping in big high street shops, where the assistants are rarely there to assist. Even the higher end high street shops feel unwelcoming and impersonal. I work hard for my money... spending it should be more enjoyable than it is.

After making up my mind to find a better way to shop I set off to Edinburgh.
I was heading to a little boutique I'd been in a few times but had never quite bitten the bullet to try on (or buy) any of the pieces.

I must admit that I was worried.
Would everything be out of my budget?
Too pretentious?
Maybe the person in the shop would be snooty and look down her nose at me?

{I had previously had an awful experience in a shoe boutique when a friend was treated really badly by the snooty owner (she was SO RUDE)... my friend almost bought a pair of £500 shoes off Mrs Rude! I had to have a word and we went elsewhere. It was an awful experience.}

However, If you don't give things a go you'll never know, will you!?

The best thing about this shopping trip (compared to previous trips) is that I had a firm plan and a specific budget.

Yes, my jeans budget was MUCH bigger than my usual BUT...

I only took cash with me and I was determined not to be distracted.

Normally I end up in other shops buying things I don't need, flexing my cards and end up spending WAY more than I intended too.

Taking cash meant my budget was fixed and the temptation to buy a load of rubbish was removed.
It felt liberating!

When I arrived at the boutique I must tell you that I felt a little intimidated.
Despite disliking the anonymity of a big store I felt exposed entering this tiny shop.
I was the only person inside. 
It felt VERY different to 'popping into Topshop'!

I needn't have worried!
Aofie was working in the shop that day and she was so kind and friendly.

{She even took the photos I've used for the collages in this post... how kind was that?!}

The beauty of a tiny shop like the one I went to (and any in your local area) is that they really want you to feel at home because it's good for business.
You'll happily spend your money... then come back another time to spend more!

They assist you properly.
Fetching style and sizes that might suit.
You feel special.
You WANT to be there.
You'll maybe even have some fun!

(I certainly did)

Shopping for new jeans! | ALC Edinburgh | Fake Fabulous

I deliberately wore underwear that would cause a VPL under thin fabrics, just to test the rear end on the jeans I was trying.
Aoife was happy to capture my rear view in all its glory.
She was amazing!
I tried on loads of styles in different colours.
I avoided black and grey purely because I wanted a more summery look but it's always better to keep an open mind.
Shopping for new jeans! | ALC Edinburgh | Fake Fabulous

After over an hour of trying on, I finally found 'the one'.
A pair of jeans totally unexpected style and colour.
NOT what I thought I'd come home with at all!

BUT... PERFECT for the Scottish spring/summer season.
Light coloured and loose fitting.
Casual and utterly comfortable.
Very 'borrowed from the boys' in style.
They felt like an old favourite I'd had for years.

Not the most glam, tight-fitting or sexy but completely ME!

Next time I have a hole in my wardrobe or a 'need' for a certain item I'm going to do the same again.
Find a local shop or boutique that can give me what I want and make me feel like my hard earned cash has been spent well.

Shopping should be fun after all!

Do you support your local shops and boutiques?
What do you like about local shopping?

Or, are you happy with the anonymity (and range) of the big high street brands?
What puts you off boutique shopping?
Being too 'different'?
The inconvenience of having to visit the shop and try things on?

I'd love to hear all about it!

Light wash denim, lime green and white | Spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

This outfit was perfect for a (relatively) warm spring day and I loved feeling lighter and brighter!

{Of course I'm still wearing a sneaky base layer... or two... and my feet were a little chilly. I had to change into my leather gutties after a wee while.}

What could be more spring-like than breton stripes, light denim, white accessories and spring green?

(Okay, it's actually lime green but close enough!)

Light wash denim, lime green and white | Spring outfit | Fake Fabulous

JEANS: Denham, from ALC in Edinburgh.
LIME JACKET: Next...Charity shopped.
SILK SCARF (on my wrist) c/o Karen Hanvik.
BELT: Unknown brand...Charity shopped.
CLOGS: Sweedish Hasbeens... Charity shopped.
BAG: Cambridge satchel company (old)

Shopping for new jeans! | ALC Edinburgh | Fake Fabulous



  1. Awful isn't it when sales persons don't give you a blink of the eye. I gave selling trainings when I was still working and I really hate it when people don't put any energy in clients. Good jeans!

    1. Thank you so much Nancy.
      I was great fun to be fussed over in a friendly and attentive matter.... so refreshing!

  2. I like the jeans. Totally agree that shopping has become a much less enjoyable experience. Too much guilt about how much 'stuff' there is in the world (a fair bit of it in my cupboards)! Also,I empathize with taking cash - I am poorer now than I have been for a long time and I find running a cash economy helps me stay within budget. Still, I think if you know you need something, you have the money and you can find the right place,a little light shopping can be fun!

    1. Thank you Sam.
      I so glad you're on the same page as me when it comes to taking cash and sticking to it.
      It makes much more sense and is surprisingly fun.
      Having to plan and think a little more makes shopping more enjoyable for sure!

  3. I love this outfit from head to toe! Love the clogs and always love a striped Breton, that lime jacket is just stunning, and your hair is looking really cool a bit longer. So, yeah, head to toe :) I mostly only shop 2nd hand now - really enjoy the finds and the prices! Lise

    1. Oh I LOVE secondhand shopping too Lise!
      The perfect outfit for me has to involve at least a couple of 'unique' bits I've picked up at bargain prices.
      One thing I've never found though... jeans!!
      It seems mad but in the racks of denim I"ve not yet found a pair that I've liked or have fitted me.
      I'll not stop looking though :o)

  4. I LOVE this story! I'm so glad you found someone kind, helpful and focused on YOU as a customer. In the past I have found small shops intimidating particularly if they're located in an upscale area. I'm over that now and if I'm not treated with respect I don't waste time or money on what they have to offer.
    Your jacket is GREAT!! Your new jeans have that friendly, unfussy vibe that traditional jeans were meant to have. How is it that you look so wonderful in so many colors Sam? :-)

    1. Here here, Judy!
      If I'm not being treated like a valued customer I'm walking.
      That day my friend almost gave that RUDE woman just over £500 I was not standing for it.
      We went elsewhere and she was made to feel special... how it should be.
      I'll never set foot in that shoe shop again.
      Thank you so much for your kind words!! XXX

  5. Service is what the brick & mortar stores need in order to survive - they can't compete with the prices of the fast-fashion stores, but they can beat them in treating their customer to a special experience! I worked in a mall fashion store in the late 90s/early 00s (it was a Canadian chain, lots of stock made in Canada, yay!), and it was drilled into us that SERVICE was what we had to give. I would have walked right out of any store that doesn't acknowledge me, so glad you made your friend go!

    I shop local, 99% of the time, and try to give my money to local businesses, even if it costs a bit more. Support local and "mom & pop" businesses!

    Love these jeans on you, and thank you for the honest look at how many you tried! Shopping is hard work, but worth it when you find something you love.

  6. Totally agree on shopping local! the experience is so much better (obviously, if they're doing it well!, no snooty nor rude sales persons, please!). And you look fabulous in these jeans, they fit you nicely and I love particularly the summery look of the limegreen jacket and breton stripes!, so inspiring!

  7. These jeans are fabulous on you, and can I just say how deeply jealous I am (but I love you too much to be properly jealous) of your CRACKING figure? Jeez, lady. Every pair looks gorge on you. xx

  8. Samantha I'm a boutique owner and welcome customers as warmly as if they were coming into my home. Many are now more than customers - they're friends - and they trust me to find them things they'll love. I never talk them into anything I don't think they'll wear - I'm strictly 'un-hard sell' - but they will always get an honest opinion. It's sad to hear that you've experienced frosty service. I have learned 'never assume'. The most unlikely people walk in and often turn out to be the best fun and highest spenders!

  9. Love your jeans, love Edinburgh more...
    I started following your blog because I am a Scott-o-phile, but stuck around for your great style and amusing posts. Enjoyed this, and light colored jeans are my favorite. I need a black pair to fill the wardrobe hole. How I wish I could buy them in Edinburgh!

  10. Those are some fabulous jeans on you Sam, no wonder you love em! I often feel a bit uncomfortable in small boutiques, especially if no one is in there. SO good job! I almost feel like a spot light comes down on me! I really don't shop in stores, but buy almost 99% of my clothes online. I just prefer trying on things in the comfort of my own home. Love the white belt and chartreus jacket on you!
    jess xx


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