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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Trends to BAG and BIN in 2019

How to nail the Big 2019 Trends without spending BIG.

Is it just me, or do the BIG 2019 trends seem almost impossible to fit into your everyday life?
Are these trends just for Instagram fantasy posing or can they be worn in real life?
Do we really need to go shopping or can we re-jig what we already own?

1. Neon

Neon is set to be big this year and it's not just all about the fashion either!
Neon makeup looks are pushing the warm nudes and matte lips out of the spotlight.

Are you up for trying some neon lippy, or a bold liner?

  • NEON Pink?
  • NEON Green?
  • NEON Yellow?

Neons are fun to wear if a little challenging to style!
I'm a big fan, despite them not really suiting my colouring.

They're easy to add to your wardrobe.
Either use one of your gym t-shirts that you already own and layer it in a 'real' outfit.
Or, buy a simply shaped item in one of the neons that catch your eye.

I'll be mixing my neon pink t-shirt with bold patterns and plenty of layers!

You could try mixing the neon of your choice with a corresponding pastel to nail the trend and soften the look.
Or take the easier route and pair with neutrals.

{TIP: Be aware that mixing with black can cheapen your neon look}

2. Suits

Cinched in suits seem to be BIG for 2019.
Great for a sharp work look.

Oversized and baggy suiting is out.

Nipped in waists and double-breasted jackets are worn with either wide-legged trousers, skirts or shorts... yep shorts suits.

Waists are back in fashion!

Why not add a belt to a suit you already own, saving your pennies and cheating the look?

I'd love to know if shorts suits are a 'fashion thing' where you live!
Do you own one?
Personally, I've never seen anyone IRL wearing one but I'd love to hear how they're styled where you live.

3. Mixed Florals

Mixed pattern dresses are HUGE this year and I've already fallen in love, even though I've failed in my quest to find one.

I'm hanging fire on shopping for a while as I'm sure the charity shop will be getting a few contenders soon!

Any skilled tailors out there could do a bit of stylish DIY.
I'm so envious of anyone handy with a needle and thread!

(Read more about my DISASTROUS hunt for the perfect mixed pattern dresses HERE and my biggest disappointment HERE)

4. All-over Beige

Head-to-toe camel, beige biscuit or light khaki.
Hmmm... personally it leaves me a little cold (and washed out!!).

I've spotted some celebs styled beautifully in head-to-toe beige but even then I thought another colour would improve their outfits.

Am I too closed-minded about the all-over beige trend?
Will you be trying it?

Personally, I would add a contrasting colour to my beige, even a little black!
The fashionistas say we should be adding pastels if it becomes s a little too much.
I'm not so sure.
Beige and pastels feels like frumpy fashion to me!

Let me know what YOU think!

If you're keen to try the trend I bet you could make a great outfit from the contents of your wardrobe.
Have a rummage and see what you can find!

5. Satin

Delicious satin.
One of my favourite fabrics and a trend I love!

BUT... it does come with its problems.

Satin is notoriously unforgiving and hard to wear.
It can make the area it's on look wider, lumpier and larger.
Who needs that?

Satin (or any shiny fabric) highlights every lump and bump on your body.... and I mean EVERY bump.
Even the smallest of seams, or tiniest bit of excess flesh, shines out like a neon sign.

Satin only works with perfectly toned bodies OR seamless undies and carefully tucked layers.

I'm digging out some vintage 90's satin items I've held on to for sentimental reasons (i.e. amazing part-night memories) and I'll be layering up, belting and carefully tucking in.
No bumpy bits allowed!

6. Cycling Shorts and Leggings

Oh, crumbs!

I've worn cycling shorts twice in my life.

Once in the early '90s (at secret all-night raves) and recently while riding a bicycle.

This is one trend that I won't be buying into!

Should we leave this trend to the cyclists?
Or, will you be giving it a go?

7. Bold and Colourful Stripes/Checks

Bright spring colours, what could be more uplifting?

Uplifting and easy to style.

No need to shop.
Just look through your wardrobe, grab some brights, stripes and checks and wear them together.

Easy and fun.
What's not to love about that?

8. Tie-dye

What can I say?

I, for one, won't be rushing to the shops to purchase this trend.
Nor will I be grabbing a basin and a pack of rubber bands for some DIY.
This trend is not for me at all!

In fact, I challenge anyone to make tie-dye look stylish!

Of course!

Chic and stylish...?

Let me know what you think!

9. Boiler suits

I don't know about you but I love the look of a boiler suit...
BUT only on other people!

There is something about them that makes me feel like a sack of spuds.
Which is odd, as I LOVE dungarees and jumpsuits!

What is it about the boiler suit that leaves me cold?
Maybe I've just never found the right one for me and there is one out there?

Maybe it's because I used to wear work overalls to help my grandpa at his garage?

Whatever it is, I won't be investing in this trend.

What about you?
Do you LOVE a boiler suit?
Will you be styling one this year?

10. Animal Print

Oh, the fash-pack are funny, aren't they?!
Animal print is BACK IN FASHION.

We all know that animal print never went away!
Animal print (in one form or another) is a year-round style choice of many women.

Animal prints have been around for (what feels like) forever and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

For many of us, animal prints are a staple.
A classic.
Even a NEUTRAL!?

This year Zebra is the biggy.
But, let's face it, anything and everything goes when it comes to our wild sides!

No need to shop for this one either.
I've plenty of wild pieces in my collection.
Have you?

What's your favourite animal print?
I'd love to know!

Shoe trends for 2019

  • Chunky soles
  • Loafers
  • Hiking boots
  • Tevas

A big thumbs-up from me for all of these!
Anything chunky and comfortable makes me (and my feet) happy.

Plus, no need to shop this trend either.
I already own most of these styles.

Only Tevas are missing from my collection.

What about you?
Do you own a version (or two) of these styles?

Trends to ditch for 2019

1. Tiny Sunglasses

Thank goodness this style is going cheerio!
I just didn't like them and didn't see anyone wearing them that I thought looked good.

For me, tiny glasses are for the characters in The Matrix and fancy dress.

What do you think?

2. See-through Plastic Fashion

Another trend I'm not sad to see exit the building!

Did anyone else baulk at those expensive boots and bags made of little more than a chopped up tarpaulin?

All I can think of when I look at see-through plastic fashion is...

"Yeah it looks cool in a photo BUT what about the noise when you walk? What about the sweat and condensation?!!"

Not for me, I'm afraid!

3. Flashy Logos

No love lost here for me either!
I'm not a fan of flashy designer logos.

If you have to announce to the world that you are wearing an expensive item then it instantly cheapens it.

Quality and class don't need a brand name emblazoned on it.

{The only exception to this is tongue-in-cheek logo emblazoning like Moschino pieces.
Not my personal style but lots of kitsch fashion fun!}

4. Chunky "ugly" Trainers

I'm sad to see this one go.
I quite like ugly shoes and chunky trainers and I've no intention of giving them up.

Ah well, I bet they'll be back in fashion soon enough.
Hang on to your chunky monkey's people!

5. Ruffles

I don't mind a ruffle, but I'm not sad to see them go bye-bye.
Time to move on from frilly bits!

6. Oversized Jackets

I'm ignoring the fact this trend is out of style.
I LOVE oversized jackets.
In fact, I don't object to anything oversized!

  • Glasses
  • Bags
  • Coats

I'm keeping them all!

{I'm blocking all calls from the fashion police!}

7. Off the Shoulder and Cold-Shoulder

I don't know about you but I'm SO HAPPY to hear that cold shoulders are finally dead in the water.

I still like an off-the-shoulder number on holiday but I'm bored to death of cold shoulders popping up in everything.

Cold shoulder jumpers were the last straw for me!
What is the point?

Saying cheerio to odd holes in items that are supposed to keep us warm makes me smile!

8. Athleisure

Hold the phone fashion peeps!
Athleisure won't be going ANYWHERE anytime soon... or ever.

Rightly or wrongly, some folks live in their athleisure.

And yes, high-end athleisure might be over but real-life athleisure is here forever.



  1. mwahah, what a lovely post and witty remarks!, I've enjoyed particularly that you decided to ignore that some trends are out of style!.
    I'm glad that mixed florals, bold colorful stripes/checks and animal print are trendy!, lots of possibilities!
    I like to wear my tie-dye and beach clothes to go to the office, so I'll enjoy this trend with enthusiasm! And same for comfy sandals!

    1. I think you're the only person I know who can make tie dye look cool!

  2. So many bad ideas from the 80's and 90's coming back. Yikes! Particularly the chunky heels. I'm not a horse. I don't need hooves, thank you very much. I'll be ignoring many of these. Sometimes it's worth it to be off-trend. I don't need people thinking I'm making a sad attempt at reliving my younger days. And for the record, I'm in the United States Midwest. Shorts suits were popular for about five minutes here in the early 90s and then we wised up. Did men wear them in your area? They made them for men, here. I don't know who looks sillier in them - the gals or the guys....

    1. Men???
      In shorts suits??
      Oh my!
      I don't think I've ever seen one, ever.
      Even women in short suits are rare... very rare!
      I'm going to have to 'google' men in shorts suits!
      Thank you for this fab comment.

  3. Ooh, I love posts like this - I've given up on fashion mags, so I rely on YOU to inform me, fellow blogger!

    Trends: I'm in for neon (in small doses, love it), suits (and yes, I do wear suits!), mixed florals, satin (with you on the "shows everything", though! yikes!), bold stripes/checks (mix them!), and animal print. I'll skip the rest. Head-to-toe beige? Ugh! Oatmeal is for eating, not wearing, thank you!

    Off-trend: I'm gonna still wear: ruffles, but that's about it.

    Oh, heck, I'm just going to wear whatever the hell I want!

    Thanks for the fun post, Samantha!

    1. Hahahahahaha... YES Sheila!
      We will wear what we want won't we?
      Hopefully inspiring others to wear want THEY want too!?

      I'm so glad you agree on the beige.... ZZzzzzzz

  4. LONG LIVE ATHLEISURE!!! In style or out, athleisure is my jam. And I was JUST working up to some clunky dad sneakers.

    Anyway, whatever the trend reports say, it takes the retailers a couple seasons to really get the memo about things that are "out," we'll all still be able to find our favorites for a while yet. I feel like I've been hearing for awhile now that cold shoulders are over and yet...they're still on every retail site I visit.

    A fun post on your take of what's in and out!


    1. Thank you Bettye.
      I love to read all about the trends then decide whether I'm going to ignore them or not! :o)
      I agree about the cold shoulders.
      I think some shops are so far behind trends that they're just catching up now... the coo's tail of fashion!

  5. Thanks for the fun summary. Yes to chunky shoes, and neon in small doses. No to satin (for all the reasons you mentioned), suits (no need with my current relaxed lifestyle), tie -dye (looks very dated to me - reminds me of hippies), cycling shorts (been there in the 90's and not going back) and like-wise for boiler suits (in the 80's). Not sure about beige, and mixed florals - may experiment. Maybe camel rather than beige? Lise

    1. I agree with your camel over beige thoughts Lise.
      Camel I don't mind beige makes me shudder.
      I might try mixing it with the neon to liven things up a bit?!

  6. Sometimes the latest iterations of the returning fashion decade(s) turn out to be more appealing than our remembered versions...? Let's hope so because the only thing here that feels really "motivating" are the mixed florals!
    Apparently when you hit your 60's you've worn and rejected enough trends over a lifetime and finally feel truly undaunted by current fashion predictions.

    1. You've done it all Jude and can take it all in your stride.
      Maybe it's time for neon cycling shorts and nail two trends in one?!
      {I had a pair in the 80's!! :oP}

  7. I can take most of the 2019 trends - but not beige. it is a far too washed out colour. Not for me thank you. Love - Jill stylishatsixty

    1. Beige is a tricky one isn't it?
      Sometimes I see elderly men and women in beige from head to toe, including their shoes and hair!
      Beige or pale grey.
      I can't understand it myself.


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