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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Casual over 40 Outfits don't need to be Frumpy!

Jeans, Trainers and a Teddy Jacket | Casual Style | Fake Fabulous

I often wonder why some stylish (over 40) women miss the mark when it comes to casual dressing?

These women can look effortlessly chic in their workwear.
Their evening outfits look elegant and stylish.
Even their gymwear is chic and co-ordinated.

Then you see them in a 'casual' look and wonder what happened?

Jeans, Trainers and a Teddy Jacket | Casual Style | Fake Fabulous

Of course, style is a very personal thing and I think we all have the right to look how we want and wear what we like, BUT I casual outfits get left behind in the style stakes.

A "that'll do" attitude to casual dressing can snuff out any potential style flame.

Choosing a casual outfit should be like choosing any other look.

It should reflect the casual version of YOU.

When I spot someone in some interesting colour, texture or an unusual casual silhouette I feel my heart do a little leap of joy.

Jeans, Trainers and a Teddy Jacket | Casual Style | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm all-out casual in the classic 'Trainers + Jeans + Jumper' combination, but I'm still trying to maintain a little bit of my personal style.

It's not so hard to do...
Pick comfy trainers that make you smile (mine have ruffles).
Whether that's your favourite colour, a bit of embroidered detail or some cute cut-outs.
Why settle for boring?

My tapered jeans have a real late 80's/early 90's vibe and I love them.
Why settle for a dragging hem, baggy crotch or saggy bum?
Pick a style that makes you feel good.

Trainers and jeans can feel stylish!

The jumper I'm wearing today is a favourite of mine... see it styled HERE, with a pleated skirt...HERE, with jeans and leopard boots.

This outfit is topped off with my teddy coat... see it styled HERE with a leopard skirt!
This big hug of a jacket has to be better than a scabby fleece, doesn't it?

A backpack continues the casual vibe but leather always takes it up a notch in the style stakes.

Jeans, Trainers and a Teddy Jacket | Casual Style | Fake Fabulous

3 ways to up your Casual Outfit game:

1. Choose 'luxe' fabrics

  • Heavy denim
  • Wool
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Leather

Quality always wins in the style stakes.

2. Try twisting your classics

Jeans, jumper, trainers and a jacket needn't be drab boring.
Add texture, colour, pattern, embroidery, details and FUN!

3. Don't get stuck in a rut

If you feel your casual style hasn't changed since the 90's then it's time to mix things up a bit.
Donate your old jeans to the charity shop and invest in a new shape that makes you smile.
Relegate that scabby fleece to dog-walking duties and find a fun alternative.

The casual version of you deserves to look her beautiful best!

What is your go-to casual outfit?
What pieces do you love?

How do you 'keep it chic' on those easygoing days?

COAT: Next
JEANS: Topshop
JUMPER: H&M (old) ... this one is pretty.
BAG: Vintage... similar.

Jeans, Trainers and a Teddy Jacket | Casual Style | Fake Fabulous



  1. You are so right on this! I know for me, when I'm my most casual, it's at home....but home is also where my little (messy!) kids are and where I'm doing lot of cleaning and yard work. So I tend to wear my old sweat pants or denim jeans and ratty T-shirts because I'm not willing to ruin good clothes doing chores & tending to children. But I do find myself forgetting to "level up" my casual outfits when I need to step out for errands. It's embarrassing to be out at the market, look down and see stains and work out fabric. Just embarrassing!

    1. I'm glad you agree... If I do venture out (a quick dog walk or dash to the corner shop) in a dubious outfit I ALWAYS meet someone I know, without fail!
      So embarrassing!

  2. That green jumper with the appliqued flowers is also one of my favorites! These Teddy jackets have been so popular this year and I think you'll wear this for many years to come. It's so cute with that little bee pin too!

    1. Aww thank you Jude!
      This jumper is one of my favourites too :o)

  3. Ah I've just bought that bee brooch to pop in with some things for my niece! I was very pleased with it, and it looks great on your teddy jacket :) Sue

  4. What a smart and yet casual outfit. You look super cosy. Love the look of trainers without socks but as yet it is far too cold for me personally to be out without that extra layer on my feet. lol

    1. I'm normally the same Jill but today I am wearing silk leggings and a sheepskin shoe liner...I hardly noticed my ankles were bare!

  5. Could not agree more! I think it has to do with habit; we just get used to wearing the same ol' stuff. I upped my casual game by wearing nicer shoes (still all flats, though), and wearing a nicer coat that actually goes with the outfit instead of that "one size fits all" ugly black thermal thing.

    You look wonderful, Samantha - your casual is still dressier than what I see on most people.

    Have a lovely week!

    1. Thank you so much Sheila!
      It is easy enough to pop on an interesting coat though, isn't it.
      My big black puffer is practical but far o depressing for an 'outfit'!

  6. Totally agree! it's so easy to get stuck in a rut and wear same old fleece and baggy pants which looked cool ages ago but not anymore!. And you look fabulous in your jeans and cute jumper. I love your frilly trainers too!
    Thanks for this great advice on improving our casual outfits, adding interest and texture and coolness!


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