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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Checked Overcoat and Ribbed Dress | Oops, I've-Slept-in Outfit

Checked wool coat and knitted dress | Slept-in outfit | Fake Fabulous

Oh dear, I slept in this morning!
There is nothing worse than that feeling of panic.
No time to get 'properly' dressed.
No time for that lingering early morning coffee.
Hair and makeup are done on the train (or bus) to work.
Nightmare eh?

Checked wool coat and knitted dress | Slept-in outfit | Fake Fabulous

In a sleep-in situation, like this one, I always reach for my 'emergency' hanger.
A hanger waiting in my wardrobe with my under-layers, a dress, belt and tights hooked over it.
Ready to rock and roll with zero thought required.
The dress on the hanger HAS to be a well-worn old friend.
A dress that I know will feel great and look half decent.

It just so happens that these items are also my current winter favourites.
Clothes (and accessories) that I seem to be wearing on repeat.
Comfortable and warm.
Easy dressing at it's best!

Checked wool coat and knitted dress | Slept-in outfit | Fake Fabulous

This oops-I've-slept-in outfit is simple and quick to throw on.
It has to be!

A knitted dress and opaque tights look smart enough with one of my favourite pairs of ankle boots.

{These boots are SO comfortable and I'm always on the lookout (on eBay) for the cream version.
If anyone ever finds them in a size 4 (37) please let me know.}

Earrings and a tie belt and I'm done.

Luckily, my hair is a 10-second brush through so that's easy enough.
However, I am considering growing it so maybe my mornings will become a little more difficult?

Wearing an interesting checked coat over the top of a plain outfit like this means I'm ready in a flash and look like I may have even thought about this ensemble!

Two minutes to brush my teeth, add tinted moisturiser to my face and pop on some mascara (I can't do mascara while in motion) my filter coffee goes in a travel cup and I'm off!
Disaster averted.

Checked wool coat and knitted dress | Slept-in outfit | Fake Fabulous

Do you have some pieces in your wardrobe that you reach for again and again?
I know I do!

What about a ready-to-go outfit for those frantic mornings?

{We took these photos after I got home from work (no touching up) and I was surprised at how together, and 'dressed' I look! The winter sun MAY be helping with that... just a little! 😌}

Checked wool coat and knitted dress | Slept-in outfit | Fake Fabulous

COAT: A gift from a friend... see it styled differently HERE
BELT: A vintage leather tie!
BOOTS: Clarks (old)
BAG: Radley (charity shopped)
GLOVES: Charity shopped
TIGHTS: Gipsy 


  1. The outfit is perfect, but the bag is to die for. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

    1. It's a cutie isn't it? £10 in my local charity shop. It looked unused too!! 🀩

  2. Your outfit is practically the same as I am wearing today but in reverse, patterned dress and plain coat. The knitted dress is super comfy and snuggly.

  3. Love the idea of an emergency hanger! I usually try to plan ahead, but - life happens... so will apply it asap.

    1. It's so handy for those bad mornings ... Or any other day that you can't really be bothered to think about dressing or making an outfit. Xxx

  4. I am interested to hear what you do when you arrive at work and take the cool coat off? Is there enough interest in the knitted dress to carry off a look without the coat? I also wonder about your warm underthings once you get inside? Do you remove them, or just get hot all day waiting to go outside into the cold again? I live in Canada, so get winter as well. Inquiring minds want to know!!

    1. Good question Sharon! The dress is ribbed and bodycon so it holds its own when worn alone however I wear a lab coat over it so it is hidden until break time. At breaks I often look overdressed, even in a simple dress like this, against a sea of black!
      As for my unders.... Work is mostly a chilly place. I often tuck a scarf under my labcoat (we wear Howie coats) to keep the chill off my neck. If by some fluke the place is too hot I have been known to pop to the loo to wriggle out or a thermal...its only happened 3 or 4 times in 20 years though! Xxx

  5. I love this outfit - it's a great "jammie" dress look. I do this too! I have a bunch of go-to dresses (always dresses - who wants to think?).

    Happy weekend, Samantha!

    1. Dresses are easy aren't they Sheila ... Although shoes can cause a moment of thought depending on the weather. Sometimes picking shoes takes the most time! X

  6. What a clever idea! I don’t work now sohavene need for a “sleepin “ hanger but it’s a tip I shall pass on. LOVE the outfit too.

    1. Thank you Catherine. It's a good idea even if you don't go to a place of work, for those can't be bothered to think days! X

  7. I learned recently to always have a outfit on a hanger that you know looks good! Like when you have a party of going out for dinner and the outfit you had in mind doesn't t work. Normaliter I change three times and then still am wearing something I don t feel great in. Such a hanger is very helpfull then!

    1. If I'm going out I always end up with everything on my bed in a mess... Then I'm back in my first outfit choice! Hahahaha. I'm going to put an 'evening emergency' hanger together today... Thank you for the inspiration ! XπŸ‘

  8. What a great idea about having an outfit sorted out in your wardrobe for just such occasions! I might have to create one myself! You look fab and I do love those boots, Sam!
    Suzy xxx

  9. I love that you are prepared for the possibilty of waking up late, havng an outfit ready! LOVE this look on you Sam. The red with the plaid coat is so smart! I am going to add more plaid to my closet next year. You know I love those boots!
    Hope you had a good day, after the hurried start!
    jess xx

    1. It was a good day Jess because I was finishing early! Half days are the best🀩. Xxx

  10. I'm so impressed that you're perfectly prepared for oversleeping! The outfit you've got "at the ready" for a late start is so great!! This look would put a woman's confidence and poise right back on track!
    I'll bet those Clarks booties have served you well. They're absolutely darling and super sexy, adaptable!!

    1. They have Jude! I love them because the heel is the perfect height and all-day comfortable. Heels usually bother my feet by mid afternoon (some pairs hurt after 5 strides!) . I keep searching ebay for the cream version πŸ˜‡. X

  11. what a fabulous outfit!, love the subtle color combo, love that the accessories match (your bag, gloves and booties work so well together) and enhance the colors in your coat!. And I love the comfy&cool attitude, the knit dress with the checked coat!,
    I have had to dress up in a rush when I've slept in and would love to have something similar hanging in my closet, ready to go!. Great tip, thanks for sharing it!


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