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Sunday, 20 January 2019

3 Amazing Dresses | 3 Disasters! | Part 3: The finale

Chain pattern maxi wrap dress | Fake Fabulous

This is the final part of a sad trilogy...
Three beautiful dresses that I fell in love with.
Three awful disappointments.

My basket was full of beautiful dresses... or so I thought!
I was excited about the styling possibilities.

Then reality hit.

Chain pattern maxi wrap dress | Fake Fabulous

This is how my sad story ended...

Dress number three is the worst of the bunch in my opinion.

The sad thing is I think it looks the best in photos (Do you agree?) but it was the worst in real life.

How can I even begin?!

{Please NOTE: I've 'styled' (if you can call it that?!) all three dresses with the same black poloneck, tights and boots. Just so you can see them all on an equal footing.}

Chain pattern maxi wrap dress | Fake Fabulous

Online, the dress looked AMAZING.

The pattern looked fun and I was excited to style it with various different muted colours.
A step away from my normal bolds and brights.
Maybe even a chicer look?

When I opened the package this dress felt weighty... I was excited.

Then I noticed the hole.
Yes, HOLE.
Not an accidental hole but a deliberate one.

Just where the wrap tie passes through the side of the dress.
Raw fabric.
No seam.

An actual hole.

I was stunned.

Things just went downhill from there.

The fabric may be heavy but it's awful.
The inside of the dress is white which looks cheap when you walk as it flashes about.

Chain pattern maxi wrap dress | Fake Fabulous

Once again the sizing is all to pot.
It sits VERY badly on my body.
The wrap is obscene.
Seriously.... how is this even possible with so much fabric?
I flashed my crotch when I walked and I'm not curvy so I can't blame my hips.
Not a great look!

Worst of all is the finish.
The seams are uneven, twisted and appallingly sewn.
Rough interlock that curls around onto the front of the garment.

It reminded me of a last-minute Halloween costume I made a few years ago.
Not pretty, but it was a costume NOT a serious dress!

Once again my husband summed it up well...

"Blimey... that's horrible! The worst of the lot."

Nail on the head!

This dress had the most potential with it's floor-sweeping drama-ramma.
Unfortunately, it fell as flat as a pancake.

In your opinion, which dress is the worst?
Dress 1... the one my kids could have made.
Dress 2 ... the teatowel dress.
or this Dress... the crotch flasher!?

If you HAD to wear one for a day, which would you choose?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

BTW, You can find this dress HERE... it's out of stock (how?) but you can look at it on the model.

I'm going to abandon my quest for a winter-into-spring-into-summer dress for now BUT if you've spotted any beauties I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I feel your pain. I ordered a lovely turquoise shirt dress in the summer, but.... The finish was awful, twisted seams, the edge of a pocket stuck out etc. I was so cross, as it was quite expensive, and looedl like it was a practice garment.
    Hope you find something eventually

    1. Thank you Rachel!
      Your Summer dress sounds awful... a bad finish is even WORSE in lighter fabrics, don't you think?
      It's not good enough.
      I'm on the quest for a good quality yet interesting dress!
      Maybe vintage is the answer??

  2. I Love that dress on you in the photo -too bad it was such a dissappointment. If I were you, I would take it to a dressmaker to make you another just like it that fits and is made of amazingly good fabric. Love that print

    1. I loved the print too Sharon!
      Different for me and so cool.
      What a great idea to find fabric and get this dress made, but properly.
      I'll look into that!

    2. I'm a seamstress, so the first two, I could at least adjust to fit the bust area better and fix the poorly fitting waistline on the first. But the third one...boy they used the wrong fabric for a dress that's meant to flare open as you move. I think a tailor could rescue it by sewing it down the leg some for more modesty - or tearing it apart and sewing you a more fitted skirt or perhaps a better top with some dramatic sleeves. It'd be a shame to have to kiss that print goodbye!

  3. You look amazing in number 3. I would rethink that one. The other two were disasters. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy your blog.

    1. It's SO bad in real life though... sad as I had such high hopes!

  4. That is definitely the best of the three. Why don’t you take it apart and use it for a pattern for one you make yourself in a decent fabric and with a few better techniques for the finish? It could be fabulous. I like the general shape but you do need to fix the “crotch flashing”.

    1. Thank you Catherine... that's a good idea but it's heading back to the shop as I type! :o)
      The crotch flashing was bizarre as there was so much fabric but it all flew out at the back like a cape.

  5. mwhaha, I think that you made the most of your dissapointing dresses, sharing some pictures of them and your witty comments! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!
    Actually it doesn't look so bad, but the crotch flashin', the white inside of the dress and the uneven seams are not acceptable!.
    Probably the teatowel dress is the most strangely shaped and the most dissapointing, as the design looked really appealing!

    1. I'm not a great seamstress but I think even I could have run this up better... and that's saying something!! Hahahahahaha.
      I felt sad about dress 2 because it could and should have been fabulous.
      Imagine all of the great outfits possible with all of the colour and pattern going on?!

  6. I'm sorry, I don't even like the pattern. This and the second one were the worst for me. Really a shame about the first one as I think that pattern is fantastic.

    1. I agree...The first dress made me feel the most disappointed too because it could have been SO nice for layering and stunning in the warmer months.
      Alas, they have all been returned.
      Maybe something amazing will turn up?!

  7. I've never purchased anything from ASOS and this review ensures that I won't be tempted to do so anytime soon.
    I'd have to choose the tea towel dress. I like the prints and the mix. I'd remove the towels and add a wide belt.
    Thanks for sharing this harsh reality. Live and learn eh?

    1. You certainly do Jude!
      I like ASOS very much (although they'll not be knocking on my door anytime soon to work with me... LOL).
      However I never usually buy their own brands, only brands I know already (they have a good range and lightening quick delivery).
      I don't think I'll be rushing to buy their own brand again anytime soon!

  8. I don't mean to be rude, but I hate them all. Equally.

  9. Love this post Sam. We all have these type of failures - often! Good on your for sharing the things that don't work.

  10. Not to be preachy, but buyer beware when shopping online! The fabrics are cheap, the sewing is cheap, the design is cheap. Go find a better dress in any thrift store for a fraction of the price. I've enjoyed this series, Samantha, and feel bad for you - these are all horrendous quality, even if the IDEA behind them is solid.

  11. Well, my vote goes for Crotch Flasher, just because I like the name. You could wear frilly underwear over your tights underneath for a little extra crotch action. Hahaha. Or NOT!!! I loved this series - not laughing at you but laughing with you. Huge disappointments all, especially when getting packages in the post is always a thrill. Too bad you can't sew all of these together into one monster outfit, but it would be a waste of time. Onwards and upwards.

  12. These three dresses was a fun read. You are right, this third one looks best on photo. What I was wondering is, did you send them back? I hope you could and did.


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