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Sunday, 23 December 2018

The Anti-Ageing Secret Big Brands DON'T want you to Hear!

The Anti-Ageing Secret BIG brands don't want you to hear | Fake Fabulous

Please excuse the shameless click-bait title BUT I honestly couldn't think of a less sensational way to say it!

Let's start at the beginning...

We all know that beauty, and more specifically, the Anti Ageing market is BIG business.
We're all sucked into it.
Some more than others, of course, BUT it's still a part of our lives... no matter how small.

The Anti-Ageing Secret BIG brands don't want you to hear | Fake Fabulous

Even if you are very beauty-frugal and just buy a cheap face cream, we've all been sucked into the hype in one way or another.

Some people are constantly searching for the ultimate 'fix'.
Are you?
Does your beauty bill make you cringe a little?

Maybe you're a savvy shopper and think expensive creams are a waste of money?
If so, I bet you've still spent a fair few pennies over the years!

How much do you think you have you spent on creams, serums, eye creams?
What about facials and treatments?

Have you considered botox and/or fillers?
Maybe you've had them done already and want more.
Maybe you're looking to move to the next level?

Something happened the other day that switched a light on for me...

I was looking at close-up photos of one my latest outfit posts and thought ...

Maybe I'll just smooth out a couple of those haggard bits?
No one wants to look at a crinkly face, do they?

The Anti-Ageing Secret BIG brands don't want you to hear | Fake Fabulous

Then I had to give myself a good shake!
I'd already promised NEVER to photoshop my face or body here at Fake Fabulous and I felt ashamed that I even thought about it.

{All my fakery is with attitude and confidence, NEVER my image}

Then I reminded myself...
I'm taking these photographs in natural light.
I'm not using special lighting to fill in the shadows (not even my reflector) they are just there, as in real life.

PLUS... I'm 44, a mother of 4 and I work in a hospital for goodness sake!
I've earned the right to have a few wrinkles.

So, I made peace with my face.

Here comes the bit you probably won't want to hear...

Anti ageing is a load of rubbish!
You can't stop your face ageing.
As much as expensive creams feel great to use they can't turn back the clock.

Fillers, Botox and all that shizzle do make a difference BUT you won't look younger.
You'll just look like a woman in her 40's (or wherever you are) that's had work done to her face.

I know a beautiful woman in her thirties who's had a few tweaks and she looks like just that... an attractive woman in her 30's who's had a few tweaks.
She's not fooling anyone.

There is no magic pill that will turn back the clock either.

All you can do is eat decent food, keep hydrated, exercise a bit, don't smoke and don't drink too much booze.
All BORING stuff no one wants to hear.

Much like the weight loss industry, the anti-ageing industry preys on our insecurities...

Look at the state of you!
You're FAR too old looking.
Look at that grey hair!
Those age spots!
That saggy neck!
You're too old. Too fat. Not quite good enough. 
In fact...You're pretty gross aren't you?
Don't worry babe, we're here to help you.
Simply buy our amazing product and you'll instantly feel better about yourself.
People will take you seriously and find you more interesting.
People will LIKE you more. 
Men and women will find you attractive.
Life will be worth living again. 
Don't forget....Buy now of miss out forever!

Sound familiar?

Of course, when we put our sensible (and rational) heads on, we all know it's all a load of rubbish but there is something deep down that tugs on our insecurities.
Something that makes us wonder...

What if?

What if THIS is the one thing that really works.
The product that genuinely makes a difference.
What if we miss out?

I'm not saying I'm immune to the beauty brainwashing.
Far from it!

I've spent an unthinkable amount of money on lotions, potions (and even devices) over the years after being suckered by clever marketing.

Now, thankfully, I genuinely believe all you need to do to feel better about yourself is make peace with your face.

I'm not saying give up your makeup, creams and potions either.
If applying them feels nice then keep on applying.
Makeup is loads of fun and can make you feel great.
I'll not be giving up my lippy any time soon!

But know that there is no magic wand.
Acknowledge that YOU are pretty amazing, and your flaws are part of that!

Know that ALL the images you see online, in magazines and adverts have been altered... even if it's just a subtle tweak here and there, none of it is real.

Give your face (and yourself )a break and know that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Once you do this you'll feel a lot better about your face, and yourself.
You'll also spend a lot less money on stuff that doesn't work leaving plenty of cash for the important things in life that DO work... like a bright lipstick, a good book and pretty shoes!

I hope you can make peace with yourself this festive season.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Lots of Love...



  1. Brilliant post Samantha, "a bright lipstick, a good book and pretty shoes". Wise words indeed. Happy Christmas x

    1. Thank you Rozanne!
      I know these 3 always work to make us feel better... why waste time on anything else :oP

  2. Yay to all of this! Thank you and joyful holidays to you.

  3. Hopefully soon society will start embracing the fact that the aging process is not bad. It's fabulous and we should revel in the fact that we are older and wiser. We think those wrinkly dogs are the cutest things ever, so why is it any different with women??
    Merry Christmas Samantha!!

    1. Hahahahahaha... good point Jodie! :oP
      Maybe the tide is (very slowly) turning?

  4. Lipstick, books and groggy shoes, a magical trifecta. I'd like to add art, music and maybe mascara.

    1. Oops, auto correct fail... That was supposed to read *groovy* shoes! :-D

    2. Oh yes to art... paintings, opera, ballet... and music, classical, orchestra, hard house, dubstep, tecno and MASCARA.
      Who could live without that?!(except maybe my raven haired friend with her envy-inducing eyebrow skimming lashes?!)

  5. Excellent sentiments, Samantha! As an old friend used to say, "it is what it is." If you've been on the planet awhile, why NOT look like it? I'm no longer coloring my grey hair...and have never been much of one for creams or potions advertised to do magical things to my skin. I do like a moisturizer so my skin doesn't feel dry and tight, but that's baby oil on my body post-shower, and an inexpensive face product from Trader Joes. I do lean slightly more on makeup, not so much to hide things as to accentuate things - lip color, eye shape, eyelashes. That *does* work, but I still don't do it every day. It's just too much bother and expense!

    Sometimes I see pictures of old couples, wrinkled and stooped and..."imperfect." And it's so lovely that they're still in love, because they know the inner person and aren't just basing things on the outer shell, which does change. A LOT.

    Thanks for sharing this message.

    Happy Holidays, Samantha.

    xoxo Bettye

    1. It is what it is Bettye!
      Yes indeed.
      I honestly think that as we get older, wrinklier and a bit rougher around the edges we can get away with looking more and more eccentric.
      Bold makeup, bright clothes bold hair.
      No one bats an eyelid!

    2. I wish I could get into the whole eccentric look - I see older women looking all artsy and colorful and...eccentric...and I think what fun they're having! But I just can't quite seem to get there. It's really not my comfort zone, as much as I admire it in others. Maybe this year. Maybe this year I'll dip a toe in the eccentric waters.


    3. Go for it Bettye... dip a toe and see what happens! XXX

  6. I used expensive crèmes all my life, and since a few months I use a cheaper one. My skin never looked better! And I don t Photoshop either! What you see is what you get! When you ring at my door ,unannounced, you see me as you see me on my blog! Merry Christmas dear!

    1. Well NOW you need to share your expensive creams and now cheaper one... you tease!
      Come on Nancy... dish all the details because you always look fab!

  7. I was born in 1953. Just like everyone is born in a certain year. So, I am 65 ( and not dead, like many dear departed loved ones). So, I am lucky. I love to dress pretty and look pretty. I always will. I AM 65, no matter whether someone’s says I look younger. Because ai WAS born in 1953. My goal each day is to add joy to my life, and hopefully others, by dressing in a nice outfit and wearing makeup and fixing my hair, etc. I want to look like a pretty or cute or charming (etc.) 65-year-old. Those qualities are ageless. I will not look “young” because, again, I AM 65. Youthful, maybe, which is actually a word I love. But young? No - because I was born in 1953. ��

    1. YES Kathleen!
      I completely agree.
      I laugh when someone tells me I look younger than 44.
      It's silly.
      I look 44 because I AM 44 so of course I look it :oP
      I just want to wear nice things and not look like anything other than someone wearing something nice!
      Bravo to you for adding colour and a little joy!

  8. YES YES YES! How'd you get so darn smart at only 44? For that matter, how'd you get so darn cute??
    I agree on each and every point. I love you for stating them so frankly and eloquently too.
    Rock on Sam! Great post subject matter as we near the start of a new year too.

    1. Thank you Judy!
      You're always so kind.
      Let's spend our spare 2019 cash on lovely things and not waste any on a pointless battle that we'll never win.
      Love and best wishes to you and yours this holiday season.

  9. My favorite trick for better looking middle aged skin is not to color my gray hair. I'm not sure why it works, maybe something to do with the way light is reflected, but I made the decision not color while I was in my early 30's and noticed that women with naturally gray or graying hair had a glow to their skin that women who colored didn't.

    1. That is a very interesting point and I find it fascinating to ponder... I'm going to investigate further!
      Some of my naturally grey friends do look more glowing.
      I agree with you there.
      I always thought that it was because they have modern haircuts, positive attitudes and wear colourful clothes and makeup.
      I do know plenty of women who dye their hair too dark... or too brassy.
      And of course those who have given up and just wear drab clothes... some are natural some not.
      This has made me very curious.
      I might write a blog post about it?!
      Thank you so much for this comment!!

    2. I'm with you on this one Anonymous, since I stopped colouring my hair (I'm 45), I feel like I look younger (and feel younger) than I used to with coloured hair. I'm not sure if it's a change in my attitude or whether my skin tone and hair are as they should be.

      Love your blog Samantha x

    3. Thank you for your kindness and this interesting comment...I'm now fascinated by this idea of going grey and looking better! X

  10. My sentiments exactly! Thank you Samantha for this post :).I keep saying exactly the same: we cannot turn back time, and using fillers and botox is rather visible. You said it so right, women who use fillers don't look younger, they just look their age with some visible work done to their faces. That's it, the ugly truth!
    I also don't use any Photoshop and special light on my blog pictures. I am 48 and I like myslef the way I am. In my opinion the real beauty comes from the inside. Some people, regardless of their age, are shining and that is the real beauty for me. They found peace in their harts - that's how I see that:). Happy New Year Samantha, may all your dreams come true, lots of joy in your heart and prosperity. Renata xo

    1. What a wonderful comment Renata...thank you! It really made my day. Xxx


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