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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Please Vote for me and these amazing Bloggers | UK Blog Awards

It's that time of year again people...the UK Blog awards public vote!
I've got to admit that I was not planning on entering this year... let alone going begging for votes.
But here I am.
The reason is that someone nominated me (I'm not sure who but I have my suspicions) and I was so touched.

Blogging can bring out the best in some people!

(See the generous spirit of Catherine's post @not dressed as lamb HERE)

Please vote for me HERE

To be honest, the reason I didn't plan on entering is good old self-doubt.
I thought...

"What is the point really?" 
"I'm NEVER going to get shortlisted when such amazing bloggers are entered in the fashion's full to bursting with talent and MUCH bigger (and more popular) blogs than my little corner of the blogosphere."

BUT Catherine's generous blog post (see it HERE) made me give myself a shake.
Even the tiniest chance of getting on the train down to London to meet fellow bloggers has got to be worth a go, right?

Obviously, I would love you to vote for ME in the fashion section (as it's the only one I entered) but some amazing ladies have entered other categories too and I'd be so happy to see them shortlisted!


Please vote for me... Samantha @Fake Fabulous HERE

One of my favourite ladies is also entered in this category Lisa @The Sequinist... you can vote for her HERE... I have a funny feeling she'll be there!


Jacqui @Mumma B Stylish (Vote here)
Sharon @Best Before End Date (Vote here)
Ashley @Lazy Daisy Jones (Vote here)


Emma @The Style Splash (Vote here)


Vicki @Honest Mum (Vote here)

Green and Eco

Tolly @Tolly Dolly Posh (vote HERE)

{Okay, Tolly is only 18 but she is passionate about what she does which I LOVE!}

Please vote for me HERE

If I am lucky enough to get shortlisted (maybe there will be a technical hitch and none of the other vote buttons will work) I will be hot-footing it down to the big smoke in my glad rags... just try and stop me!


  1. I voted for Tolly a while ago but I didn't check the other categories. MORE than happy to vote for you, Samantha - just did it, and I hope YOU WIN.

    1. Hahahaha... I definitely won't Liyana but your vote means so much. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Sam, I voted for you and Tolly quite a while ago. Tolly is a very interesting young woman. I hope YOU WIN too :) Lise

    1. How kind of you Lise .. Thank you!!! I have a feeling that Tolly will win her group and deservedly so!X

  3. Oh I'm SO GLAD you're asking for votes, Samantha!! As someone who didn't think she had a hope in hell of being shortlisted the first time she entered and then going on to win twice (I still think they made a mistake reading it out, lol #LaLaLand) I say you have EVERY chance of being shortlisted, and even winning!

    Thank you for the kind shout out too :)

    I'm so happy you've entered as I was very worried I was going to be the only older blogger entering year after year - I'm so, so pleased you and others have as well. VERY best of luck my lovely, you work so hard and deserve it 100%!!

    Catherine x

    1. Catherine, you are always so supportive and generous .... Its very humbling. Thank you for giving me a nudge!! X

  4. Love your blog. Just voted for you.

  5. Oh Sam, you're such a darling. I hope we both at least get shortlisted so that we can have a fun night together in London. I've wanted to meet you FOR AGES!!!!!! That's so generous (thank you!) of you to even mention my blog on your vote page... you and I know we've had a mutual admiration society going on for a loooong time now. Love to you, lady. xxx

    1. Thank you Lisa ... I eat {one of} my hats if you're not there!! X

  6. You are so deserving of a win Samantha. I've voted for you and am sending lots of good Karma your way!!

  7. I vote for you, Samantha. Good luck! o)


  8. Voted! I know I don't get here very often to comment (though I can usually squeeze in a read on my phone) but you're one of my faves! I just adore your style and realness...and your shoe collection, ha ha.

    It's interesting that I always see much buzz about these UK blogger awards but I never see ANYTHING about similar in the US. They must *have* them, no?? I think once I saw a story from AFTER the awards, but I think it's so fun to see all the nominees beforehand and be an active participant.

    Anyway, good luck, stop saying it won't be you cuz it COULD be you!


  9. Thank you so much for the shout out Sam! I'd actually forgotten that I was entered in the beauty category too! It's fantastic to see so many over 40 bloggers in the running :-)

    Emma xxx


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