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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Oh, You Shouldn't Have! | Christmas Gift Ideas

50 Days of Christmas with Boots | Gift Ideas | Fake Fabulous

It's less than two weeks until Christmas and if you're now panicking (even just a little) don't worry, I've got your back!
Despite what the clever ad campaigns might be telling you, there is still plenty of time to get your gifts AND you'll probably bag some bargains while you're at it!
Forget the Black Friday rush, now is the perfect time to go shopping.

When Boots got in touch with me to ask if I'd like to be part of their
'50 Days of Christmas' 
campaign I was more than happy to say YES!

You know what a fuss-pot I can be.
I say "No, thank you" much more often than "Yes" but Boots is a company I've been using for...well... forever, and it was easy as pie to choose a gift for a couple of special people in my life.
My two youngest daughters.

Harry Potter Slytherin Cosmetic Purse

50 Days of Christmas with Boots | Gift Ideas | Fake Fabulous

This may seem like a random (odd even?) little gift, but it is perfect for my youngest girl!

First of all, she LOVES Harry Potter, both the books and the films and anything Potter related is a big win.

Secondly, she LOVES snakes.
Yep, you read that correctly.

She watches endless programmes about snakes.
She wants to learn everything there is to know about snakes.
{She hopes to be a vet when she grows up}
She's wanted a snake for three years and finally got her snake, Charlie, last month.
{He's a corn snake and an amazing creature!}

So, this purse is PERFECT for her... and her collection of lip balms will finally have a good home.

50 Days of Christmas with Boots | Gift Ideas | Fake Fabulous

SensatioNail Peel-off Strip Gel Starter Kit

50 Days of Christmas with Boots | Gift Ideas | Fake Fabulous

This gift is for my middle daughter and I must admit that I've been quite selfish about it!
Let me explain...

My girl is at the age where she's into her makeup and manicures.
I don't mind the makeup (it washes off after all) but the nails... well, that's another matter.
She regularly nags me about getting acrylic tips or a gel manicure and I constantly say "No way!".

Firstly, I don't like acrylic nails.
It's just my opinion, but I'm not a fan.
I'm certainly NOT going to give my daughter £40 to get them done!

Gel nails are not quite as bad but I still don't like to see them on young girls (she's only 13) again, just my opinion.
They're expensive to get done and maintain.
Then you need to get them professionally removed (more money).
They seriously damage your nails.

I just keep being a bad, boring mum saying "NO!".
{Much to her annoyance!}

She is going to be SO surprised (and thrilled) when she opens this gel nail kit.
It is the PERFECT gift for her.

It looks the part and delivers a great gel manicure but the base coat is a peel off and can be removed easily.
No mess.
No soaking in stinking acetone.
And, most importantly minimal nail damage.

Then there is also the fact that she can do my nails too.
(I told you I had selfish motives.)

It will be a gift that gives back!

50 Days of Christmas with Boots | Gift Ideas | Fake Fabulous

 Get the SensatioNail Peel-off Strip Gel Kit HERE

Boots really does offer some surprising gift options... it's not all shampoo sets and makeup.
You can pick up almost anything from socks to a spa day!

For some more ideas try the Christmas gift guide HERE.
Or, you can get a little help from the  Christmas gifts for HER guide.
For the men (and boys) in your life, get more ideas Christmas gifts for HIM.

Which gift from Boots surprised you the most? 
{For me it was the Pet photoshoot Voucher. (now half price).. we all know someone who would LOVE this don't we!}
Which Boots gift would you pick as the perfect "For you, but maybe a little bit for me too?!" option?
{Weekend away? Spa day? Manicure set?}
I'd love to hear your opinion!

50 Days of Christmas with Boots | Gift Ideas | Fake Fabulous



  1. lovely post and lovely presents! I'm amazed they made an Slytherin cosmetic purse! and gel nails will keep any girl entertained for hours! mwahaha

    1. It's cool isn't it Monica... my wee one will love it!
      As for the nails, I'm sure they'll be a hit all round (including me!).
      My nails are never blog worthy (a curse of working in a lab) but they might improve a little now!

  2. Ooh, I'm kind of hoping Santa brings ME the gel nail strips! I'm not much of a girly nail girl, I'm not good about upkeep and I certainly don't like spending much money on them, but this seems kind of easy and fun and easily removable.

    It's so fun when the kids are still little, and there are SO many things they like. My daughter is now 27 and she's more like me "I don't really NEED anything," yet you want to give SOMETHING,'s a challenge!


    1. I agree Bettye!
      I'm lucky to still have plenty of "needs" for my 4... not of them are very interested in buying things through the year so it's easy to have a decent amount of parcels that all contain boring things like pants, socks and PJ's but look the part!
      My son (who is 19 now) wanted pots and pans... he is a student and loves to cook!

  3. Your daughters sound really delightful Sam! How terrific that you were able to find gifts that are just so perfect yet also reasonable in price.
    You've clearly raised young women who are as spunky, charming and unique as you are Sam!

    1. Thank you so much Judy... they are spunky (as you cooly put it) and sassy at times!
      I've only got myself to blame when we end up at loggerheads, which is not often thankfully as none of us like to back down!
      These gifts will go down a treat... and I might even get a nice manicure out of it. :oP

  4. Replies
    1. They're really cool Nancy!
      They look the part but come off so easily.
      I have a peel off base coat for glitter polish which reminds me of PVA glue... it's okay but this kit is totally different.
      The base coat (that allows the manicure to peel off) feels like a regular base coat.
      I can't wait to get my nails done properly (I only tested the kit out on two fingers... lol).
      Maybe my hands will be blog-worthy at last???


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