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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Winter Work Outfit | Wrap Dress & Patent Ankle Boots

Houndstooth Wrap Dress | Layered work outfit | Fake Fabulous

Wrap dresses are touted as the dress that "Looks better on a real body!"
Wrap dresses are the "Perfect dress for every woman".
Wrap dresses are the one dress style that truly flatters the female form.

Unfortunately, wrap dresses do nothing much for my body.
(and I'm pretty sure it's as real as the next woman's!)

Don't get me wrong... I like a wrap dress and I love the look of them on anyone with curves.
BUT on me, I feel that a wrap dress falls flat (as a pancake)!

Houndstooth Wrap Dress | Layered work outfit | Fake Fabulous

I know I'm not the curviest lady in the world but, there are still curves lurking around here somewhere!
I just need to pop my hip a little to show them off today!

Should my curve-enhancing wrap dress not be doing that for me?
My boobies seem to have disappeared too and I deliberately wore a padded bra.
Ah well... at least this dress doesn't give me a paunch (small mercies).

Today I'm styling this wrap dress for work.
It's an easy and comfortable outfit that is smart enough but still has a couple of cheeky touches to make it feel like me.

The cheekiest of these being these fab tights.
They're the perfect solution to any problem... just let your legs do the talking.

Do you want a cake, Sam ...?
How about working overtime...?

Houndstooth Wrap Dress | Layered work outfit | Fake Fabulous

Of course, there are also layers going on here people!
{And secret thermal ones underneath for good measure.}

We'll be needing our layers, here in Scotland, this winter.
It's been predicted to be a cold one.
We can handle it!

Houndstooth Wrap Dress | Layered work outfit | Fake Fabulous

Flat patent boots, a houndstooth bag and an oversized necklace finished things off nicely.

I'd love to know your thoughts on the classic wrap dress!
Friend or Foe?

Curve enhancer or bum and booby squisher?

Please let me know your thoughts on this style by leaving a comment.
Or get in touch HERE.

Houndstooth Wrap Dress | Layered work outfit | Fake Fabulous

WRAP DRESS: old...VERY old!
YES/NO TIGHTS: c/o Zohara
HOUNDSTOOTH BAG: c/o Lotus (past season)

Houndstooth Wrap Dress | Layered work outfit | Fake Fabulous



  1. I think it is a fantastic look. Very well styled to suit your quirky nature (love that about you). I have one wrap dress, y DvF no less. In the sale. But I have an i verted triangle shape (broad shoulders, no hips, no bum, bit of a tummy. Oh and quite a bosom. The upper part is good. The lower part needs fixing. I wear a little A-line skirt from H&M underneath it to create the hourglass figure. Works very well. Much better than the sad drooping straight skirt is it without this help.

    1. Genius idea Greetje!
      A little bit of padding where you need it.
      (I should maybe stuff a couple of a-line skirts into my bra?? :oP)
      I'd love a DvF dress but I've never found one within my budget... even eBay is too pricey.
      I'm hoping one will turn up when I'm charity shopping (fingers crossed)

    2. I know, I am a rich bitch. No children, two large incmes, old (as in “paid off the mortgage”), supplies me with DvF dress possibilities.
      I wouldn’t stuff A-line skirts in your bra 😂😂. They are fine as they are. Believe me, I always wished for a full bosom and now that I have one, I wish I had my small bosom back.

  2. I think you look gorgeous in this dress, elegant and cool. Love your accesories and the fab booties and bag!. Those earthy tones you've been wearing nowadays look really elegant!
    I'm not a huge fan of wrap dresses myself, as they don't do me any favours. All of them make me look unkempt! (or I think so!)

    1. Unkempt.... I know EXACTLY what you mean Monica!
      That's such a good description of how a wrap can look.
      Thank you for your kind comment and for pointing out my attraction to earthy tones (I hadn't really thought about it but you're right!!)
      I need to inject some more colour ASAP :oP

  3. I love all the layers in this look, Samantha. The dress looks great on you, but I get it - not all wrap dresses (or any other style, for that matter) look good on everyone. I like them, and have several over the years, but find them a little too fussy most of the time.

    1. I feel a bit frumpy TBH Sheila... maybe it is the fuss factor of a wrap (real or faux)...Hmmmm.

  4. I think you're underrating yourself Sam. You look pretty darn cute here! You did a terrific job of styling this dress and that effort has paid off.
    You have a real talent for finding quirky stockings and these yes/no look is so much fun! Clearly, so are you my chilly Scottish friend! :-)

    1. You're very kind Judy, thank you!
      I'm so glad you approve of my cheeky tights... I love the fact you call them stockings.
      It's a MUCH prettier word.

  5. I absolute love wrapdresses! Have several of them and they always make me feel very feminine! I adore that bag! I love pied de poule, I am showing a pre loved pied de poule suit in a week on my blog!

    1. You must have all the curves in all the right places Nancy.
      That is why the wrap dress is your friend... lucky lady! :o*

  6. I think you look great, wrap dress and all! We’re so hard on ourselves with our expectations and our sense of body image. But you look darling, as always, and have styled this up super cute with the quirky tights and shiny patent booties. Stay warm, my friend!


    1. Thank you Bettye... you are very kind.
      I'm layered up to the MAX today (multiple knits) and feel nice and cosy... beating the chills.
      I'm glad you like my cheeky tights as much as I do!

  7. Thank you Samantha! You've given me the idea to do the same with a wrap dress that has a low neckline. I've wanted to find another way to wear my dress. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  8. Love the layering with the wrap dress! The pattern and soft tones are lovely on you. I love those tights again! I am a big fan of wrap or faux wrap dresses too!
    jess xx
    Happy holidays

  9. I think it really suits you Samantha! I think they look a bit predictable on very curvy women. Love your layering and those fun tights show off your fun character xx Maria


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