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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Winter Outfit Idea | Checked Coat and Gents Trousers

Checked Coat & Wool Trousers | Winter Style | Fake Fabulous

I love an androgynous look.
Men's shirts and suit trousers.
Brogues and tough looking boots.
I even enjoy wearing a tie from time to time!

Checked Coat & Wool Trousers | Winter Style | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm wearing one of winter's BIG trends... the checked coat.

Although the fact this is being touted as a trend makes me laugh!
Anyone over the age of 15 knows that checked coats are no more a 'New Trend' than white shirts.
Checked coats have been around for (what feels like) forever.

A smart checked coat is so easy to style and can be worn with anything from a dress to a pair of jeans.
Checks also look great clashed with other patterns such as leopard, stripes, spots or florals.
Checked coats are chic and definitely here to stay!

Checked Coat & Wool Trousers | Winter Style | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm wearing a fab checked coat that I picked up in Asda, of all places.
It's amazing what you can find when you're buying your veggies!

To be honest with you, I didn't have high hopes for this coat as is was from a supermarket.
However, I was so surprised with how great it is... and such a bargain price.

Granted, I'll need to layer up with a down-filled gilet when the temperature drops BUT it's just as good a quality as most of the high street coats I've looked at.
(Some at 5-10X the price!)

BTW... in case you're wondering Asda are NOT sponsoring me, nor did they send me this coat. 
I just like to share a good buy!

Checked Coat & Wool Trousers | Winter Style | Fake Fabulous

I wanted to wear some masculine-looking trousers and a simple roll neck with this coat to keep things simple.
Adding trainers finished this outfit off casually and comfortably

Do you own a checked coat?
Is yours a new purchase or donkey's years old?
I'd love to hear about it!


COAT: Asda
ROLL-NECK: Matalan


  1. lovely coat, it looks elegant and versatile and I love how you styled it!, you rock your neutral colors and cool accessorizing. Lovely sneakers too!, the comfy and casual look is a favorite of mine!

  2. I love your androgynous style.pinned it on my androgynous board!

  3. I have always liked a checked coat. As a matter of fact, had one as a child. I've just found my burgundy/blue plaid blazer, with the velvet collar, which is from the nineties, or maybe earlier. That is my contribution to this years "NEW" look. You look amazing in that outfit.

    1. Oh my that blazer of yours sounds AMAZING!
      I bet the quality is fabulous #pangofenvy

  4. Oh my God Samantha, I am obsessed with the checked print of that coat, so chic and clean. And those camel pants, ahhh, they're just perfect with the coat. Topnotch styling, this is <3

    You're right, I wore checked a lot when I was in kindergarten, hahaha! But I like the fact they're "on trend" again, because it means it's easier to get my hands on them in stores now as opposed having to hunt for them!

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Oh Liyanna, you are very kind!
      I'm always on the look out for a vintage coat like this... just because I know the quality would be tip top.
      If you ever see one on your online travels please let me know!!

  5. I was so hoping that coat was vintage. Ah can't have it all.

    I think you do androgynous so very well.


    1. Oh blimey Suzanne... I wish it was too!!!
      It would certainly be a load warmer and have piles more personality.
      I'm yet you find a good checked one that fits me.
      The search continues.

  6. The coat is perfect and I think this length could be quite versatile.
    Your lightning strike brooch caught my eye too! What a cool mix of feminine pearls and powerful force of nature.

    1. It is quite versatile Judy.
      I've been wearing it with short hemlines and also jeans.
      I'm glad you approve of my brooch... fun isn't it?
      A brooch can help make a cheap item look a bit fancier don't you think?

    2. Yup! I feel that way about visible jewelry in general! I also think a well chosen scarf can hit the upscaled styling sweet spot!

  7. I love your coat!! I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and we are more likely to buy a puffer jacket for when it's really freezing and wet. But I do miss the days of lovely coats.

  8. I'm often in my full-length down filled coat during the winter... this coat certainly won't cut the mustard when January does it's worst!! Hahahaha

  9. Oh godh, I love this look! Terrific buy. And the brown of the trousers is the brown in the coat. Luck. I usually am not so keen on a man’s look as I do actually look like a man. Not as cute as you do.
    By the way, you misspelled “is” , should be “it” in the sentence where you refer it was from the supermarket.

  10. I love the coat, Sam! I've found a few good buys in Asda too – I particularly like their knickers lol!
    Love a good androgynous look too :)
    Suzy xx

  11. That coat is divine - I reckon I need to get myself one too. Thanks for sharing this super outfit. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  12. Stunning - I love everything about this outfit! This is a 'bit of me'. Would have bought those trousers - but can't believe you got them from a charity shop - bargain! xx Maria


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