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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Don't Go Shopping! Trendy Autumn Outfit Idea

Cobalt Blue Long Coat, Burgundy Wool Dress | Autumn Outfit | Fake Fabulous

With every new season comes the usual designer must-haves.
Every brand is trying to convince us that our current wardrobes are outdated.
We're in danger of looking old-fashioned and frumpy unless we spend money NOW!

Their ad campaigns are full of the latest must-buys, must-haves and can-not-live-withouts.
Get them immediately or miss out.
Spend spend spend or simply give up on looking good.

Cobalt Blue Long Coat, Burgundy Wool Dress | Autumn Outfit | Fake Fabulous

As much as I love looking at the new clothes from the latest collections I find it much more fun to try and re-create the trends myself.
It's pretty easy to use your own collection of pieces to construct an on-trend look.

We're all well aware that most new trends are not new at all.
They're just re-jigged old trends that we've seen before.

As we all clock up more mileage we increase our chances of already having the latest trends lurking in our wardrobes from back in the day.
Most of the time a few tweaks is all we need to make an old friend look and feel current.

So, as I was flicking through a few glossy magazines admiring the 'NEW' seasons key trends I realised that I already own the latest pieces.
No need to shop at all.

Guess what's even more satisfying?

My pieces were a fraction of the price of new buys.
{This coat cost me less than a cup of coffee}

AND, the quality of these old items is far superior to anything I could afford from new collections.
Even poorly made pieces cost a packet.

So today I'm recreating a trendy autumnal bold colour-blocking outfit using old pieces that never let me down!

Mixing rich tones is big news just now so instead of flexing your credit card why not have a rummage through your wardrobe?
{or a friend's?}

Do you have any bold coloured pieces with minimalistic lines and simple cuts?
I bet you do!

Take inspiration from some of the interesting colour combinations in the magazines (and ads) and make the trend your own.

If you're missing a key item, or you want to try an unusual colour combination, try looking at discount websites or visit your local charity shop.
The is always a surprise (or two) to be found!

Cobalt Blue Long Coat, Burgundy Wool Dress | Autumn Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Mixing this cobalt coat with a burgundy dress makes for a rich and vibrant look that feels very autumnal and cosy.
I'm wearing a knitted dress and plenty of thermal layers to keep out the chills.
Although this wool coat is surprisingly warm... despite being pretty lightweight.

Cobalt Blue Long Coat, Burgundy Wool Dress | Autumn Outfit | Fake Fabulous

I tried to stick to burgundy for all the pieces under my coat.
A thermal roll-neck.
Knitted dress.

Adding a navy bag to ground the colours whilst picking out the subtle navy thread running through my dress.

A burgundy lipstick (and my lips brooch) finished things off the way I like it.
Just enough fun without looking like a comedy turn!
Outfits need to be practical but shouldn't take themselves too seriously should they?

WOOL COAT: Vintage... bought on eBay for a couple of pounds... yep! Bargaintastic.
DRESS: Charity Shopped (old)
TIGHTS: Gipsy (old)
BOOTS: Redoute (old)
BAG: c/o Lotus (past seasons)
BROOCH: H&M (I think)... old too!
GLOVES: old (again!)

Please let me know what colour combinations you're trying this Autumn and if you've got any 'trendy' pieces lurking in your wardrobe?
I'd love to hear what you're going to be wearing!




  1. I couldn't agree more, Sam! I love to try and recreate looks from my current wardrobe – because I hate spending loads of money on new clothes all the time. I do love a good bargain though! You look fabulous. That coat is divine.
    Suzy xx

    1. With your fabulous colouring Suzy you're sure to turn heads in bright blue!
      I am loathed to spend too much money as well but to be honest I simply can't.
      My girls need winter boots and that has to take priority over my budget... curses!! :oP

  2. Sam, love the look. I have an orange P coat that I love, and seeing you, i think i will pair it with bright blue underlayers. Question tho-do you plan your look for outside or inside??

    1. Both Sharon.
      I have to travel to work an like to feel bright and colourful in a sea of long black coats :oP
      Your orange coat is sure to look smashing with bright blue underneath and when you take it off you'll dazzle too!

  3. I love seeing this bright combination of colours, Samantha - I just did cobalt and orange and red yesterday, myself! I'm really grooving on long coats too, nice to see them coming around again. YES, shop second-hand for the trends, the quality is SO much better.

    Looking fabulous, as always!

    1. Cobalt and orange... a classic combo in my book! :)
      I love the contrast of bold colours together.
      So much more fun to wear than black and grey.... although I like that combo too! :oP

  4. We have siilar ideas about dressing up / shopping. I'm guessing it has something to do with how we're understanding sustainable fashion a little bit more than before? Because that was how it happened for me =) I'm still learning and taking small steps! I still love oohing and aahing over adorable clothes in stores but I find myself "shopping" more from my closet lately too.

    Colour-blocking has always been one of my favourite trends, and you've done it beautifully here Samantha! Cobalt blue looks exceptional on you, as always. I absolutely love how you match your dress to the tights to your shoes, it makes the colour block even more prominent and gorgeous.

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Thank you so much Liyana!
      You are spot on about being more aware and trying to work a little harder at being less wasteful.
      I really appreciate your comment about my tights and boots... I think is just helps with the impact of a colourblocked outfit doesn't it? Black tights and boots would have been a bit "Meh"... :oP

  5. Beautiful mix of colors Sam! I love the cobalt on you, striking! I have more of a Fall/Winter wardrobe than spring -summer, perhaps because I love it more- the layering, the texture, colors. I have done more of my shopping on Poshmark recently and agree it is fun and creative to work with existing clothes and be creative!
    jess xx

    1. I had to look up what poshmark is Jess (hahahaha).
      It looks like a great way to get "new" clothes :o)
      I must agree with autumn/winter being the best fashion season.
      I love layers too!!!

  6. You were wearing this coat in one of the very first posts I came upon from your blog Samantha. I was smitten by it's gorgeous, vibrant color and the joyful panache you created while wearing it. Learning that it cost so little encourages more thrifting recycling, and creativity with the large wardrobe I already own.

    1. Right Jude! I think so too. I remember it (and the bargain!). Panache is such the word for Sam.

      A x

  7. This coat is fab and for such a steal. Love the color combination

  8. Love all this bold colors, fabulous outfit and wise advice!. I totally agree with you: marketing is everywhere, trying to create new 'needs', trying to get our money! And we already have many of those 'must have' pieces. Or we can fake them with mínimum effort!
    I'm loving your cobalt coat and those fab booties. You look gorgeous!

  9. I can't believe how stunning that coat is. I think I remember it from before. And the fact that a cup a coffee is more!? Can you believe it!? Great message here Samantha. So true.

    I miss charity shops. It's the first place I go when I hit the States. I'm trying my hand at selling on Depop and Carousell. It's a bit of a hit and miss. I wonder if I should just take the plunge with Ebay.....?

    At least I should try shopping there!

    What a coat!

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


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