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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

How to Wear a Red Dress | Smart-Casual 70's Style.

How to wear a red dress | Smart-casual 70's style | Fake Fabulous

I love a red dress.
Not just for party-time impact but for everyday wear too.

{Find out why I prefer a red dress to a black one HERE}

Red is a powerful colour, that packs a real punch, giving you the confidence to stride out and face the day.
Red is my go-to colour when I'm not sure what to wear.
You know the famous phrase, don't you?

"If in doubt, wear red!"

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Costume Ideas | Evil Harlequin Doll

Easy Halloween Harlequin Costume Idea Over 40| Fake Fabulous

We were at a Halloween Party last night (as a family) and it was SO much fun.
The calibre of costumes just gets better and better with each passing year and everytime I come home I feel inspired for next year's outfit.

This year I went as a harlequin doll.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Messages in Metal | Christmas Gift Ideas

Messages in Metal Name Necklace | Fake Fabulous

Yep... I've used the C-word.
Sorry if you're easily offended... BUT it's on its way people!

So, If you've clicked on this post looking for the truth behind secret satanic messages in heavy metal music then you may be disappointed.
However, I've you're looking for a great gift idea then you're in the right place!

First I need to give you the reasons and the background to this post...

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Blue, White and Silver | Autumn Outfit Idea

Blue White and Silver | Simple Autumn Outfit | Fake Fabulous

Today I'm sharing a simple autumnal outfit idea that goes against the 'traditional' autumn outfit colours.
(Naughty me!)

Much as I love mustard rust and burgundy, sometimes I feel the need to break free from the expected and wear something a little different.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

50 Shades of ... Black and Grey!

50 Shades of... Black | Leather and Leopard Autumn Outfit

Okay ... so this outfit is not exactly 50 shades of anything, but most of the pieces in this outfit are supposed to be black and they all look so different.

Different 'blacks' have the potential to look odd when put together, but if you mix up the textures it can work really well.
Today I'm mixing wool (although this is definitely grey!!), leather (the blackest item) and a silky fabric to create a slightly retro-feeling look.

50 Shades of... Black | Leather and Leopard Autumn Outfit

I was kindly gifted this vest top by the brand We Become.
It is designed to be worn as underwear and supposed to regulate the body during those annoying menopausal hot flushes (or flashes).
A clever idea.

I can't really comment on the hot flushes (I'm back in sync again... for now!) BUT it did work well wicking sweat during my strenuous combat class at the gym and I put it through its paces to climb a local hill, Dumyat.
I've also slept in it and didn't get that sweaty decolletage that I often experience at night.
{Is that just me??}

It also looks great worn as a little shell top as it is so well finished.
Simple and chic.

Perfect with a vintage leather skirt!

50 Shades of... Black | Leather and Leopard Autumn Outfit

Leather can look quite vampy.
It certainly has the potential to look a bit too SEXY.
If you'd rather your leather looked fun, try adding a pair of opaque tights (which I thought were black but look more taupe/grey!) and neutral flat boots (or a loafer/brogue/flat shoe).

I have (of course) ignored my own advice today and worn a chunky heeled leopard boot.
A little bit cheeky.
Oopsy... not sorry!

Dial it up or down... fashion and personal style is your call after all!

50 Shades of... Black | Leather and Leopard Autumn Outfit

TOP: c/o Become... also available in a nude colour.
SKIRT: Vintage ... try this!
TIGHTS: Levante
BOOTS: Miss KG... try these.
BAG: Hidesign... this is cute!!
SCARF: Borrowed... don't tell my daughter!



Thursday, 11 October 2018

Sick to Death of Fast Fashion? 3 Easy Tips

As a style blogger, I have never wanted Fake Fabulous to be a place where you come for a visit and end up listening to a depressing lecture.

All of us visit blogs to escape the dramas (and worries) of real life.
The blogosphere should be a safe place where we can kick back and relax.
Blogs should be inspirational, fun and make us happy.

Having said that...

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Easy Halloween Costume | Zombie Bride

Easy Halloween | Zombie Corpse Bride Costume | Fake Fabulous

It's almost that time again.
My favourite party of the year...
Wooo Hooo!
(or should that be Wooooooooo Boo!)

I LOVE dressing up and scaring my way around the neighbourhood.

Today I'm sharing an easy costume with you.
Minimal effort... maximum impact!

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Black, Grey and White | Modern Vintage Style

Vintage Spot Skirt, Grey Polo Neck & Dr Marten Brogue Boots | Fake Fabulous

When autumn hits Scotland (and it's hit us hard this year) I instantly reach for my trusty roll-necks jumpers and chunky boots!
I just love the way these pieces can transform a look.
Roll necks look great either on their own or layered under other pieces.
Chunky boots just look great with anything!

These key pieces keep me cosy and feel great.

Today I'm wearing a simple grey roll-neck and a fabulous vintage skirt.

An easy but interesting look.
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