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Thursday, 20 September 2018

What are the Fashion Bloggers REALLY wearing?

Clowning around | Fashion Blogger style | Fake Fabulous
As the seasons change one thing always stays the same.
Marketing and promotion of the latest must-have items.

(If you're wondering what's going on in the photo above... my husband took pictures of me when I was clowning around... he is so naughty!)

We've all read the hype surrounding certain on-trend pieces, the latest looks, the real blogger favourites.

{See more on 'Blogger Favourites' HERE.}

BUT...What do bloggers really wear in their day to day lives?
What are the real blogger favourites when they're busy on their blogs?

Oversized Winter White Cashmere Jumper & Snake Joggers | Fake Fabulous

It's true that people who love fashion and like to talk (and/or blog) about it, tend to enjoy dressing up and looking the best version of themselves.
They tend not to be afraid of trying new styles, colours and combinations.
Nor are they worried about what other people might think of their fashion choices.
Bloggers like to turn heads!

The reality of blogging means that a lot of it is done at home, either sitting at a desk or (like me) lying on a sofa with a laptop on your knee!

Oversized Winter White Cashmere Jumper & Snake Joggers | Fake Fabulous

When I go to my day job I like to get dressed up (some days more than others) and I love going all-out for a special occasion.
But, if it's a bloggy day I tend to wear jeans, dungarees, joggers, leggings, cosy thick socks, oversized shirts and big sloppy jumpers.

{I always like to wear a lipstick on my days off too... the brighter and bolder the better!
I often wear shades that were a mistake purchase, the wrong colour for me or just TOO bright.
Colours that don't go out in public.
I wear them just for fun and because I love them!}

Oversized Winter White Cashmere Jumper & Snake Joggers | Fake Fabulous

Yesterday I was having a bloggy afternoon and I was going all-out-comfort, wearing a pair of silky joggers and a gigantic (super warm) cashmere jumper.
As I was having a rummage around the internet I started to think about how easy it is to change a sloppy 'lounging around the house' outfit into a real going out outfit.

So I took off my thick socks and added some metallic heels.
I grabbed a clutch bag, earrings and an "out in public" lipstick and voila!
A perfectly acceptable outfit.
All from a real-life blogger's blogging (read: lounging) uniform.

{Of course, a pair of old sporty joggers with worn knees and a scabby bobbly knit won't quite cut it, even with the addition of lippy and heels!}

Oversized Winter White Cashmere Jumper & Snake Joggers | Fake Fabulous

What do you wear at home?
Are you always properly dressed?
Or, do you sometimes wear your jammies??

What about bright lipstick?
Do you do the same as me?

I'd love to hear about your secret at-home habits!

JUMPER: c/o Silver Pink Company
JOGGERS: Madeleine (charity shopped)
SHOES: Lotus
BAG: older than time itself!
EARRINGS: Charity shopped.

Oversized Winter White Cashmere Jumper & Snake Joggers | Fake Fabulous



  1. I love this look so much! Those pants are fabulous! You look great!

  2. Great post! I am always 'dressed up' inasmuch as I want to look my best. I work from home so, most days, my only public appearances are dog-walking and the school walk but I can't ever slob about in PJs at home as it makes me feel as though I am ill 😂 There is no point keeping clothes for best as I would never wear them. And I just love wearing clothes that are fun and make me feel great.I don't wear makeup though unless I am going out somewhere... And my hair has an identity all of its own so I have given up trying to tame it!! X

  3. Great look! Even on the couch with thick socks. When I don t have to go out I like to wear a legging and a cardigan. But only if I am sure that I don t have to go out or know that someone is coming to my door!

    1. Hahahaha... I'm the same Nancy. Lots of cosy layers.
      My postman and delivery person has seen me looking in some states!! :oP

  4. As a woman in her 7th year of retirement I actually enjoy a variety of looks when I'm home. Sometimes I can look pretty frumpy but most days I go for a comfy look that also feels "dressed" I may not wear some of my at home looks out and about. This is particularly true in summer when I'm wearing a sundress that is air conditioned and perfect for watering the pots and the garden but not really "public presentable"
    You look angelic and beautiful in this white,drapey sweater Samantha!

    1. It's great that you're free to suit yourself Judy... depending on your mood and what you get up to that day.
      It must be very liberating!!

  5. Oh no, I would never wear my at-home clothes out in public! They mainly consist of the sloppiest lounge pants in existence, coupled with a loose t-shirt or oversized sweatshirt - I might just as well be wearing my pyjamas! They go on as soon as I get home, and I never wear my 'real' clothes if I'm just hanging around at home all day.

    I do love getting dressed up, but it's purely for when I'm going to be out of the house, and sometimes it's quite a relief not to have to do it. I think it's because I can be 100% real me at home, but I have to adopt a persona when I go out into the world, and my outfit is a big part of that.

    No matter how I try, I really can't get the hang of lipstick, so I never wear it either in or out of the house!

    Anyway, I think you look wonderful in your drapey jumper, and in your husband's fun photos!

    1. You sound like me there Fran! Some 'outfits' are basically slightly neater pyjamas! hahahaha... which look even more peculiar with red lippy!! :o) XXX

  6. LOL I love those photos of you clowning around! It shows your personality off beautifully :)
    Currently, I'm wearing my favourite combat khaki shorts and khaki vest (no bra – I can't be doing with bras when I'm at home!). In the winter you'll find me in skinny jeans, a simple jumper and my Ugg boots! I love that you've always got lipstick on. I really should try that but I'm so lazy!
    Suzy xx

    1. Not always Suzy... but very often. Sometimes it's not that great a look TBH, especially if it's a 'bad' colour on me! Hahahaha
      As for the messing about... yeah, I was just about to delete them and thought "That looks so goofy and stupid...I should make a collage!!" :o)

  7. Everything I wear in the house needs to be pug friendly. That means I need to be prepared for tons of white pug fur covering it. At home I'll wear jeans and tees that can be thrown into the wash multiple times without a worry. If I go out though I don't like to miss an opportunity to dress up, even when I thrift.

    Once, I was caught out thrifting and recognized by a reader of mine. I was horrified because I wasn't dressed up that day. I'd run out at the last second in the hopes of snagging a Kate Spade jacket that they'd just shown on IG. I was in jeans and my Mountain Equipment sports jacket. Never again.

    This outfit actually looks like it might be white pug hair friendly : P


    1. This outfit is definitely pug friendly!
      I laughed out loud at your story Suzanne. So funny and SO typical. XXX

  8. mwahah, you're so brilliant!, love this post! and love those photos of you clowning around!! You look gorgeous!
    I think that my summer lounge-wear would not be acceptable in public!, too revealing!. In the colder months, I'm used to wear velvet joggers in bold colors and I would go out in them if necessary (running to the corner shop, for example!)

    1. I've had my eye on a pair of velvet joggers Monica but I think I would be a magnet for Jake's hair!
      Hairy joggers is not a great look!! :oP

  9. HI Sam
    Since I am at home, I wear cute pjs for a part of the morning, then usually a comfy casual tee dress with big cushy socks. i also love big fluffy robes in the Winter.. and then love wearing sweater dresses as they are so comfy. I do dress up when we go out.. I enjoy it! I am loving that cashmere sweater of yours. wow, enveloped in cashmere is so very nice! Those pants are on trend and so fun! You look great!
    jess xx

  10. Wow! You are looking super chic! It would take more work for me to go from bloggy to evening out! Ha ha!


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