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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Bold Colourful Party Outfit | Over 40 Style

Blue Floral Topshop Jumpsuit and Green Metallic Shoes | Fake Fabulous

If you're off to a party (or event) soon and you're sick to the back teeth of the usual outfits from the usual shops what can you do?

You know exactly what I mean, don't you?
The 'traditional' shop choices.
The 'expected' styles, shapes and colours.
The generic "You're now over 40" outfit.

Maybe even frumpy?
What if none of it's for you?

Doing what's 'expected' may feel comfortable and safe (for some people) BUT... there is always the danger that someone else is going to turn up in the same dress as you!

How can you look different without looking daft?
How can you make a statement about who you are without breaking the bank?
How can you look appropriate but still be true to your personal style?
The answer is simple...

Blue Floral Topshop Jumpsuit and Green Metallic Shoes | Fake Fabulous

I'm a firm believer that age is an irrelevance when it comes to fashion.
As long as your outfit is appropriate for the occasion then there is no reason why you need to leave your personal style in the house.
You CAN express yourself whatever you're up to!

Blue Floral Topshop Jumpsuit and Green Metallic Shoes | Fake Fabulous

My secret for always looking (and, more importantly feeling) like "Me", regardless of the occasion, is to NEVER shop anywhere I feel I ought to be shopping.
I only shop where I want, and I only look for items that catch my eye, turn my head and make me smile.
I don't care whether they're in a shop aimed at teens... or even in the children's department!
If I like it then I'm wearing it!

Blue Floral Topshop Jumpsuit and Green Metallic Shoes | Fake Fabulous

It's also VERY important to play to your strengths.
It will give you confidence.
If you like your legs, make them the focus of your outfit... get those pins out!
If your waist is wasp-like belt it and show it off!
Cleavage to die for? Show off the girls!

For me, I feel confident showing my arms, back and shoulders.
I know my skin is milky white and I've a few freckles, moles and funny tag thingamajigs.
BUT, I still feel happy that my arms have some tone to them and I'm comfortable getting them out.
So, when this strapless jumpsuit turned my head I jumped right on it!

Blue Floral Topshop Jumpsuit and Green Metallic Shoes | Fake Fabulous

I'm happy to wear a strapless bandeau/bra as my boobicles don't really go very far (small chests have their benefits!) and are happily held in place by a strapless bra.
If you're on the bustier side you may struggle with the strapless look... drooping down is never a good look!
If gravity is calling, try a strapless bodysuit or longline bra.
It could give you the extra help you need.

Whatever you decide to wear make sure it reflects YOUR personality and feels like you.
Only then will you be truly comfortable and guaranteed to have a great time.

Blue Floral Topshop Jumpsuit and Green Metallic Shoes | Fake Fabulous

Blue Floral Topshop Jumpsuit and Green Metallic Shoes | Fake Fabulous

JUMPSUIT: Topshop ... try this plain blue version.
SHOES: Martha Johnson... try these.
BAG: Linea ... try this.
EARRINGS: a gift... try these.
SHRUG: older than a very old thing!... this one is fabulous!

GET THE LOOK... including plus size options!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Ooh, what a fun party look! I totally agree that you should basically wear what you feel awesome in! The split front legs of the jumpsuit make me giddy with glee.

  3. Whoa - that is FINE! So fine!! You will turn heads wherever you go, not that you don't already in anything you wear.

  4. OMG you look freaking gorgeous! I love everything about this outfit, Sam – the colours, the print, the shape. Gorgeous. I'm also in love with those earrings and shoes – what stunning colours! LOVE
    Suzy xx

  5. Fabulous Samantha! I think this colorful floral is perfect for a more formal event. The strapless styling is what gives it a dressier vibe and your addition of sparkles in that short sleeved shrug pumps up the volume to perfection.

    1. Thank you Judy... I like to dig out a sparkle every now and again! XXX

  6. Lovely gorgeous look, beautiful floral jumpsuit and the lovely cute shoes..

    Patricia Calibre plus size jumpsuit

  7. Super advice!
    I'm 55 and have no problem shopping. I think a lot of my fave stores have wised up about where their older customers are coming from. I love to shop at Arket and Cos and 'and other stories' thank goodness we dont have to look so frumpy anymore and can dress how we like!
    Love your colour choices
    bestest wishes
    Ashley x

    1. I love Cos and "and other stories" but Arket is a new one for me... off for a look! XXX
      (This could get messy)

  8. Well, this is as amazing as you are! You are really rocking that jumpsuit! I'm loving that little "mermaid green" sequin shrug, that's more my speed :-)


    1. It's a cute one isn't it Bettye ? :o)
      I love adding old pieces to make an outfit feel more comfortable and familiar.

  9. You look gorgeous! and elegant! and fabulous!!! and absolutely You!! (which I agree that it's the most important thing when dressing up). And it's a really appropriate outfit for some partytime! sparkly accessories are so cool!
    You totally rock!

  10. Absolutely brilliantly stunning, Sam! And those shoes have me dying in a swoon!


    1. They're fab aren't they Shelbee?!
      I found them on the clearance rail years ago for less than £20... I was chuffed as nuts!!

  11. This is stunning, love the bright colours and daring boob tube top. Enjoy wearing Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  12. I love the colors on this wow, bold and beautiful! It caught my eye too. You look great in strapless Sam, and those shiny green heels are the perfect compliment!
    jess xx


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